UDP Begins Nationwide Tour

UDP Nationwide Tour April 16 – April 26 2015

It’s no secret the appalling human rights abuses in the Gambia. It is a known fact the serious economic mismanagement by the authorities in the Gambia. These and many other issues are known quantities to everyone. While we keep ourselves reminded of, and continue to criticize the current regime’s atrocities and maladministration, we must not lose sight of the Gambia’s future and the ways forward. We must present bold initiatives and alternative programs to the current system in the Gambia to place us on the path of economic prosperity and social justice . The United Democratic Party (UDP) takes this message to the people!!!

As our party leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe laid a compelling case against undemocratic governance in Africa, particularly the troubled challenges opposition and civil society groups face in the Gambia – at a recently concluded regional meeting in Mali, Mr. Darboe along with senior party officials and delegates embark on a ten-day countrywide tour. The tour commence on Thursday the 16th to Sunday 26th April 2015. Mr. Darboe will address areas of governance where the current government fail and what alternative steps to take to ensure key sectors of the economy are strengthened


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  1. Lai Gaye, New York

    A great move. If the financing if right, I think UDP should embark on 6 monthly tour of the country. They have the depth and capacity in the country. And I will also recommend that, a finance sponsoring of youth leaders be put in place. This will help the youth leaders organise village meetings and take care of the cost of refreshments and food.
    I salute Darboe and his team more. They quietly go about their business without expecting much praise and appreciation from diaspora particularly. I have seen many different forms of maligning the UDP and Darboe in particular from certain ambitious elements in U.K and America. But people must realise that, those who expose everything in the fight against dictator Jammeh cannot be equal in the eye of Gambians to those who are cautious and involve minimally.
    Let us give credit where it due and swallow some pride and congratulate serious moves by the UDP. I am now a convert to the cause, and Lawyer Darboe and his team deserves my respect.

  2. God bless and protect you all for your noble and selfless efforts for a better gambia. Change will surely come Allah.

    Bravo UDP……..

  3. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Mr Gaye, I am waiting for salary to be paid and my donation will be on its way into UDP coffers straightaway. Your words are very inspiring.


  4. This is the right move…The call for each party to take its message to the people and build/consolidate its grass roots support base, was the right one….We in the diaspora, no matter our financial and other powers, will not be the ones that will determine the outcome of the 2016 elections….That responsibility lies with the people…

    I only hope that all parties will use this opportunity to also prepare the people for a grand opposition alliance….

    • I also hope that each party will include Foni in their campaign programmes, even if for nothing else, but to legitimately challenge the “political Apartheid” that has been imposed on the region by the APRC….

      The opposition cannot continue to abandon those FONINKAS who really want to see change but are silenced by the APRC and neglected by the opposition….

      We must not ask and expect only ONE party to challenge this madness, no matter their popularity or size…Its a collective responsibility that can no longer be deferred. …. Because the continuation of this status quo and the impunity of it, is an affront to the entire nation…

      Our refusal to challenge the regime, which amounts to a silent acceptance of its rule of impunity, is what embolden the regime into endless acts of madness…

      The UTG students’ challenge of the regime’s continued protection of Prof. Kah and his hasty removal from his position, exposed the cowardly nature of the regime…

      This action by the UTG students and the response of the regime, in my view, amounts to a demystification of the supposed powers of the regime, and there must be no relent to further demystify this demagogue…

      I know it’s easy to say this from afar, and some.will say that I.am “contradicting” myself because I believe in peaceful, non violent change. ..Let me say that non violence doesn’t mean succumbing to impunity, and challenging impunity is a legitimately enshrined constitutional RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY. ..

      The opposition has a legitimate right to hold meetings anywhere in the country, even if they don’t have a single member or supporter in the area…I hope that is crystal clear. ..

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Bax, this is not a response to the call by Halifa and PDOIS. It has nothing to do with PDOIS’s agenda 2016 as well.

      This tour is wholly and purely a UDP thing and in line with its own operational plans. So don’t mix your oranges with the apples. Oranges are to citrus.


      • Is something bothering you..? Response to PDOIS or not is immaterial…The call was made.for.parties to consolidate their grass roots membership and this tour would probably do.that…

        Whether you want to acknowledge that PDOIS made such a call or not is entirely up to you…

        I didn’t say that this was in response to that call…Why make.the insinuations. ?

  5. Bax, I like your foresight and well articulate view with regards to impunity . This is why I believe every options should be on the table including extra constitutional mean. Impunity leads to tyranty’. Mr Darboe has tried his best and being a democrat and legal minded individual , he has always use our constitution to challenge the dictator . This is an excellent endeavor to savage our country from dictatorship . However , the nature of uncivilized dictator and his desire to remain in power forever , has call for new tactics for any meaningful change to take place . This mean the oppositions has to be aggressive and pose significant threat to the regime . The threats should includes defiant to ignorance and repressive police permit , calling for Massive demonstration to challenge oppressive laws and impunity . Gambians needs to understand that president jammeh has committed treasonable crime which can be punished by death if he was not successful. He has said it many times , that anyone who want to replace him should be ready to do the same. I for one always take those words very seriously and I beleive he meant it .

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