NRMG Has Already Started Jockeying For Fame

Abdul SavageNRMG has already started the jockeying for fame, glory and positions Post-jammeh. We MUST note that NRMG is in the diaspora, and they will not be the first ones in the diaspora, this so-called Struggle, to issue fancy statements and press releases. More will follow.

The Gambian people on the ground are doing a FANTASTIC job, to change the status quo. And SO, I would urge NRMG and all the other ones, private individuals and entities, to hold off on the jockeying for fame, glory and positions post-Jammeh.

In the process NRMG and others, private individuals and other entities in this Diaspora or so-called Struggle, must not forget ACCOUNTABILITY to the Gambian people for all the wrongs done to her, and continue to be done to her, post-Jammeh.

SO, let’s consolidate our limited resources in this diaspora under Unity of Action, and make all that available to the Gambian people on the ground, while urging them as well to come under unity of action to face and deal with a shared and common predicament. This might be the catalyst, and if it ushers in change, God’s speed to the Gambian people, and Kudos to the players on the ground. And we thank them for their selfless service to Country.

We must not let this recent development unfolding back home in the Gambia just be another phenomenon that will come and go.

And ohh, on a small footnote, NRMG is trying to use this latest “opportunity and development” taking place in the Gambia for their own benefit; just another scheme them and others use infrequently and sparingly to game fame, glory and other material gains, at the expense of what is BEST for Country.

The Folks in the diaspora will not remote control change in the Gambia, and they must not all try to take credit for any resultant change in the Gambia for their own benefit and gains, while disguising, or masquerading such as “good” for the Gambia. The Gambia is bigger than any and all of us combined, and we owe the Gambian people Accountability, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Abdullah Savage

Retired, US Army
Member, Military Order of the Purple Heart
Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars



  1. Mr savage you are right “NRMG has already started the jockeying for fame, glory and positions Post-jammeh.”These are the very people who aided Jammeh to come to power when they fell apart they are now Freedom fighters.If NO ELECTION what do we do pick up arms from our confortable homes in America and Europe?just my opinion.

  2. This jab throwing commentary is more distracting than anything. ..what’s your quota? At least they are building and stating their opinion. ..we all have a stake regardless of where u are as a Gambian.

    Let’s critique based on facts and ideas but not on baseless accusations. .

  3. No stone will be left unturned. Accontability of human life and public funds in the post dictatorship Gambia risks no compromise at all where, probably me and many others will even apologise for our inappropriate comments on the online medias.

    Tell NRMG, Gambia is watching because now, we have extra-advanced telescopes,of latest technologies that will not miss anything at all in our post dictatorship Gambia.
    Gambians cannot be that dumb anymore.