7 Before Gambia’s Secret Court Martial

Suspects/Image Provided Courtesy of Standard Newspaper
Suspects/Image Provided Courtesy of Standard Newspaper

At least seven military men accused of taking part in a coup or conspiring with the attackers of the Gambia’s seat of government on December 30th last year have been appearing before a secret court martial in Fajara Barracks.

The court martial idea was contained in a directive issued by President Yahya Jammeh who had earlier instisted that “no serving Gambian soldier was involved in the failed coup d’etat.”

The soldiers being secretly court martialed are: Lt. Col. Sarjo Jarju, Capt Buba K Bojang, Capt. Buba Sanneh, Capt. Abdoulie Jobe, Lt. Ansumana Sanyang, Lt. Amadou Sowe and Private Modou Njie. 

All the accused persons, except Private Njie, were serving the Gambia National Army at the time of their unannounced arrest and detention. In fact, three of the suspects [Lt. Col. Jarju , Lt, Amadou Sowe and Lt. Sanyang] were part of President Jammeh’s personal security detail.

Njie was captured during the failed putsch while four of the attackers, including the alleged mastermind Lt. Col. Lamin Sanneh were killed.

The court, which began sittings this week, is being presided over by a Nigerian judge. Col. Momodou Sowe, the Army Director of Policy and Planning, has been nominated as the court martial President. Col. Sowe had earlier represented the Gambia at the ECOWAS Commission in Nigeria.



  1. Alimatou Sarr

    Ouch Kairo! You deserve an award for excellent journalism. We are proud of responsible journalists like you.

  2. kal touray

    Secret court martial? And no one is talking about it. Thanks for the expose.

  3. This clearly indicated that Jammeh is the biggest liar in the Gambian history. Jammeh stated that the attack on state house was a terrorist attack and no military was involved, now we have members of Gambia military who are accused of involvement , this again demonstrated that Jammeh is very deceptive and has been lying to Gambians in every step of the way since he illegally overthrew the previous government . I have doubt about the involvement of these men in the attack. I think they were framed just like Daba marenah and others were framed and killed . This is why Jammeh shouldn’t be underestimated . Jammeh can do anything in The Gambia without any consequence .

  4. President Jammeh is a forward thinker never to be underestimated.

    What better than to appoint a Nigeria military man who is also a Judge.

    The outcome is assured and deflected away from the President.

    This is formidable thinking…at every intelligent level.

    While our prayers lay heavily on the accused, we must also admire the thought process of Gambia’s ruthless leader.

    ..as for the international community of silent observers ?

    We can only….offer them the sympathy given to cowards.

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