Gambia, Togo Deny ECOWAS Term Limit

No to term limit. Faure Gnassingbe, President of Togo

How convenient for other ECOWAS leaders to wave along with the votes of two small countries against the proposal to cap Presidential term in office at the Accra ECOWAS bloc summit. If ECOWAS want to salvage any self-respect from being a toothless bogus African regional money wasting diplomatic outfit, then they have to convene an emergency meeting and adopt the voting rights of the majority. How can two small countries ruled by bandits and mafias prevailed over 13 bigger countries?
Gambia and Togo should be made to adopt the term limit proposal and ECOWAS thus cement a legacy of promoting genuine democracy and rule of law. The lack of electoral reforms and the adoptions of ‘term limits’ are the major causes of conflicts and post-election violence in Africa. ECOWAS has shown a lack of muscle and wherewithal in many endeavours, however, if they can get the ‘term limit’ in office right, many of their failures will be forgiven.

A condition should lay down on Gambia and Togo, if they failed to heed, let them be kicked out of ECOWAS regional bloc and lose out on all the multilateral benefits and common trade agreements and travel benefits. Gambia and Togo can ignore EU but not ECOWAS. Salvage some decency and pride ECOWAS. It is Pathetic and sad, Africa still struggles with the basics yet we want to bash former colonial master at every given opportunity. Let ECOWAS be realistic and reconvene an emergency season under the new head, Macky Sall. This issue will not go away. Africa needs leadership in ending permanently all avenues to civil war and needless loss of life. Get the political temperature right and the rest will fall in-line.


Below is the press statement.

ACCRA, May 19 (Reuters) – West African leaders on Tuesday rejected a proposal to impose a region-wide limit to the number of terms presidents can serve, after opposition to the idea from Togo and Gambia, Ghana’s foreign minister said.

The proposal was discussed at a regional summit in Accra. Togo and Gambia are the only members of West Africa’s ECOWAS bloc that do not limit the number of presidential terms to two.

“It was a proposal that was put on the agenda for the heads of state and governments to decide on and at the end today’s deliberations, it was not adopted.” Foreign Minister Hannah Tetteh told Reuters.

“This dissenting view (from Togo and the Gambia) became the majority view at the end of the day,” she said. (Reporting by Kwasi Kpodo and David Lewis; Writing by David Lewis; Editing by Bate Felix and Robin Pomeroy)

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One Comment

  1. “The dissenting view from Faure Gnassingbe & Evil yaya Killer Devil became the majority view at the end of the day”….???

    The above statement is quite UNTRUE for ALL times; & DESPICABLE DISSERVICE to the citizens of ECOWAS from the collective failure of the bunch of so-called leaders….

    The two Worst Evilness in Togo & Gambia are just abusing their offices & unfortunate positions currently but the Demonic two CAN’T equate to the general genuine citizens of the two countries who definitely want the term limits for sanity & judicious democratic dispensation of our affairs of states….

    The rest of ECOWAS leaders know this; the fact that they even entertained the evil view of the murderous two indicates most of them were realistically UNTRUTHFUL, pretentiously playing along with the motion whilst at same time playing the two devils’ advocates in REALITY…

    How come only the two Devilish tyrant “dissenting view” out of the lot turned to be “the majority view at end of the day” IF majority of them AREN’T real snakes in long grasses…???

    I call on the genuine decent few leaders amongst them to stand up for the collective ECOWAS citizens & continue the crusade against the Devils amongst them to make sure the motion is adopted in the end no matter how long it takes….

    God help & bless us against the devilish murderers in Africa; Ameen.

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