‘Gambia Doesn’t Deserve Jammeh’

jammehThe leader of the National Transitional Council of The Gambia (NTCG) issued a press release to condemn the verdict of court martial. Sheikh Sedia Bayo also described President Yahya Jammeh as a Monster that Gambians did not deserve.

Find below the NTCG’s press release in full:


The NTCG is deeply troubled and appalled to hear respective proffering of death sentences
and life imprisonments for and/or of soldiers allegedly framed as accomplices of 30

December 2014 heroic attack on the State House by a surreptitious Court Martial in The

In light of this, Chapter 4 (Sub-section 18) paragraph (1) of the 1997 Constitution of The
Gambia states:

“No person shall be deprived of his or her life intentionally except in the execution of a sentence of death imposed by a court of competent jurisdiction in respect of a criminal offence for which the penalty is death under the Laws of The Gambia as they have effect in accordance with subsection (2) and of which he or she has been lawfully convicted.”

NTCG in the strongest terms condemns the unilateral verdict and decision and would in the
same vein order for its immediate annulment and reversal to be null and void. Also, to release all the soldiers without any delay or preconditions.

Yahya Jammeh is a monster who The Gambia does not deserve. He is a no President to all
God fearing and truth loving Gambians. Gambians we can all recall that “Accountability,
Transparency and Probity” were the darling slogan words of Dictator Yahya Jammeh and the AFPRC in the wake of his rising to power as its Chairman. Those were days when his contagious incompetency and fallibility were not exposed. This is because he hid his true colours.

Perfectly, we all know now know exactly who the real person in Yahya Jammeh is today and a lot of Gambians are dumbstruck and always fear driven at his murderous, selfish greedy and criminal leadership.

Considering the above Chapter on the “Protection of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms” of the Constitution, clearly it is seen that the soldiers were never accorded a just investigation much more a fair trial.

The Court Martial as we all might not be aware is designed to satisfy the bogus claims and
whims of Dictator Yahya Jammeh no matter how innocent the soldiers were. For example,
look at the anomaly the Jury of the Court Martial has committed. Where is Lt. Col. Sarjo
Jarju? Similarly, the absence of Lt. Ansumana Sanyang can be noticed throughout the Court Martial proceedings where too the Media Fraternity was kept in isolation. On top of this, the whereabouts of Meta Njie the lovely Mother of the late Lt. Col Lamin Sanneh and other captives are still unknown. So can we say Dictator Yahya Jammeh has fulfilled the vow in his words when he said:

“I am going to set an example. The last time I said it and people begged me to have mercy,
this time it is going to be an eye for an eye. And I am going to get rid of these elements one
by one until the last person.”

A Court proceeding as disorganized and in chaos as this, yet people expected justice to be
delivered being forgetful that the word Justice itself and the rule of law were dead a longtime ago in Yahya Jammeh’s myopic world.

The resolution of the Court Martial on Monday 30 March 2015 was applied according to the
established procedures and instructions of Dictator Yahya Jammeh.

This is really bad news for the families of the soldiers but NTCG’s thoughts and prayers are
with you all at these times.

And the NTCG shall further reassure you that one day Yahya Jammeh will pay up for all his
countless crimes against the innocent people.

In the Fight for Freedom and Justice for The Gambia, the struggle continues!
And God bless The Republic of The Gambia.

Sheikh sidia Bayo
NTCG Leader




    The fate of Lt. Ansuman Sanyang and others will never be known just like that of Daba Marena.The court martial was just designed to fool both Gambians as well as the international community.The bottom line is these 6 soldiers are the ones jammeh wants the public to know..Lt. Ansuman Sayang, aka soldier and the rest will be killed.

  2. It is very clear to every Gambian that Dictator Yaya Jammeh has no regard for the constitution and people of the Gambia. Keeping poor old woman meta Njie who has no role in statehouse attack is despicable criminal act and state sponsored terrorism . Jammeh should know that his mother Asombi Bojang will be a fair game anytime he is capture or remove from power. Families of these heroic Gambians should be freed and compensated for violation of their constitutional rights . The criminal enterprise in Banjul should be removed by any means necessary . The innocent soliders should be freed . While most Gambians continue to approve the dictatorship through complete silence and nonengagement to savage the country , those who sacrifice their lives and families to the cause of freedom and liberty will always be remembered as true and patriotic sons of The Gambia . Their selfless sacrifices will be honored in the smiling coast in very near future.

  3. Yaya is a ‘belly full still hungry’. Hasn’t he made a record by by proving himself to be a wicked blood thirsty beast and a socially jealous persona who hijacked a democratically elected government, rejoicingly hovering above the heads of all Gambians with Kalasnikovs.

    I would rather say as a priority, to free the innocent children and elderly statesmen and women of the Gambia. Every soldier now in the Gambia have a duty right now and they should know what that duty is, if they know the word SOLDIER and the type of duty it owes to its people.

    I have rarely seen soldiers here, in uniform loafing around in the civil society. Any time you see them, it is because it is due to an inevitable natural circumstance and they will look very shy and humble in the midst of civilians.They won’t carry out any government’s order against its people.This is what is called a SOLDIER. Disciplined soldiers are not gun yielding freaks infront of their very own unarmed fellow citizens.

  4. Soldiers of the GNA/GAF whatever, must start to learn the fact that they are living by the sword and must stop living by it now, or otherwise be liable to face the consequence and that is a horrible fate. Yaya, surprisingly is playing with the brains of most of you like some puppets on strings. Rice, cooking oil, beef, a well off residence,a star on the shoulder and a ‘4/4 all terrain’ for soldiers is only destructive to nation building and doesn’t even worth a ‘nick of a trash’ when it comes to true nation building and caring for a population of a nation of people, as far as the civilized global international community is concerned.

    Love and respect from the diaspora to all of you as citizens, brothers and sisters in the army.

  5. Amadou Manneh

    No one and no place deserves jammeh. I bet even hell would be coerced to accommodate him.

  6. Well said Mr Sidia the Gambian people does not deserve this monster. His rule is a disappointment and a tragedy for the Gambian ppeople. He will come to pass some day sure..

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