UTG Students Don’t Want New VC

UTG3Anger-laden students of University of The Gambia do not want the deputy Vice Chancellor, Dr. Omar Jah, to fill the shoes of Professor Muhammadou Kah. Mr. Kah and his wife Jainaba Kah were last night fired as Vice Chanchellor and Director General of Management Development Institute, respectively. The development stemmed out of threats by university students to protest against a whole range of issues.

UTG2President Yahya’s naming of Dr. Omar Jah as Mr. Kah’s replacement still leaves room for grievances among students. The defiant students see Jah and Kah as birds of the same feather and are insisting for a clean leadership at the university, Kairo News has gathered.

Students converged on the Faculty of Law at MDI to hear from student leadership on their next move. They coined a new name for the Law School’s ground floor calling it “The Liberty Square.”



  1. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Oh! Oh! very soon Baba Jobe’s hotel (Mile 2) will have unceremonious guests.

    Jammeh used to call Mile 2 “Baba Jobe’s Hotel” in mockery of the people of Jarra and the entire LRR who followed Baba into APRC and denied the opposition victory in the 2001 presidential election. It was as a result of the LRR swing to the APRC in 2001 (the swing was engineered by Baba Jobe) that Jammeh was able to edged the opposition by 2% in 2001, and which resulted to his victory. So essentially, Baba Jobe won the presidency for Jammeh in 2001 but what did Jammeh pay him in return???

    It is very shameful that some of Baba Jobe’s relatives in Jarra still support Jammeh. It makes you wonder what on earth has happened to their faculty of reasoning or their sense of dignity. Madness!!


  2. It’s no longer Baba Jobe’s hotel. It is full to capacity with Gambians of all strata of life. Some of the occupants are innocent. Let us see who will be the guest. I don’t agree that people of Jarra deny opposition victory. There is a story buried inside the main story here. Do more research.

  3. Baboucarr Samba

    One thing is clear that the clean people like Gumbo Touray who have been unfairly fired and traumatised are vindicated. Only truth shall set us free. We are getting there slowly.

  4. I’m not at all surprised that Mohammed Kah is sacrificed, for EVIL yaya DEVIL jammeh knows what the students are sniffing at; only TIME will tell, for there’s NO treachery that remains permanent FOREVER…. The murderous kanilai devil is just buying time with this move in a corny hoodwinked attempt but as the saying goes ‘the snake will always resort back to lying down on the ground no matter how long it stays with it’s head raised up’; it’s heartening to see the students realised that for themselves… Both Jah & Kah are sides of the same coin, especially when Kah is moved into the shade in a so-called advisory capacity STILL dictating the terms & conditions of running the university… Jah as a “proven paedophile” habitually preying on vulnerable girls, is FAR worse-terrible a choice who will continually use the newfound status to do MORE damage to our young unsuspecting precarious girls…??? The students are better off sticking to their guts in their demands for REALISTIC changes, despite all sorts of strategies, threats & machinery deployed to divide & cajole them into submission…. God helps & bless the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia from UTTER decadence; Ameen.

  5. The students nightmares are not about party politics. It is about academic policies, high cost of fees, dictatorial rule, harrasments and disrespect to the student body. It is about unlawful arrests of its members, the supression of freedom of speech and the financial corruptions of the VC corrupt management. It is about justice, rule of law and fair play. It is improving the acedemic environment and the student welfare. It is about scholarships, finacial assistance and payment facilities.
    In other words there mini struggle is the reflection of the greater struggle affecting society large. Let us help the students to help us in ushering the CHANGE so much needed in the Gambia. Parents are equaly concern as being the payers of school fees as well as paying the taxes to the government of vampires and gangsters to run our university.

  6. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Buba Samura, this is a statistical fact. The UDP lost the entire LRR- excluding Kiang West- in 2001 and gain most of URR. If they had won LRR as they did in 1996. Jammeh would have been forced into second round as it was going to be statistically impossible for him to score 50 percent or more.

    Jammeh had 52percent and without the LRR votes, he would have been short of the required 51 percent to win outright in the first round. So essentially, baba Jobe won the presidency for Jammeh in 2001. This is just a plain truth.

    LRR is not just Jarra. You have Kiang as well but it is the relatives of Baba Jobe who still support Jammeh who are bothering every bodies conscience. How would they do it?? Shameful!


