Malik Kah Resigns As CORDEG Press Release Fallout Continues

London, UK. 26th Apr, 2014. Malick Kah speaking during the demonstration in London to mark 14 years in remembrance of the 14 school children and Red Cross volunteer, shot and killed by Gambian security forces on the 10 & 11 April 2000. The demonstration iAn opposition political activist has confirmed tendering his resignation from the People’s Democratic for Organisation, Independence and Socialism (PDOIS). Malik Kah’s resignation came at a time when the party he has heavily invested his time and resources turned him into a laughing stock, disowning his representation at a telephone meeting that purportedly sought to add flesh and muscle to the struggle to restore sanity in The Gambia.

It all started when the PDOIS issued a swift reaction to the CORDEG press release about holding a brainstorming meeting with representatives of the opposition.  The party issued statements of rectification and disclaimer, insisting that Mr. Kah had no mandate to represent the PDOIS without getting anointment from the Central Committee. CORDEG press release portrayed the London based Kah as the Europe representative of the PDOIS.

Mr Kah’s sympathisers said the PDOIS reaction was tantamount to public dressing down of a key member. For them it is like killing the goose that lays the golden egg. “The party could have handled such a sensitive manner maturely and in private,” one sympathiser of Mr. Kah said.
However, PDOIS see the issue from a different perspective. “Since it is in the public interest,” they argued, “the party has done the right thing to distance itself from the misrepresentation of Malik Kah who has not followed the party’s protocol which would have avoided the controversy.”
Mr. Kah is yet to publicly state the reasons for throwing in his towel on Fatu Radio Network last night, although most people attribute it to the public embarrassment he has suffered.
Gambians in Diaspora have been preoccupied with the CORDEG press release controversy, and the quietness of both the CORDEG and the two other opposition has not helped diffuse the tension. It is in this regard that Kairo News decides to contact United Democratic Party sources. Our investigation proved that Lawyer Ousainou Darboe was not informed ahead of time of the telephone meeting. “He was not given any agenda or provided with detailed information before the untimely phone call,” a party official said, explaining that Mr. Darboe accepted the call out of his usual courtesy and respect he has for everyone.  “We can assure that he did not divulge anything,” the source said, defending Darboe’s belief that Gambians need to conduct constructive dialogues aimed at finding a lasting political solution to the difficulties their country’s political problems.
Mr. Kah’s close associates described him as “very hard working, dedicated and intellectually minded person whose commitment to restore democracy in his country is unquestionable.”


  1. CORDEG made a good effort in mustering courage for temporal unified opposition initiative by reaching out to the three major opposition parties for a starting point which is commendable for a good rallying point to start from, for our collective salvaging from the murderous tyrannical kanilai syndicate… If Malik honoured & complemented the efforts just like the other two opposition leaders, unlike his PDOIS master who choose to turn down on whatever reasons above country first, the best & proper act is for Malik to have done what he just did, to maintain & safeguard his integrity, as any independent minded person in his shoes, will do for same purposes & reasons…. It’s very vital for all genuine Gambians to look at the greater picture for our collective country/communal interests first above partisan divides…. The Gambia matters most & remains forever, whereas parties & individuals are subjects supposed to be SERVANTS selflessly aspiring with all honesty to serve the people, the nation & humanity at large to best of ability…. God helps & bless the collective endeavours to salvage the motherland; Ameen.

  2. The public was expecting to hear from Malick Kah a proper rejoinder or to clarified on purported CORDEG meeting (especially statements on both CORDEG’S & PDOIS Press Releases), what actually transpired, whether he actually exercise discretion or mandated by PDOIS at any given time to represent thrm, any breakdown of communication and why; before news of his resignation???Squabbling for online news headlines is having very serious repercussions; affecting the struggle, derailing cause, causing very serious setbacks and disorienting public???? A sad situation opposition front being in disarray, beyond comprehension! Am not impressed with this resignation news, prior to addressing relevant or related issues???

