Fass Njagga Choi Rubicon

As we go about our ordinary lives and engagements, there exists a myriad of parallel planes where transitional syntheses occur. These sidebar syntheses are accrued from our interactions and relationships with our fellows and they help to guide the evolution of our proprietary lives. The sum total of our self-interested lives and of these sidebars, constitute the democracy of our communities and nations.

I share solidarity with our fellows of the UDP, PPP, GMC, PDOIS, and NRP for providing the enabling environment to marry the sidebars of concert with the bane of our proprietary lives. Gambia Civil Society and media organizations also deserve high commendation and they enjoy our admiration. There is no match for a conscientious peoples acting in concert with strong and diligent self-interrogation. It makes for a formidable force whose trajectory of growth eludes all menace to their welfare.From time to time, we are presented with opportunities to elevate our democracy by nurturing the profuse syntheses of sidebars. The Fass Njagga Choi Rubicon is just such an opportunity. It began as a UDP solitary endeavor but helped along by force majeure menace, it morphed into an effort for commoner relief. It beckons us to come together in concert and for selfless enterprise. In view of this opportunity therefore, I encourage

1. Our able colleague Mr. Lamin Tunkara to consider winding up The UDP Freedom Tour fundraising

http://www.gofundme.com/s59h8x9h when it reaches $5000 contributed.2. Our fellow and colleague Mr. Lamin Tunkara to begin The Gambia Freedom Tour Fundraising to continue from the UDP Freedom Tour. The aim of The Gambia Freedom Tour to support and sustain such combined opposition Tours until the elections of 2016.

3. Those gracious members of the PPP, GMC, PDOIS, and NRP to continue with the pioneer UDP contingent to complete the UDP Freedom Tour, now The Gambia Freedom Tour, to completion, with or without a permit for a PA system.

4. That the site of Fass Njagga Choi where the forward movement of the UDP partisans was abrogated, be transformed into a permanent Gambia Freedom Campground and volunteers to erect a guesthouse there between now and election time 2016. This campground will serve as the symbol of opposition party unity to be transformed into a community garden for Fass Njagga Choi. With a community center guesthouse.

These I offer, cognizant of my own insignificance in national enterprise.

So help me God.

Haruna Darbo.



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