Gambia At 50

Madi jobartehBy Madi Jobarteh

Going Forward – 25 Targets for Gambia @75

  1. Legislation for the abolition of 18th February and recognition of 24th April as Independence Day

  2. Legislation of a single term of five-year presidential tenure with regular free, fair and transparent elections conducted in peace and calm

  3. Removal of all draconian and colonial laws and replace with human rights-friendly laws

  4. Removal of all Constitutional restrictions to personal liberty, citizen empowerment, economic freedom and social development

  5. Restructuring of state institutional arrangements to ensure greater efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, accountability and responsiveness

  6. Provision of quality and relevant free education from primary to tertiary levels

  7. Provision of universal quality free health care services

  8. Provision of universal social security

  9. Provision of free, uninterrupted and 24-hour internet, water and electricity services

  10. Creation of the Gambia Inventors and Inventions Institute

  11. Attainment of 100% literacy rate

  12. Attainment of 100% food self sufficiency

  13. Attainment of 75 years life expectancy

  14. Reduction of income tax and maintain at most at 7%

  15. Reduction of interest rates and maintain at most at 1.5%

  16. Infant and maternal mortality rates reduced and maintained at
    internationally acceptable levels

  17. Attainment of ‘Developed Country’ status as per UNDP Human Development Report

  18. Attainment of ‘Clean Country’ status as per Corruption Perception Index of Transparency International

  19. Attainment of ‘Child-friendly country ‘status as per various stakeholders’ state of children reports

  20. Attainment of ‘Good Governance’ status as per the Ibrahim Index of African Governance of Mo Ibrahim Foundation

  21. Attainment of ‘Free Country’ status report as per the Freedom in the World report of Freedom House

  22. Attainment of ‘Media Freedom’ status as per various stakeholders’ world press freedom reports

  23. Attainment of ‘Lowest Total Tax Rate’ status as per the Doing Business Report of World Bank

  24. Winning two African Cup of Nations and reaching the finale of the FIFA World Cup

  25. Attainment and maintenance of happiest country status as per various stakeholders’ reports on social and human development

These are my targets that are attainable because we have the human, material and financial resources, and the knowledge and technical capacity with unlimited opportunities in and outside our country that we can tap. These targets when attained will be the time I will claim to be proud of my country. Until then, I am not the least satisfied with this Gambia.


One Comment

  1. Madi, the only thing missing in your vision 25 -75 is that all Gambians should go to heaven when they eventually die. Anyway at least you mean well for The Gambia