  3. LSamateh

    Dawda, news is news, whether you are impressed or unimpressed. Readers want to read about Malick decision to leave pdois and i heard him on fatu radio last night where some die hard pdois guys attacked his decision. Again, Malick may also in due course put his side of the story. Did PDOIS over react? Are they killing the spirits of ambitious young supporters, and are they too rigid and holding themselves to the past. Remember politics is dynamic, fluid and timely, if pdois continue to react to everything and siding or dressing down their core supporters (Pa Samba Jow, Malick Kah, Yaya Dampha etc) what will be left to attract the few young people in Gambia?
    Malick could be exercising pragmatism which backfires, but pdois should stop publicly criticising its members/supporters

  4. I think Malik has done what is best for him. He either serve the country through PDOIS or through another organization or through himself personally like Pata. Parties have programs and principles and tactics and members have to abide by them to avoid chaos in organization. PDOIS should make extra effort to help its members to understand its operational principles to avoid future misrepresentations. CORDEG should engage party leaders directly if it wants to genuinely work with them to avoid being blamed for sabotage or what have you.
    What is however important in the struggle is for Gambians to understand what each party or organization stands for and how they intend to pursue them to attain their strategic objectives and work with the party one feels is the best vehicle to reach there. It is useless to attack any group as not being ready to free the country. what is important is to persevere in your believe and recognize the others who see things differently.

  5. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Haa! ha! ha!!!! The chickens are coming home to roast. We will get to know it from experience.

    Well done Malick Kah. I hope Suwaibou Touray draws a lesson and courage from your resignation.


    • Remember Ganji Touray…? Remember Majanko Samusa..? Remember Waa Juwara..?

      Some very high profile chicken came home to roast a long time ago…

  6. Cordeg is the satan here. They cause the unnecessary rift between Malick and PDOIS. The opposition have to avoid dealing with them. This Good for nothing group is full people only interested in public limelight. A bunch of fools.

  7. This is a very good step for Mr Kah.This is what is called the new generation of politicians and PDOIS is not an exeption.Every party is guided by its own PRINCIPLES so if anyone wanna take a short cut without the proper procedure can result in desplicinary action and up to expulsion. It is now becoming more clear that PDOIS has every right to react.If Darboe as well as OJ were called even though they might have Eueopean , American, and Asia representatives like PDOIS, why not call the leaders of PDOIS..WHAT IS THE RUSH?..We dont need no PUPPET president, and it looks like we have some in the oppositions as we speak..How can you get an impromptu call, and just jumped on it?

  8. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Another obscurantist guy. Even PDOIS members confirmed that Dr Saine contacted Halifa Sallah but he declined the offer. Not only that, he (Halifa) was intransigent over it.

  9. Thank you Mr Kah. You acted professionally and maturely. What should have been resolved internally was brought to the limelight just to embarrass Mr Kah. If PDOIS continues to publicly embarrass their young talented members in the name of party policy then we should expect to see more resignations because the young generation want their views to be heard and not censored in the name of party policy. What we are fighting against is dictatorship and that is what is happening in PDOIS.

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Say it again Abdou.

    • “What should have been resolved internally was brought to the limelight just to embarrass Mr Kah.”

      You are entitled to your opinion Abdou, but it is not supported by the facts before us…Therefore, it should be seen as a mere figment of your imagination…

      What we know is that PDOIS has indicated in their statement on the matter, that they have put their house in order and assured the public that such will not happen again…indicating that the matter has been internally resolved..

