Missing Gambian Activist Breaks Silence?

MinahThe woman activist who had gone missing after her life was threatened for exposing Gambian police brutality reportedly broke the silence. Aminata Manneh, affectionately called Minah, posted a message on Facebook informing the world that she is out of harm’s way. Until she broke the silence, many people believed the third year Gambia University student activist might have been secretly kidnapped by state security agents.

It is not clear whether the National Intelligence Agents have hacked into her Facebook account and made postings there or forced Minah to do postings herself. This cannot be ruled out in a country where secret agents are in the habit of creating confusion around secret detentions or abductions.

Find below a message purportedly posted by Minah on her Facebook page.



  1. This is quite some heartening news to know for definite, another innocent comrade has escaped the murderous kanilai devilish predatory alligator’s poison infested jaws; to add to our collective strength & extra firepower…. It’s quite difficult for us all to miss home for long, particularly in this trying times & for anybody who has to hurriedly flee from the motherland unprepared out of choice… But be rest assured Minah, that despite there’s no place like home, you are now at a better place than under what obtains in bleeding Gambia at moment…. Please let’s all, especially some of us in the opportune positions, to render the required unhindered support that this young comrade of ours need & require, including passages to the her destination of desire…. Whenever a targeted comrade managed to getaway with her life without physically tortured, the murderous tyrannical kanilai devil & advocates suffer double folds setbacks behind…. All & everyone got parts to play & contribute to reclaim the motherland until successful… Long live the struggle for the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen.

  2. Until someone has actually seen.or spoken to.her, I think caution should be exercised in reporting her safety…

    The rising tide of the voices of students and young people should be seen as the beginnings of the writing on the wall for the Jammeh regime…

  3. Things don’t add up, this is not true and they have to admit that this not her message. I can swear. Just praying to ALLAH to help keep her safe

  4. I also think that we have to be cautious until we hear from her family or parents . This dictatorial regime is very good at confusing people and their tactics to cover their evil doing is unbelievable .

  5. Good insight & foresight thoughts guys; whilst under captivity the devils’ incarnate agency are capable of anything…. But the truth shall reveal itself eventually, as always will…. At least in her circumstances in this incident we are aware of & know those responsible, & will be accountable for whatever befalls/happens to her next… My warning to the devilish murderous agency is that there’s no conditions permanent in this world; sooner they will be dancing to their own tunes… The world is watching…

  6. I believed that this is not her.This message if written by her seemed dictated.This is not her, definitely not.Good move there Gambia’s intelligence: who are you kidding..Free Mina.

  7. Why do you have to call them Gambia’s intelligence, @liberty? NIA is the Gambia’s total BLACKOUT and SHAME. I feel sorry for every fellow citizen reruited in that agency. Look at the face of their so called boss, he must be a fortune teller or some kind of a tribal witch hunter.
    FREE MINAH!!! because she has to be,you poor little puppet NIA.Just take the bag of rice and sugar and the joint of beef you always take home and let go our resourseful young Gambian woman.

    Greedy soldiers and security agents everywhere carrying food in plastic carrier bags. Are these the type of people that a population will rely on in case of an emergency?
    I bet most of them took oath of the food. May ALLAH S.W.T watch over dear Minah and may ALLAH’s wrath befall anyone who harms her here on earth. Ameen Allahumma ameen

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