A Nation Where A Butcher Reigns

jammehBy Papa Kumba Loum

-An Idiotic misanthrope has taken over the realm of power and seized our beloved homeland.

-An insane, reckless, resentful and immature murderer has subjugated and defiledour motherland.

-Sons and daughters of noble parents as if hypnotized, have joined this evil menace while holding prayer beads and chanting the name of Allah.

-His hands are soaking in the warm blood of school children, journalists, opponents and those he regularly sacrifices to his gods.

-His vile utterances, despicable deeds, contemptible machinations and murderous habits aided and executed by an unprincipled educated class and religious bigots.

-Gambians together with him collectively wrote the script of their own destruction and acted out the scenes.

-But when the true history is finally told, we shall indeed be judged by generations to come and our active involvement in these heinous crimes exposed like the butt of a new born baby.

-Meanwhile a supposed God fearing people continue to selfishly and fraudulently support a demented, sick  Sheik, Dr, Professor whose proper title is none other than the Butcher of Kanilai.


One Comment

  1. Really pathetic to say the least…. Our collective efforts will redeem us & salvage the motherland from the bloodthirsty kanilai devil which is almost certainly here…. The kanilai devil is in a tight corner on borrowed time with bit of time & effort to finish it off…. Insha Allah. God bless Gambia & help our efforts to bring sanity to our beloved motherland; Ameen.