      What brought the.matter before the public, which is as clear as day light to all honest people, is the CORDEG statement that misrepresented PDOIS, when they (CORDEG), we are told, were informed very clearly that PDOIS will not be available until after their exercise…

      People can make all sorts of insinuations and draw any conclusions from Mr Kah’s resignation, but until he makes his reasons known, whatever anyone say will be speculation and nothing else…

      Unless we somehow believe that PDOIS has no right or duty to clarify publicly, any statements put in the public domain that misrepresent it, we have no choice.but to admit that they are not at fault for the public disclosure here…Anything else would be dishonesty…

  10. Deyda Haidara

    Oh my GOD, we africans will go a long way before freeing ourselves from mental and ideological slavery.
    I for one donot know any other member of PDOIS except its founding member Halifa Sallah. Based on my personal experience with Halifa, we donot share the same views, strategies and policies on anything except the wish to see Africa free and developped.
    I can only speak in general terms on the issue at hand. Let me remind the audience that most founders of political parties in Africa tend to see the party as their personal property and not a collectif property. Of late, Moustapha Niasse of Senegal made the same mistake and 13 of his best brains and mobilizers are expelled from party. Tanor Dieng of PS party nearly made the same mistake but was restrained simply because he was not the founding member of the PS party. Another example is the actual president of Mali, Ibarhim Boubacar Keita (IBK) who was amongst the founding members of the party that took Alpha Omar Konare to power after the malian revolution which prompted Amadou Toumani Toure (ATT) to depose Mousa Traore. After the two years transition, Alpha’s party won the elections and “IBK” rose to become the vice president and later president of the National assembly. IBK was expecting to be the next candidate on line after Alpha but the later, jived and supported ATT the soldier. IBK resigned from the party and as time go by, became the actual president of Mali plebiscited by over 70% of the votes. The same thing happen between Abdoulaye Wade, Idrissa Seck and now Macky Sall who came second on the first round of elections and benefitted from the rest of the opposition on the second round of voting and became president of Senegal.
    Any time a leader behaves like a party is his personal property, he will end of paying the price in the long run. A political party is not and should not be operated like a private business enterprise, where you recruit and fire as you like. A political party is a public property where everyone is free to come or go. The foundation is stronger when its cadres feel ownership. As soon as the cadres feel being controlled like a father to a child relationship, he or she will eventually exercise its sovereign rights as PDOIS happily loves and uses the term infinetely.
    Black slavery is worst than Arab and Western slavery simply because it takes a longer time to undo dictatorship amognst ourselves.
    I hope PDOIS will learn from the Senegalese and Malian party politics experiences and avoid loosing its best brains. So far Kudos to PDOIS that they have not lost members to APRC simply because the members have enough political insight not join a dying and joking APRC with his leader who behaves like a PIG. Thank GOD that money and position is not their center of attraction unlike other opposition party members. That said loosing a member is not a good thing at all.
    On a final note I have heard all political leaders giving interviews on the online radios except Halifa Sallah. Why? Am I wrong guys? Please correct me if such has taken place.
    To conclude I will again ask the indulgence of PDOIS to treat diaspora Gambians as equal partners in fighting dictatorship in the Gambia. Jammeh is the enemy and no one ELSE.
    A popular wollof proverb said;”he who is jealous of his future inheritors will die an ugly death” So be careful.. bodies.

    • “A political party is a public property where everyone is free to come or go.” Deyda Haidara
      Deyda, I am sure you are not ascribing your above statement to the PDOIS and i as a follower of PDOIS politics can assert that PDOIS is the most democratic organization that i ever know of. What can PDOIS do if someone wants to resign? What has happened is that Malik attended a high level meeting without telling the Central Committee of the party and CORDEG misinformed the public by stating that PDOIS is being represented by Malik. PDOIS has no option but to clarify that it was not represented which is a fact and ask the CORDEG to remove its name in any agreement made at the meeting.
      “I for one do not know any other member of PDOIS except its founding member Halifa Sallah. Based on my personal experience with Halifa, we do not share the same views, strategies and policies on anything except the wish to see Africa free and developped.
      I can only speak in general terms on the issue at hand.”
      Did Malik tell you that he was expelled by the party or that he has resigned? I did not know any former PDOIS member who was expelled from the party since its inception. It shows that individuals can come and go as they wish and that is the reality in PDOIS. Are you saying that PDOIS should condone the action of members who are not willing to abide by its policies, programs etc just to inflate numbers?
      I think it has not been distinguished by many people the difference between a principled based party and an amorphous party where there are no policies, programmes and rules. Lafia told you that Darbo received an impromptu call to dialogue on unity, electoral reform, advocacy and fund raising. He decided to participate and even agreed to assign another organisation without informing even his immediate committee. For you there is nothing wrong with that because such a party is just one man show. But Halifa dares not do such a thing let alone enter into an agreement without the agreement of the PDOIS Central Committee because he would be damned. In fact his conscience cannot dictate him to do such an abnormal thing. It would be considered criminal.
      So please let us not put oranges and mangoes into the same carton.

