The Cartoon Character – Part II

BabaBy Baba Galleh Jallow

Hashtag Momla Rekati was flabbergasted. He was totally flummoxed and besides himself with a combination of rage, worry and confusion that threatened to blow his pear-shaped head into a thousand small pieces. For a long time he gazed at his latest depiction as Mr. Anonymous. No eyes, no nose, no mouth, no ears and no face! The blankness made him feel as if he did not exist; as if he was merely an invisible presence that could neither see, nor talk or hear. Several times, he reached up and touched his face and pinched his ears just to make sure that he was indeed there. But this did little to lower the devastating sense of apprehension and paranoia he felt. The cartoonists had effectively wiped him off the face of the earth; they had rendered him blind, deaf, dumb and faceless; a mere non-presence in the airs of our little town, and this troubled Hashtag Momla to no end. What on earth was he to do? He felt like beating up everyone in our little town, and especially at Minimal Farms Unlimited; but this, of course, was absolutely not an option.

For days on end Hashtag Momla floated around like a zombie. He just could not get over the reality that the cartoonists had written him off as a nonentity. Every so often, he would lock himself behind closed doors and stare at Mr. Anonymous. He would peer at the cartoon and screw his eyes to see if they were real. He would touch his nose and run his fingers over where the cartoon’s mouth should have been. He would flick his ears with a finger to see if they were real. And he would run his palm over his face to see if it was really there. Why oh why should they portray him as an eyeless, noseless, mouthless, earless, faceless nobody? Yet, Mr. Anonymous was unmistakably his very own self. Of that he was totally certain. No one else had that particular pear-shaped head. And no one else habitually held the signature cow tail and dry fish in their hands. He had to find a way of dealing with the immense nothingness that threatened to swallow him into an endless void. He wondered if he even had a brain with which to think anymore. And as if to confirm his suspicions, a new version of Mr. Anonymous appeared in the newspapers of our little town, sending Hashtag Momla into such a frantic frenzy of crippling paranoia that he swooned yet again and funny noises escaped his body and sent our common townsfolk holding their mouths and loudly exclaiming what was that! Eh? Who ever saw the like?

Like the first Mr. Anonymous, the new Mr. Anonymous cartoon had no face either. He had no eyes, no ears, no nose and no mouth. But more seriously, his neck was now nowhere to be found! His pear-shaped head floated over his balloon torso like a large fruit hanging from nowhere, even though he still held his cow tail in one hand and his dry fish in the other. This cartoon particularly troubled Hashtag Momla because well, they were saying that he had now lost his very head and was now condemned to live with a floating head hovering over his body like an unidentified flying object and his large neckless torso fumbling about all by itself. How then could he eat, or talk, or turn his head if he wanted to? Why were they messing with his mind like this? Who ever heard of a body without a head or a head floated around without a body? These thoughts were just too frightening to entertain and Hashtag Momla struggled hard just to keep breathing. To convince himself that this was just a cartoon, he now tied a large leather belt around his neck and let it dangle down his chest, tugging at it once in a while just to make sure he was not what they said he was.

Yet, Mr. Anonymous was as real as real could ever be. There was no doubt that it was Hashtag Momla himself because he was saying just the kinds of things Hashtag Momla liked to say. Things like “I will never allow anyone to ever monopolize me again! If they think they can monopolize me they can go to hell.” One cartoon had him saying “I tell you that I am the greatest doctor ever to breathe the airs of this world because I can cure the most incurable diseases in the world.” Another had him saying “Hey, if you think you can come here and tell me about human rights and rule of law, then you must have lost your head.” And even more seriously, these words were all coming out from another part of his body, since he now had no mouth with which to talk. It was a strange spectacle to Hashtag Momla, and one that prevented him from having any sleep and that, when he managed to doze off, always gave him the worst nightmares and sent him screaming awake in the middle of the nights.

