UK: Gambian Teen Stabbed To Death

Sheriff Mbye/BBC Photos
Sheriff Mbye/BBC Photos

It has become yet another shocking tragedy for Gambians in the diaspora, particularly those in the United Kingdom where Sheriff Mbye was stabbed to death.

Many people described the 18-year-old Sheriff as a “cool-headed and serious boy.” His alleged killer is believed to be a longtime friend of Jamaican origin who was involved in criminal activities to the extent that his family abandoned him. The 19-year-old suspect is reported to be in critical but stable condition. He too sustained injuries resulting from knife stabbing. The killer’s action was borne out of anger for being distanced by an old friend. As a result, he began to threaten Sheriff whenever the duo meet. The suspect again harassed Sheriff when they met by accident in Norfield on Friday. They had a scuffle during which Sheriff sustained multiple stab wounds. He was rushed to the hospital where he died.

West Midlands police reassured the Mbye family of doing their best to get to the bottom of the case.  “I would like to reassure them that many people who were in the area at the time responded admirably to the terrible situation which confronted them,” Detective Inspector Harry Harrison said, expressing condolences to the heartbroken family for losing their loved one.

“Both victims were tended to, details of possible people or vehicles involved were relayed to police and vital clues were guarded. Their assistance has been invaluable to our investigation,” Inspector Harrison said further appealing to people who have knowledge of the scuffle to help police in their investigation.

Until his tragic death Sheriff Mbye had been with his Gambian parents in Lee Bank.

Meanwhile, two suspects – Rakeem Riley, 18, and Omar Robinson, 21 years – were charged with the Friday evening murder.



  1. Very tragic and sad…May Allah grant him His endless Mercy and reward him for his good works…

    May the family have the strength to bear this loss….

    A good family and a well mannered young man…Very, very sad and tragic. .

    If there is anything I hate about Birmingham, it’s the endless spate of senseless violence amongst young people, particularly, from the Afro-Caribbean communities…

    It’s a big challenge for us here, to be able to bring up our children properly but to be unable to protect them from this senseless violence because other “parents and families” are failing in their duties, to do the same. ..

    Society is also not helping by blaming such lawless and savage behaviour on mental/psychological illnesses, rather than seeing them for what they are (bad and unfit parenting) and thus, taking the right steps to remedy the failings and protect society…

  2. To Allah we belong and on to Him we shall return. May Allah reward his innocent soul with the holy Janna’t. This is a real tragedy and an apparently phenomenal in the U.K and many parts of Europe. The worst thing about such tragedies, especially in most European countries is that, crimes like this are not highlighted or even reported in their main news channel much more private news outlets. These are all some of the one million reasons why we need to make a better place of our sweet homes. In respect of my own experiences in Europe, many fellow Gambians may not agree with me but, I think the authorities in the U.K and the public news channels are outstanding in highlighting and always making available, appropriate platforms for discussion and reasoning on such crimes even if the authorities in the end will have to take the blame.

    Do we know how many such crimes, sometimes outright racism, takes place across Europe without been even highlighted in public news channels? Haven’t we seen the videos of Spanish police shooting and killing our brothers just because they want to cross the border into greener pastures? If someone cares? In Spain or in certain European countries, you will probably not be seeing such tragedies in news that involves children of immigrants, even though such crimes are on daily. In my opinion, Europe in large is a much more appalling experience than the U.K alone.

    Child-stabbing-to-death, political imprisonment of children and police beating of children are all a vice in every democracy.