Is There Anything To Celebrate?

B_Sarjo_Bayang_+_0031Gambians Mourn Death Of An Independent Nation 20 out of 50 years

For a president that seized power dislodging democratically elected government by force of guns in a coup, Yaya Jammeh has no moral justification and lacks all political sanity celebrating 50 years since Gambia became independent from colonial rule of Britain on 18 February 1965.
There are serious crimes routinely committed by President Yaya Jammeh that makes him the wrong person talking about Gambian independence and therefore unfit calling for celebrations.
Here are just some facts regarding why Jammeh is flat on his nose as crime bearer at odds with all tenets of independence.

  1. Dislodging by force of guns a democratically elected government after 30 years independence is unlawful. It is an act of breaking the country’s laws and violating our constitution.

  2. Since 22 July 1994 coup, Yaya Jammeh routinely kills as way of instilling fear and for self- perpetuation in the worst use of crude force as dictators normally do.

  3. Gambian economy and financial system continue to experience serious collapse due to corruption and mismanagement by Yaya Jammeh as head of government. Jammeh told Gambians his reason for unlawful invasion of the nation’s political arena by coup instead of forming a party to contest elections was to eradicate corruption levelled against deposed regime of Sir Dawda Jawara who led the country to independence on 18 February 1965.

  4. Since that 22 July 1994 coup and 20 years onwards, personal wealth of Yaya Jammeh is shamefully far exceeding that of Gambia government he claims to be heading.

  5. As head of a dictatorial regime Jammeh routinely kills people and refuses surrendering dead bodies of his many victims for decent burial by their grieving families. Most recent is that of 30 December 2014 alleged coup plotters who were summarily executed in cold blood. Evidence of this gruesome killing of good citizens is presented in photo images by the regime as show of their capability to maim and intending to cause fear.

  6. While Gambians continue to mourn their slain and missing good citizens, there is no reason to celebrate independence that has been denied by brutal dictatorship of Yaya Jammeh for 20 years since invading the country through unlawful act of coup on 22 July 1994.

  7. It is improper for Yaya Jammeh pretending not knowing his numerous crimes against humanity amid filthy scheme of corruption plus total denial of freedom to decent Gambians and still imposing forced celebrations.

  8. Gambian independence granted on 18 February 1965 was prematurely terminated by the unlawful act of coup staged through destructive hands of Yaya Jammeh and his cohorts.

  9. What Gambians want is for Yaya Jammeh to embrace good sense by terminating his unwelcome overstay in forced rule after 20 difficult years.

  10. Someone like Yaya Jammeh who wilfully destroyed all pillars and platform of a nation’s independence cannot be trusted as genuine person to preside over celebrations marking 50 years nationhood. Jammeh must be sensible to know he is not the choice of right thinking Gambians. There is no independence and therefore nothing to celebrate.

From Sarjo Bayang February 2015



  1. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Oh yes! Independence is worth our celebration. The fact that somebody is screwing it all up for us now does not take the value of independence and the sacrifice our elders have made in securing independence from Britain through peaceful means away. And thank God they did not buy into the idea of merging Gambia with Senegal to establish a federated Senegambia. I loathe the concept of a federal Senegambia to bits.


  2. I don’t see anything worth celebrating in the so called independent when the basic freedom of citizens has been seized . Their living conditions has not been improve and today Gambia depend on imported food to feed its majority population than 1965. Our social and cultural cohesion has been threaten than never before due to distrust, fear and lawlessness in the population created by this despotic regime . In today’s Gambis you have more people in prison than in 1965.
    Independence is about a country stirring their own affairs with contribution of citizens whose rights and opinions are respected and implemented . Do we have our citizens rights and opinions respected ? The simply answer is no, because we have a leader who is a dictator in every sense of the word . This is not the independence our founding fathers dreamed of . You celebrate something which has significant vaules or meaning in improving lives and living conditions of the people .

  3. It’s only that fool Ebou Jallow who still keeps roaring his big mouth around this Senegambia stuff because he stole money of The Gambia not Yaya Jammeh and he should understand that the evil you do will always follow you even after a change of Government. I want to inform you Ebou Jallow the unnecessary ranting at the Pa Nderry’s radio (cannot free you nor are you cleared of the criminal act you did to our economy.
    If you Pa Nderry really stands by your so called “Fair and Balance” he should create an opinion column like all genuine news outlets did.
    Thank you Kairo News

  4. Lafia Touray la Manju

    I agree with you Kujabi. Ebou Jallow confessed in the media that he was given 100,000 US Dollars out of our money for his own use and without justification. We surely will recover that money from him. I hope he will cooperate fully in that event