  7. Mr Lafia touray , you are right about baba won 2001 presidential election in LRR for Jammeh . Baba was very influential at the time and was the biggest player in APRC politics . It was the time NCP of sheriff Dibba joined Aprc . Baba used money to buy the support of opposition supporters including their leaders like sheriff Dibba who later became the speaker of house . Without baba Jobe , one can safely said that jammeh will not be entrenched in power . Baba Jobe’s roles was not limited to national politics , he initiated July 22nd movement connection to Lybia where most of its members were trained and later became Aprc militia . This July 22 nd members mounted checkpoints on major highway , this was the beginning of militarization of our country. Even the police force and some military leaders complained in the background about the actions and behaviors of this green boys as they later became known . Today Jammeh tribal military is copying the same strategy to intimidate and harass citizens thanks to evil plan of baba Jobe and his devil boss Yaya jammeh. Baba in those days was so powerful and popular that many saw him as co-president . He opened a shop called money shop where thousands lined up a day just to get some money from him . It was reported that Baba initiated scholarship foundation for young people of Jarra to continue their education at high school and university just like how jammeh has similar initiative for jola people in the country . Baba was very much involved in tribal politics by encouragement of mandinka oppositions leaders to join Aprc . This was evidence by cross carpet of so many yai compin or oppositions district leaders to Aprc . Baba was the chief strategist and financier in this political movement . When his popularity reached its climax , jammeh who knew that baba Jobe was very dangerous and has the capability to remove him from power , jammeh decided to eliminate him and today baba is no more .
    Baba Jobe story , his power and influence is the testament of how dictatorship works . Following his elimination from power and influences , Lang Tombong Tamba became jammeh new darling and well liked military leader . Lang was the most celebrated military leader who had big influence on Gambian youths social life . He was charismatic and polite and he was sport fanatic . Lang was key player in both military affairs and sport world. At the time of his arrest , Lang was most popular general in The Gambia military history. Jammeh quickly recognized this phenomena in Lang Tombong and saw a threat and therefore had to neutralize him as well just like he did to Baba Jobe .
    After Lang tombong , we have our fake Doctor njoku bah who believe that his long and futile stay in USA was assets to him to carry out his sinister agenda . Jammeh again recognized his double characters and used him to his satisfaction and today he is languishing in mile two central prison blaming everyone except himself and the dictator , he helped to entrench in his dictatorial regime .
    Finally , we have our show boy , arrogant and self identify intellectual who believe that he is most intelligent Gambian ever to attend Jammeh’s university . Momodou Sabally arrogant and pomposity was even highlighted by his boss dictator who confessed on national TV , that ” you cannot be president more than president himself ” . This statement was the end of momodou sabally in Jammeh’s regime , today he is also going to courts facing ridiculous and frivolous charges.
    So in essence , we have seen many of baba Jobe’s in The Gambia but what made him the most influential , most deadly and chief strategist is the money and his international connection with worst leaders like Gaddifie and connection to blood diamond .

  8. Lafia Touray la Manju

    True Max. Without Baba Jobe, Jammeh would not have been president beyond 2001 but what did Jammeh pay him in return?? Whenever I ask this question, I feel troubled by the fact that there are Baba Jobe’s relatives in Jarra who still support Jammeh. Absolute madness.

  9. Mr Lafia Touray , what happened to Baba Jobe was his own making . Baba was making name for himself and he careless about democracy and rule of law just like dictator Jammeh careless about welfare and progress of Gambian people . Dictatorship works by allowing individuals to do dirty jobs for him ( dictator Jammeh ) while at the same time those individuals make names for themselves. The dictator will make them famous, powerful and influential in a short possible time and the population will quickly embrace these individuals and they will become household name. When they reach their popularity climax, the dictator will come up with strategies to eliminate them. This could take in the form of allege coup attempt, economic crime, abuse of office or any ridiculous charges that would result to these individuals arrest and their subsequent imprisonment or death. The dictator will inform the general population that his once powerful and influential guy, has evil intention for the government and the people, therefore polulation become angry and ostracized these individuals like baba Jobe and others. Remember that, it was the same baba Jobe and his types who preached to the population that Jammeh has the best intention for The country and he is developing the country, and Anyone who do not support him is unpatriotic and do not wish the country any good intention. How can people so suddenly change their mind on dear leader who was always portrayed as patriotic and genuine/best leader? The answer lies on hypnotization they receive from baba Jobe and others which I have explained above. Gambian people will continue to be hypnotized by these political prostitutes and opportunists as long as Jammeh is in power unless there is genuine political awareness across the country. So for anyone to blame the ignorant folks why they continue to support Jammeh, I think it is unfair because the intellectuals and political opportunists who should have fought their rights and interest are dinning with the dictator at kanilali. So people of Jarra are not to be blamed but baba jobes and his types for their own destruction .

  10. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Maxs, some of these people are baba Jobe’s blood relatives; brothers, sisters, cousins etc. Their support for Jammeh now is inexcusable given what has happened to Baba. Absolute madness.


