GCC Revamps Executive Line Up

gccPress Release

GCC revamping to meeting ongoing challenges

The Gambia Consultative Council, in order to meet past and new challenges,
has revamped its executive. In light of the recent resignation of a high
profile member, Mr. Falai Baldeh, and the aborted effort to restore democracy
and the rule of law in Gambia, the executive decided, after prolonged
consultations, among members, to realign and revamp its executive, to effectively stand to the challenging test of the Gambia’s struggle for political change. In light of this, the decision to involve and defer important, key decision-making, to a younger generation of both men and women, was unanimously agreed upon.

Consequently, Mai Kanyi, Laity Senghore, Omar Joof and Foday Darboe, blue-blood Gambians, committed to radical political change in Gambia, were unanimously voted into the executive committee to take on assignments that empower the younger generation and give more force to their voices. In making this decision, the GCC executive was mindful of the indispensability of women and the youth in the freedom and liberty that they stand to inherit. In addition, and as a decision to strengthen Gambian women’s political standing and combat the constant and corrosive indoctrination of Gambian women by Yahya Jammeh, Madam Mai Kanyi is positioned to assist Madam, Tuku Kane-Jallow, who has been elevated to the position Vice-Chair in-charge of Women’s Affairs.

Meanwhile, Mathew K Jallow’s adviser position was eliminated and he was reassigned to the position GCC Executive Secretary, while Salieu Njie’s position has been renamed Public Relations Secretary to reflect his responsibilities. In toto, the GCC executive, in embracing the gender and generational diversity, commits to defer key decision-making to the new crop of younger additions to its new executive.

This Press Release, will, therefore, serve as an introduction of the new GCC line-up, to Gambians both at home and abroad. GCC welcomes the four new firebrands to its executive and seeks the cooperation of all Gambians in doing the same. One major task of GCC, as before, is to seek a common Gambian position against the regime; a position that cuts across political party and existing civil society organizational divide.

Below, please find the complete and new GCC Executive Committee. The name listing is partly random and has no bearing, whatsoever, on the importance of the executive positions.

Chairman……………Dr Sedat Jobe

Vice-Chairperson c/o of Women’s Affairs……….Tuku K Jallow

Assistant Women’s Affairs Co-coordinator………Mai Kanyi

Executive Secretary……Mathew K Jallow

Assistant Executive Secretary…Omar Joof

Crime Investigation……Yankuba Dabo

Treasurer/Fundraising….Basiru Sawaneh

Spokesperson……………Assan Martin

Public Relations Secretary…….Salieu Njie

Europe Coordinator…Kebba Nyanchor Sanneh

Assistant Europe Coordinator….Laity Senghore

Youth Coordinator……Foday Darboe


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  1. I love you GCC but not impressed with CORDEG that usurp power and with stolen mandate of Raleigh “STEERING COMMITTEE” which they transformed!
    This executive is strong, credible and deserve blessings.