Celebrating Karan Madiba’s Legacy

karanThe Muslim community is once again gathering in Paris, France, this Saturday to celebrate the life and legacy of the late Calip General and founder of Kandialon Islamic caliphate in southern Senegalese province of Casamance.

El-hadji Karan Madiba Diaby died for the people who still have personal attachment to him. Thousands of his talibes [students] and disciplines continue to organize prayer sessions for him 25 years after his death.

Karan Madiba was the grandson of Great Karamba Touba Diaby of Futa Touba in Guinea Conakry. The lone child of Karan Bouharri Diaby was born in Bissau-Guinea in 1905. He was moved to Sutukung village in Eastern Jarra where his uncle, the Karang Sambou Lamin Jabbie became his mentor and teacher.

After completing his education, Karan Madiba and his talibes settled Kandialon in 1936, spending his entire life educating and helping people. He had hundreds of talibes from The Gambia, Senegal, Guinea-Conakry, Bissau and Mauritania.

“Our Caliph was not an ordinary Man of God; his generousity and love for human beings, particularly his talibes, made him an outstanding and special person,” Moustapha Sarkho, Holland-based loyal talibe of Karan Madiba, told Kairo News.

“He loved and treated us like his children,” another talibe of France, El-Hadji Cisse said. “Karan Madiba believed in his uncle’s statement that a talibe is an adorable son who must be treated well.”

Both Mustapha and El-Hadji said they have been bonded by the late Caliph. “Our hearts have been attached to Kandialon mainly due to what the Caliph had done for us. We owe him and his family a lot, which is why we have since been organizing prayer sessions for him in France and Senegal,” said Mustapha.

Karan Madiba, who was succeeded to the throne by his first son Karang Salimeena Diabbie, was a person who believed that all humans are equal and must therefore be respected. “He loves and respects his neighbours at all times,” Mr. Sarkho said.

During his lifetime, the Great Caliph admired the truth, uprightness and education. He hated falsehood and kept exhorting his talibes and followers “to tell the truth even if they kill a person.”

He had authored so many books in Islam.

For any information on both sessions, Moutapha Sarkho can be contacted on +33-675-292791.


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  1. Sheik Karan-Madiba Jabbi, is not only Islamic scholar but a Saint who devoted all his life to discipline many minds, body, and souls. He was (Mujadid) revival of Islam in West Africa. It’s impossible to list all his achievements and qualities. All that I can compare him is sheik Amadou Bamba. May his soul continue to rest in peace!
    I would like to thanks KAIRO NEWS for always reminding us the life and legacy of our African scholar.

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