In his utter frustration and mind-dissolving rage, Hashtag Momla now decreed that newspapers and freedom of expression were totally banned from Minimal Farms Unlimited. Anyone caught holding a newspaper or expressing their personal opinion within the four walls of Minimal Farms would be sent six feet deep into the bowels of the earth. It now became a crime to even whisper at Minimal Farms Unlimited because, Hashtag Momla claimed, “people try to whisper funny things about me and try to say that I have lost my head. They whisper about funny cartoon characters that have no eyes, no nose, no mouth, no ears, no face and no head. And they cast funny glances at me. If I catch anyone whispering any funny things about me, they will go six feet deep. Wounded before warning!” Rumors in particular were absolutely not allowed in Minimal Farms Unlimited because, Hashtag Momla said, “some people are spreading false and vicious rumors about me, saying that I have no face, no eyes, no nose, no mouth, no ears, no face and no neck and that I now speak through another part of my body. Honk, honk, honk, anyone caught spreading such vicious rumors will go ten feet deep!”

It seemed, however, that Hashtag Momla’s cartoon troubles were just beginning. For the very next day, a new cartoon character appeared in all the newspapers of our little town in which he was now depicted as Invisible Dude.



  1. Hashtag Momla Rekati got hit by a crane…And just because he has no eyes, no nose, no mouth, no face, no ears, a floating neck , and a fumbling turso does not mean hen can now call himself as Invisible Dude, says the people of Minimal Farms Unlimited in our little town. They are invisible to you Hashtag Momla Rekati.Everyone at minimal farms unlimited can see you.They said you can run but you can’t hide..The old, and the now new Mr anonymous is still one and the same person.Mr westluver was heard saying “once a corrupt manager always a corrupt manager.”He will also be like.. I told you When I get my hands in the cookie jar, I take all the cookies even when everybody is looking..hehe.hehe..hee..They can go to hell… Yep it is him..This so sounds like him.Hashtag Momla Rekati, now Invisible Dude, the people of minimal farms unlimited says you already created hell for them.You decreed that nobody can talk even though they are different from you, Hashtag.This is because they have a mouth, a nose, two ears and two eyes.No freedom of expression, no movement, and assiciation.Whisper is the order of the day. Only the walls can talk at minimal farms unlimited in our little town. No more taking risks he said. No drumming, no 7-11, not even a bathroom break..And there is nothing they can do about it, Hastag emits. They all can go to hell….Yep Momla..

  2. @Kemo,here you are again. A CRANE….?, that is heavy, but really heavy…it crunch bones.
    Hastag Momla, aka potato/pear head aka Mr. Anonymous1 aka Anonymous2 got nowhere to escape. I am just saying it again, he is doomed and that is it, with the rest of his little cartoon characters.
    Indeed, people in Minimal Farm Unlimited have become much more concerned for the people of Minimal Farm Unlimited rather than this boring cartoon character of Hastag Momla aka etc.,etc., with his little camouflaged puppies called JUNK A…., The Minimal Farm being under siege now by the horrible Hastag and his puppies does not mean that he can turn Minimal Farm’s territory into a breeding haven for possible future Hastags and Puppies. Minimal Farm being under siege does not mean they did not heard of the story of the most dangerous cartoon character, Snowball. He too,will take AAAAAALL the cookies in the jar and laugh HeHe HeHe….., and throw some in the dust for his peolpe, I mean throw it in the DUST. They heard of all the stories about the most dangerous cartoon character in world because they have their eyes, nose ,mouth and ears, though the only thing worst than dumb, deaf, and blind is living in Minimal Farm of today.Its people are experiencing their most difficult times in history.

  3. @ Ggapm gpam,What snow ball in town? that don’t mean nothing.It is hot and is not always sunny in Minimal farms unlimited from the time Hashtag Momla Rekati took over.It is a trap.. Tell snow ball to fall back..Ggapm Agapm.. Regardless of the section of Minimal farms a person is, the peoples of our little town widely share values coming out of a collective national experience.They are ready more than ever to confront any challenge. The presence of snow ball in town is a good indication. The peoples of minimal farms hereby demand the following…
    1..Popular Sovereignty,
    2..Limited Government
    3..Respect the Rule of the law
    4..Individual Liberty
    6..Equality of Opportunity.
    The peoples of minimal farms unlimited in our little town will also find the strength to embrace progressive social causes.. Yes they will find more strength. It is call equality of opportunity, one of their demands.
    Hashtag Momla Rekati, the sneaky snake, now Dr. Invisible Dude, used the resources at minimal farms unlimited to force his predecessor out, and he still continue to use them.Hashtag’s books are also in the red.His company cannot keep pace with the rapidly growing workforce. The per capita spending declines.Corruption became the prostitute.All these occurred because Hastag Momla Rekati, aka Invisible Dude has no eyes, no nose, no face, no ears, a floating neck, and a fumbling torso..