      • Lafia Touray la Manju

        I have already stated that Darboe has a broad mandate to talk to any Gambian about coalition. He did not ask cordeg to make a coalition but to submit a proposal so that they (the political parties) can know what the diaspora have in mind before they can substantively respond to their call for unity. What is wrong with that? its not like he has agreed to a coalition without consulting his party. is it?? You PDOIS people are no sabi. Excuse my Aku.

        By the way, which party does not have policies??? People have ignored your insinuations on this a lot. About time to put it to rest using informations that are made publicly available. Name the party please??


        • Lafia….

          Don’t wait calling…Here are two problems the UDP will face if it replaces the APRC. ..

          (1) unemployment (2) chronic budget deficits

          What is/are your party’s policies to address these issues…?

          Since your party has so far shied away from putting any policy before the online fora for scrutiny, may be you the members can take up the challenge…

          So, let’s see what you’ve got for us..

          • Lafia Touray la Manju

            Bax, they determines when and how to put out policies. Neither you or PDOIS will change that. But to say that they have no policies when in fact every election cycle UDP publishes their policies is deceitful. Why can’t you be concern about selling your policies since you claim to be policy superior. The proof is always in the eating and God knows which party always scores higher electorally. When are going to stop being dismissive of people’s verdict?? Is it going to be your typical politics of delusions and hallucinations once again?? Oh dear. Just take a day off Bax.


        • Lafia: your information regarding the mandate given to Darbo is clear and understood. What we are doing is the interpretation of that mandate. I am simply saying that parties that operate that way are usually spontaneous organizations out to satisfy a particular grievance and therefore do not insist on strict code of conduct in their day to day operation. And i am saying observers or commentators here should put that in mind and not compare such to PDOIS because it is completely different.
          To make all the more clear, i am saying since 2010, one person is given a broad mandate to exclusively enter discussion on any matter such as alliance with other parties without giving any prior information to his immediate committee are so sweeping that it can only be an amorphous organization as to warrant such set up.
          Which people have ignored these insinuations? Only Lafia does.

          • Lafia Touray la Manju

            A Code of conduct is a communist/socialist thing and therefore not appealing to the UDP. The party’s constitution and the laws of the land are enough instruments.

            What concerns us is whether or not Darboe has or is acting within and in accordance with his mandate, and clearly he is.

            If the discussion had advanced to a level where it touches on things outside his mandate, Darboe would have consulted his party on that just like he had done in 2010/2011 in respect to his many meetings with both Sidia and Halifa. I also understand that he always report back to the party any discussion he had with others regarding coalition.

            Also, if a decision was to be made that would bind the party to a coalition, he would take instructions from the party on.

            None of these are issues in this cordeg meeting.


      • Deyda Haidara

        If your horizon stops at Halifa, then I would be of no help.
        Petit fou.

  11. Gambians are naive. We have a Perfect man who does every single political manoeuvre correct. He never make any mistake politically. From Nadd to agenda 2011 throughout his career, Halifa has been perfect. Yet you reject him. You don’t value his work. What kind of haters are you? Halifa does not make any mistake, therefore cannot accept making one. Period. Lafia you are a hater.

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      A perfect Man?? I thought even in Islam, the prophet is the only one that is described as such and that all other men are fallable?? Halifa is now elevated to the grade of a prophet by his disciples. Astaka furr lai!!!

