Former UTG Lecturer Reacts

Bukhari M. S Sillah
Dr. Sillah is an Associate Professor at Department of Economics at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia

 “University of the Gambia is an institution where my heart always belongs”

By Dr Bukhari Sillah

I am sad to learn that the conditions of the Unigambia have reached a state of sit-down strike by the students. The students of Unigambia have been very patient and they have endured a lot of hard conditions in the past, they would smile like the smiling coast of the Gambia, and they would say no problem and then move on.

I think, one legacy President Jammeh should be proud of leaving behind for the Gambia is University of the Gambia, and I thank God for making me one of those Gambians who stayed in the Gambia to serve Unigambia in the absence of many basic amenities and facilities; we did that in order to respond to the call of nation building. For this legacy to continue, the government should start establishing endowments for the university to depend on them for its operational expenses.

This can help it to function as a universal educational institution and the same time to be affordable for the ordinary Gambians. I stayed to serve the Unigambia when the management of university decided to dismiss me because I wanted to go for my PhD, and this was a long story. But I did not abandon Unigambia, after completing my PhD in Germany. I came back straight to serve Unigambia again, and I did not make any issue about my unlawful dismissal, all I asked for was to just to reinstate me so that I could continue serving my country as just one ordinary Gambian.

Not all Gambian students can have the privilege of studying abroad, but they can have the privilege of being taught by Gambians who were educated in world class universities. However, my case ended and my dream of staying to serve and share my little knowledge with Unigambia students was shattered, and I had to leave the Gambia to go overseas to educate non Gambians and contribute to nation building of other people. I first reached a sit-down strike before the students, because I too run out of patience with the conditions then.

I pray To Allah to help all the stakeholders of the Unigambia to reach lasting, sustainable, prosperous and peaceful solutions for the conditions of University of the Gambia as soon as possible. Long live The Gambia, Long University of the Gambia.



  1. ex-student

    I thank you for your selfless services rendered to unigambia despite all bottlenecks faced. I am lucky to be part of the many students you taught. You hv impacted in the life of many. Some of whom are working both nationally and international. About 90 percent of your products are serving in the Gambian economy in all sectors. Thanks to your selfless services. Many of the Lecturers at faculty of ECO & MGT were your students. You hv really done your best for unigambia and Gambia as country. May God reward you abundantly. May your wishes come through. I am definitely proud of you both morally and intellectually. Kudos to your relentless services to the UTG and beyond.

  2. Thank you for your selfless sacrifices to serve our country . As a mathematics major at the time you were teaching at Unigam , I was lucky to take one of your economic class. Your intellect ,sense of professionalism and patriotism is highly appreciated . You are highly respected and admired by your students.
    The problem with Unigam is long standing one which is basically management and administration problem . Their lack of encouragement of young , intelligent and successful Gambians like yourself is a shame and is morally wrong. There are many Gambians like you who are currently in uk and USA who want to serve their country but the frustration and lack of encouragement from the Unigam admininstration is preventing these individuals to return home to serve.
    Mbookonazation ( nepotism) is the highest order at Unigam . Mr Kah and Jah are birds of the same feathers. I know that mr Jah has been dining with the dictator for a long time as he confessed during one of his classes I took as an elective . Dr jah connection with the dictator is not a secret , this is evidence by numerous conferences, personal meetings with the dictator at state house and seminars he attended to courtesy of our dictator . So there is not going to be any changes at Unigam as long as these two individuals ( Kah and jah ) are connected to the dictator . The influences of Kah and Jah in our university educational system cannot be underestimated. It is time to get rid of them and bring in independent minded individuals who care about the future of the university and Gambia . This responsibility squarely lies on the dictator who is using these people for his personal interest.
    I must admit that , the establishment of this university is the right thing to do for our country and Gambian taxpayers deserve to have their sons and daughters attain university education. It’s politicization is a cause for concern which is currently leading to its low standard and quality of students enroll. There is need for complete overhaul of its management and administration for it to be world class and respected university .

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