Gambia Youths For Unity




You are hereby informed of the emergence of the Gambia Youths for Unity (GYU) in the Gambian civil platform as a structured pressure group with the mission to bring diaspora organizations under one unified group and engaging youth on the ground for greater civic participation.

GYU’s vision is to engage all groups in the diaspora, to influence a process that will usher one unified body responsible for coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the affairs of the struggle. We are convinced that such a platform will empower all the organizations and young people to be more proactive in restoring democracy in The Gambia.

GYU yearns for a Gambia where every voice is heard despite political and/or social status. GYU will therefore pursue its primary mission of unity by reaching out and collaborating with the Gambian organizations engaged in the struggle for the restoration of democracy and the rule of law in our motherland. GYU believes it is our duty and responsibility to respect our differences but stand together to strive for a common goal.

Temporary members of the GYU are driven from the United States, United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, and Africa with structures in each of the blocks to facilitate coordination and implementation of activities that will positively impact the lives of all Gambians. GYU pleads with all Gambians and all those who believe in freedom, the rule of law and respect for humanity to join us and stand for UNITY.

The following individuals are part of a 13-person temporary leadership (Central Committee) selected to steer the affairs of the movement for it to be functional and operational.

Omar Bah – USA- Chairperson (401-499-2745)
Fabakary B. Ceesay- Netherlands – Vice Chairperson
Yusef Taylor – UK -Secretary General (+447592338875)
Demba N. Njie – Sweden – Membership Mobilizer

Media Contact: or

Omar Bah
Chairperson, Gambia Youth for Unity (GYU)




  1. oh my God another Organization again!!! I dont know how many organizations we will form to liberate our homeland.Lets watch another GOFUND ME will come soon.I wonder if forming organizations are a way of raising Fund for group of individuls.It look like every body wants to be Chairperson,am sorry for Small Gambia.

  2. I am also sceptical about the emergence of yet another group in the diaspora, but at the same, I am encouraged by the youthfulness of this group…

    We can all, at least agree, that the future belongs to the youths and therefore, it is hugely encouraging to see them take the initiative to bring unity amongst the struggle..

    We, the advanced in life generation, have not lived up to expectation by being fractured and fragmented, thus impacting on our effectiveness to achieve change..And for 20 years, we had very little effect on the dictatorship…

    Let’s give the youths the benefit of doubt and give them a chance…Because this is their “fight” more than any other age group..

    Well done guys and I.wish you all the best of luck…because you will need a lot of that in this multi – faceted interest and “not so clear agenda” struggle…

    But with determination and unwavering resolve to succeed, you can achieve the unthinkable…

  3. Quite impressive GYU, in providing a direct link to your central committee members that makes everything look straight forward and easy.That looks like ready for work. Isn’t it? I think the emergence of all these new organisations inspires us in our Gambian struggle. Definitely saying my mind, i don’t have a doubt at all, that all these emerging organisation’s objectives are one and in time will unify themselves in one big organisation to work towards one goal.