Tragedy, Indiscipline, And Impunity

abdul badjie
Dear editor,

Allow me space to highlight the tragedy of our security forces that are paid by Gambian tax payers who end up meting harrowing assault on the citizenry.

The state of Gambia under the clutches of dictator Jammeh has not only ruined our Gambianness but turn the security services into a well oiled killing machine. The killing of an unarmed civilian is a clear manifestation of indiscipline and trigger happy security personnel. The security forces should be accountable for their actions as they are not above the law. They took an oath to protect the lives and property of their fellow citizenry which is sacred. These incidents are becoming a familiar sight in Gambia because whenever such incidents happen the Jammeh regime do not investigate and prosecute the officers involved for their negligence and unlawful killing of civilians.

It is unbearable that another innocent person has to die in the hands of Jammeh’s security agents. The security forces must be aware that most Gambians do not carry fire arms and fire arms are not available to the civilian population in Gambia so why shoot to kill someone without warning. Those responsible for the latest killing of another innocent Gambian should be immediately arrested and face the full force of the law.

By Abdul Badjie


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