  4. @ Kemo, I mentioned Snowball just as an example because a terrible thing happened to him too when his name,face and being evaporated into the thin air of history,by getting himelf tangled in hot chains, just hot chains… Now imagine Momla being hit by a crane. Did i even made mention of Red Bell Agent the Goat?,he is that cartoon character of Hastag Momla’s enablers.You can`t miss his intellect with a NERDISH face, gaze and wicked leer.
    Red Bell the Agent’s mission out of Minimal Farm, is to speculate the possibility of even more dangerous faceless cartoon characters taking over business at Minimal Farm in post-Hastag, thus creating an atmosphere of sceptism at Minimal Farm.
    Red Bell the Agent is a wise agent because, he has a visible face; eyes, mouth, nose and ears by luck of law of nature and so, he goes running around in the greener pastures ringing the alarm bell, RING RING RING RING, I have a pair of eyes, a mouth, nose, ears AND a microscope.One thing is for sure,and that is ,Red Bell is not ringing his alarm bells for the booboos.

    Now i must go, because to tell you the truth @Kemo, I don’t want to sound like HUCKLEBERRY FINN.

  5. @,Ggapm Agapm….Like I said all the other cartoons don’t mean nothing.. Hashtag Momla Rekati, sometimes called atemu jamaati, aka Invisible Dude, aka Mr potato head, Mr pearhead, pearhead yappa, anonymous the old, and the new, is the main focus. He looks creepy and sounds brzzzz. He has no eyes, no nose, no face, and no ears.He has a floating neck and a fumbling turso.He is a case study.

  6. @ Kemo, you might have missed my point. I am just trying to point out that Hastag Momla Rekati aka etc.., is not that a cartoon character to dominate the cartoon world any more in Minimal Farm Unlimited, for they have long since been current with similar cartoon character cases elsewhere, and never ended up well with any of them characters. I am sure Hastag Momla Rekati’s will be no different. Snowman and Snowball are very much different, like the good and the bad. Snowman is the real hope out in Minimal Farm Unlimited.
    @Kemo, the diaspora is laaaarge living outside Minimal Farm Unlimited and therefore, I think diasporans need to make a lot more sacrifice in order to organise themselves.
    Just watch Tom and Jerry and you will find every tip to Momla Rekati Atemu Jamaati’s dooming. No lol.
    Haven’t we gone farther than just Hastag’s aka various various cartoon characters? A madam in the main office?….or you are skeptic of the fact that Hastag Momla Rekati aka anonymous aka etc. is doomed? I am not.

  7. @ Ggapm Agapm, I am not a bit sceptical of the fact that Hashtag Momla Rekati is doomed.We all know Hashtag Momla Rekati, aka the Invisible Dude took a wrong turn in life now he is paying his dues.
    Ggapm gpam,,,, As for the diasporans, as hard as it is for me to accept it, but you are right.Every mistake is always a lesson learnt and EVENTUALLY we will perfect the art.Even gorrila war fare..It hurts, and don’t forget the fact that the government of yaya jammeh is still vulnerable than ever.The writings are on the wall for everybody to see except for he who has no eyes.We came a long way despite some obstacles, like I saidThe Gambian people learnt a lot from all the mistakes we made on this journey to LIBERTY.We will have more strength to come together FOR THE GAMBIA OUR HOMELAND.The Gambia need her sons and daughters more than ever.
    With regards to the madam candidate, yes I will still push for that, because in this era, women proved to be more capable than men when it comes to handling the affairs of the state.Our Gambian women are no exception, because they are visible everywhere in the world.You should stop being a pessimist. There are so many experienced Gambian women both at home and abroad who could run the state more effectively than jammeh.Ggapm gpam.. Yaya jammeh took over the Gambia by force so we are going take it by any means necessary, because the end will justify the means for the collective good, not just one person. That is SELFISH.

  8. @Kemo, you got the word ‘pessimist’ in the wrong place.’Pessimism’ is just mere art in cartoon poetry.I am, also in support of that Gambian capable leading our country in accordance to all the demands you outlined, irrespective of gender.
    Ggapm pessimist?@Kemo 100% wrong.