  11. Mr Touray , These people had choices to make since baba was alive and it doesn’t matter whether they now support Jammeh or not . Their conscience on one hand is telling them not to support dictator Jammeh but because of fear and intimidation I suspect they are supporting the evil dictator who killed their loved one . At the same time , one can also assume that they don’t have a choice now but to continue their support since baba Jobe was chief engineer of Jammeh terror machine. Baba Jobe was parcel and part of the state sponsored terrorism when he was alive and his family knew about it . Baba Jobe brother was part of rebel forces in freetown and Liberia , he came to Gambia when baba Jobe was in power and have direct access to state house . These people knew that what Baba Jobe did was against the interest of Gambian people and the constitution of The Gambia , but they gave him full support as a family member . Jammeh himself said it that Gambians talk about bad him when their family members are fired or jailed . So I have zero sympathy to immediate family who are enjoying at the detriment of Gambian people though I believe that the constitution and other laws should be used as a guiding principles if any one of them is found wanting in commiting a crime . Mr Touray , some of these family Members might played huge role in oppression and suppression of Gambians. Doing the right thing for the country is the most important . It is unfair and corrupt to assume that if your relative is in power you should support the regime of terror , when he is out of power, inprisoned or death you should be an opposition. This is what I called political selfishness because one is using politics at the expense of Masses for his family benefits. I think we need to do away from such a backward thinking . We should always advocate to do what is right for our country irrespective of our family relationship or tribal affiliation.
    Baba Jobe has contributed immensely to our current predicament . It was during his time he helped to create NaFsa which became most powerful student organization resulting to extinction of Gamsu which was main student body in 2000 and before . Baba used divisive politics and money to create huge division among Gambian students some of which are under his direct pay roll and Dictator Jammeh . It was also during his time that the rubber stamp national assembly removed presidential term limits ( two terms ) from the constitution and also formulated laws that would allow the evil dictator to engage in business at the detriment of Gambian taxpayers and business community . Draconian media laws are also instituted during baba Jobe’s time when he was very powerful guy in Jammeh’s terror machine .
    History will not treat baba Jobe kindly considering negative impact he played in our current predicament and I think any honest and right thinking Gambian do not seek to see his immediate family giving support to The oppositions .

  12. Mr Lafia touray , the question you should ask is “did Baba Jobe’s family members support his behaviors or actions in suppression and oppression of Gambians?” We have to focus on Gambia’s interest first and foremost. Why do you think they should now support the opposition or not to support Jammeh if they supported Baba Jobe during his regime of terror?

  13. The UTG’s top administration sucks but the end for terrible people like this JAH is definite wrath.Time will tell you all ungrateful betrayer citizens. Your type of criminality will pay back down through your guts like fire.
    Equally Jah and his employer are sides of the same coin. What a nast??

  14. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, Max’s. Despite their wrongs Baba Jobe’s relatives should learn from his and their own mistakes and stop supporting Jammeh. They cannot continue to put out themselves as the laughing stock of The Gambia. That’s madness.

    As one British MP said, rather they be “dignified fools” rather than unrepenting, unwise and undignified ones.


    • The man is no more…We must let him rest in peace, whatever his role was in this dictatorship…..May Allah ( swt ) judge him fairly and shower him with his endless mercy…May those he may have offended in this life have the strength to forgive him…May we also see the end of this dictatorship soon…

  15. Bax, please keep that praying to your self for now because your party’s action is contrary to what you praying for. PDOIS has always being working to prolong the dictatorship in the Gambia as long as they are not the ones leading the change. Since 1996, they have been against any suugestions of opposition meager other than their plan dominance of the process to control the outcome.

    • I don’t know what your faith is, but I am a Muslim and traditional Gambian Islam teaches that it is better to keep quiet if you don’t have any good things to say about a dead person….

      It (Traditional Gambian Islam) also teaches the virtues of forgiveness…. That’s why I expressed the hope that those he may have offended in this life, will have the strength to forgive him. ..

      Quote..(1) ” PDOIS has always being working to prolong the dictatorship in the Gambia as long as they are not the ones leading the change….”

      Comment : You are entitled to your opinion but unless you provide your proof and reasons, such opinion will just be dismissed as empty, idle talk…because that’s what this is…

      (2 ) ” Since 1996, they have been against any suugestions of opposition meager other than their plan dominance of the process to control the outcome.”

      Comment : You don’t know what you are talking about, do you..?

      Who has ever proposed/suggested an “opposition merger” in The Gambia..?

      Those who know the issues are well aware of efforts to form an alliance or coalition of all parties…Not one talked about a merger…Perhaps you confuse a “merger” with an “alliance/coalition”…

      May be your “master”, Lafia can help you, though going by his comments relating to the Nigerian elections, I’m not sure if that is a good idea…

  16. And be forgiven for all the distortion of truth, unlawful arrrests, torture and forced disappearance of innocent people that he Baba Jobe captained.

    Every citizen is therefore obliged to do the right thing in the public space whilst they are alive if, they want to be remembered as heroes.

  17. What proof do you need now when everybody can see their actions do not match with their talking. The reason why I said that is because anytime other parties tries to meet them half way they will demand even more to frustrate the discussion. Bax, this why I believe that PDIOS has other hidden agendas other than saving the country from catastrophe. It should be country before party but for them is the opposite.
    When it comes to opposition political merger, PDOIS believed that all political parties have to be equal in delegates when most of them hardly can bring in 2 percent on the table. Any agreeable merger or alliance has to be fair with all sides considering their size and other contributions but they all cannot be equal in delegates. Another option is take for example 1000 delegate votes and divide by regions base on population and those delegates then will be selected by the people in that region to attend the convention to vote for the presidential candidate for the alliance. This I believe will work if all are sincere and accept the democrat path to remove Yaya Jammeh from power.