      This is scary, my friends.

  12. Take note of this comment QUOTED FROM ABOVE;

    “Lafia Touray la Manju
    March 19, 2015 at 4:43 PM

    I have already stated that Darboe has a broad mandate to talk to any Gambian about coalition. He did not ask cordeg to make a coalition but to submit a proposal so that they (the political parties) can know what the diaspora have in mind before they can substantively respond to their call for unity. What is wrong with that? its not like he has agreed to a coalition without consulting his party. is it?? You PDOIS people are no sabi. Excuse my Aku.”


    “PDOIS stated that they “received the invitation of the organisers we (PDOIS) did applaud their initiative.”

    PDOIS “came to the conclusion that two preliminary steps are necessary before such a meeting could take place in a manner that would yield the desired results of a national consensus on strategies and tactics for peaceful political change.”

    “First and foremost, the opposition at home had to arrive at a consensus on the way forward at the meeting or convey the wrong impression that they are so divided that they could not forge a United Front for Democratic change. ”

    “Secondly, the Diaspora also had to meet and develop a consensus on the way forward failing which opinions could be so divided at the meeting that the way forward could become illusive.”

    “Thirdly, we (PDOIS) envisaged that once the two consensuses are independently built the holding of a joint Diaspora–Opposition meeting to harmonise them into a National consensus would become feasible after the consensus at the Diaspora meeting is circulated and reviewed by each opposition party and discussion held among them reach a consensus before the National Conference. ”

    “However in order to promote ownership of the process and engender a more formal arrangement for consensus building, we proposed for the Diaspora to meet and work out a consensus, the content of which would be conveyed to the political parties at home for review and decisions taken by their own organs in line with their party constitutions.”

    PDOIS “further proposed that after taking their individual party positions on any proposal from the diaspora political parties at home could meet to discuss their party positions and form a consensus which shall then be followed by a Diaspora – opposition meeting that would entirely focus on concrete proposals for a consensus on the way to facilitate electoral reform or effect democratic change if proposals for reforms are rejected.”

    “In this way no parochial difference would be entertained and the deliberations would be devoted solely on National consensus building.”

    “Hence it is clear to all that we (PDOIS) have not only endorsed consensus building but have concretely stated how it could be done in a climate of serenity and sobriety, free from any acrimony and hair-splitting wrangling over issues that have no national relevance, as befits those who aim to engage in the most important task of our times, that of building a country fit for a sovereign, free , prosperous and dignified citizen to live in .”

    That “the resolutions of the conference.. (should) harmonized the objectives, strategies and tactics on how to bring Democratic change in the Gambia.”

    PDOIS acknowledge “What is achieved is to start a consensus building process. The raw material for National consensus building is yet to be available. The organizers have made a good start just as we (PDOIS) predicted. Hence what you (D.A.Jawo amongst other detractors) should be calling or is the continuity of a dialogue and not the embracing of a finish product.”; NOTED IN PDOIS RESPONSE TO D.A JAWO “WHY PDOIS WAS NOT IN RALEIGH”? PUBLISHED IN MAY 2013

  13. Faal, I’m not apolitical & nor vouching for any particular political party but your statement generalizing insults on all Gambians is baseless & unwarranted… There’s no such thing like perfect humans, perfection belongs to God almighty ONLY & NO one else… I thought we have put this argument behind us but if you still insist, taking jibes on us all, this what infers…. Halifa might be shrewd in manipulative manoeuvres far from being perfect but anyone can see through his cowardly stunts… Halifa & PDOIS’ colourful whitepaper are calculatedly purposely designed to insist on the timed so-called Congresses where one can deduce with almost certainty that the same Halifa will continue to be presented as PDOIS presidential candidate over & over again; I have absolutely no qualms with as non-political & just interested in collective salvaging of the motherland regardless of who leads us collectively….. But don’t you think it’s selfish & hypocritical to pick & choose upon, to criticize & condemn some tyrannical dictates, directives & injunctions of the kanilai tyrannical murderer, whilst keep mute to manipulate those inclined in selfish favours… The upper age-barrier, e.g., deliberately inserted in the worthless so-called Constitution which Halifa & PDOIS tirelessly campaigned for is one to observe in this instance… I believe it’s better to insert a lower age-limit where the immature “young & foolish” age-group can/should be barred instead for the unwise wasteful & immature misusing of funds, revenue & resources of state in where endlessly syndola merrymakings are the orders of the day, etc etc, rather than the upper-wise-wisdom age barred, deliberately for the dictators tyrannical oppressive manoeuvres, which Halifa too is clearly is currently taking advantage of, in attempt to misuse against his fellow opposition leadership counterparts but will never complain about or condemn for selfish gains…??? Please let “sleeping dogs” continue to lie low, undisturbed & let’s move on at least for now; word for a wise… Thanks very much.

