NIA And Hissene Habre’s DDS

Gambian dictator President Jammeh rules by fear. The feared NIA and Military intelligence carry out all forms of torture they have learnt from rogue security agents of the Chadian military police, DDS.

A culture of tortures, killings, and executions have been used to scare the masses to subjugation. One woman’s killing in Chad exposed the crimes of Hissene Habre. A must watch documentary. The Gambian NIA, Military intelligence, military police, and State Guards conduct routine brutal tortures and mayhem on innocent Gambians. Seeing how they operate is in itself tantamount to torture. But they are getting what they fear most: the embarrassment resulting from public exposure. This provides closure and healing for the victims of Hissene Habre who has never had peace of mind since his overthrew. How can he enjoy what he denies his victims of?



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