Terror Looms Over Agric Officials

Ebrima Jawara blows trumpets for President Jammeh!

After 23 years of clean work experience in government, the Financial Controller of Department of Agriculture was left with no choice other than run to safeguard his dignity and security.

“Lamin Touray has been pushed to the brink,” a trusted source in Banjul told Kairo News.

Until last November, Lamin Touray controls the finances of Participatory Integrated Watershed Management Development Project (PIWAMP), Sustainable Land Management Project (SLMP) and National Agriculural Land and Water Management Development Project (Nema), a $65 million dollar project. “He has left behind a clean record.”

The projects, financed by IFAD, African Development Bank, and Global Environmental Facility and Islamic Development Bank through grants and loans, will directly benefit over 22, 000 Gambian households.

“As the custodian of project finances, Lamin Touray had become a prime target of the Permanent Secretary Ebrima Jawara and his deputy Assan Jallow,” a source confirmed.

Ebrima Jawara, the son of former Gambian President who has been blowing trumpet for President Jammeh, is accused of mounting a campaign of witch hunt.

“In a bid to put his mission into reality, Mr. Jawara set up a project monitoring team. Instead of assessing the progress or viability of the projects, Ebrima and Assan started their witch hunt exercise aimed at getting rid of qualified officials. They seize project files and send them to State House where they conspire against targeted officials,” an insider said. “They will create fault for you, no matter how clean your hands are,” an official of Agriculture in Banjul said.

“Lamin Touray fled the Gambia on the night of November 14, 2014 after he was asked to surrender his travel documents. Prior to that secret agents led by  Jerreh Jammeh asked Mr. Touray to produce and photocopy accounting files dating back to 2006. They found no discrepancy but still want him to surrender his travel papers,” a source said. “What more choice does Mr. Touray have other than run for his life? Almost all his bosses have been framed, arrested, detained and slapped with trump up charges.”

Kairo News has gathered that state security agents have since been harassing neighbours and relatives of Mr. Touray.



  1. One would assume that after finding himself in the “real world” from July 1994 when his family has been ousted from feasting on the cream of our sweat, Ebrima would have learn to humble himself…. But our habits die hard & are said to be “second in nature” in a person, after one’s soul/life… This Ebrima have been such a womanizing urchin with a big head in the 1980s always in the company of girls, changing them like shirts…. It wasn’t surprising when a story surfaced in the 80s that he impregnated a girl, amongst others…. The girl’s dad & some elders were said to have made a goodwill visit to audience old-boy Sir Dawda on the issue, assuming a would-be in-law in the circumstances….. Only for the poor dad & his accompanying friends to be sent scrambling for the door for exit in disgrace; for the old Jawara sided with his mischievous son & wouldn’t tolerate the message being relayed… Sir Dawda used his executive powers throwing the poor dad & accompanying fellows out disgracefully… I can remember us jokingly insinuating that the rushing elders left scrambling for the exit in such hurry that some of them either left back a pair of their shoes or both in the panic rush; I just hope Ebrima at least made amends over the years to assume responsibility for the innocent child in middle of this mischief…. My simple advice to this destructive-Ebrima is that your father’s disgraceful fall from grace should be enough a warning that nothing, I mean ABSOLUTELY nothing LASTS in this world except the ALMIGHTY God…. Please draw your lessons from the fact that your dad with his downside is assumed a “saint” compared to the murderous idol worshipping satanic kanilai devil who will endure a most bitter end with ANYONE who aid-abetted in its murderous destructive syndicate… Nobody either native & or foreigner will be spared in our quest to redress for justice in post dictatorship which is almost here now… God help & continue to bless Gambia; Ameen.

  2. Deyda Haidara

    When I saw Ebrima Jawara drinking 6 bottles of beer within two hours I said to myself this guy is the opposite of his Honorable Dad.
    Then I heard wild stories about her Mom Njemeh kissing the Monster’s hands, then I said Mom and son never loved DK Jawara neither are they honorable family members.
    We can only take solace knowing their fate with the monster will not be different from that of Baba Jobe, Lang Tombong Tamba, Njogou Bah, Momodou Sabally and this list goes on.. use and dump…
    David Jawara Jr the elder’s son will never kiss ass, NEVER. Respect to him.

  3. “They seize project files and send them to State House where they conspire against targeted officials,” an insider said.”

    I am not concerned about how many bottles he guzzles (if it doesn’t impact on his work), or how he and his mum wish to relate to Jammeh, but I am bothered by the allegation above because, not only does it indicate a total disregard for procedures in government, it would also impact negatively on performance because it would instil a climate of fear, suspicion and uncertainty in every department…So too would it demoralise the staff of the department’s internal checks system, who would have been bypassed by their very own.boss/bosses..Certainly, not the best way to motivate staff..

    If history is anything to go by, I believe Mr Jawara’s day will arrive without warning. ..

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