  14. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Bajaw, Faal is only compensating his own ineptitude. So don’t mind him.


  15. Bajaw Why wasting your energy in discourse as its difficult to understand the head or tail from your views, derailing to irrelevance, ridiculous and incoherent arguments!


  16. Pappa, it’s essential for dissemination for the consumption of others who can’t/don’t understand/digest the deceitful PDOIS colourful statements masquerading dominative manoeuvres for selfish opportunities at expenses of country gains FIRST…. It’s helpful to bisect & analyse some essential bits & parts of political manoeuvres, being murderous APRC &/ PDOIS / anybody else, which are attempts for manipulative & unhealthy ‘wholesale’ consumption publicly without diagnosis for informed public consumption…. Hence this can lay to rest the acclaimed/assumed notion of some of the PDOIS political-fanatic-jihadists on the general misconstrued/oversights in this deceitfully colourful statement of PDOIS response to CORDEG statement & others as indicated in one of Yerro’s subsequent write-ups… Whilst some may find it bit difficult to digest & construe the PDOIS ‘booklets’ of statement/s, be rest assured most of us do understand, comprehend &/ even see-through beyond, from where PDOIS starts from, down to where they heads to…. Hence some of us do engage in debate/s to point out some pertaining issues in attempt to facilitate dialogue for social &/ societal cohesion to convince others who have had enough of PDOIS manipulative tendencies that all isn’t lost & we dearly need one another in this bitter & difficult struggle of ours, that in fact it’s BETTER for us all under a democracy, even under ‘PDOIS-dictatorship’ than the current oppressive tyrannical syndicate fiefdom & a murderous devil for that matter…. Thence, just like all PDOIS dictating manipulative statements, this recent one too isn’t any different, just another of the same… Which is just about buying time by issuing & using excusable village-engagements reasons, & by suggesting so-called dialogue engagement with the murderous tyrannical devil & advocates on political issue improvements that are literally suicidal to APRC politically & will never be entertained, condoned, accepted/act upon; & finally asking/dictate to opposition parties to “hold party Congresses to select leaders to be known to/by people” only to come back rallying around in a hypocritical merger that PDOIS as ALWAYS, aren’t entirely LOYAL to but TACTICALLY engages in, for selfish manipulative party gains ONLY above collective country gains FIRST; knowing the ‘Toilet Paper’ Constitution of the day, flauntingly in favour of Halifa to lead any subsequent opposition temporal unification which doesn’t make any difference for majority & average genuine Gambians & friends, as far as it terminates the current murderous status quo… Whilst it’s healthy & helpful for the inter-opposition rivalries in debates in exchanges of ideas & analysis for the way forward; it’s vital for some of you PDOIS political fanatical jihadists to NOTE, & always kept at back of minds, that ALL Gambians regardless of membership, support, affiliation &/ sympathizing, have undeniable rights & stakes in ALL political parties & leaderships including Halifa & the murderous tyrannical kanilai devil….. Now please if you can excuse me, would rather redirect my energy to other essential pressing issues than being trivial…. God help the collective endeavour to salvage Gambia; Ameen. Thanks very much.

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