Gambia Fabricates Coup Report

Suspects/Image Provided Courtesy of Standard Newspaper
Suspects/Image Provided Courtesy of Standard 

The Gambia government earlier this month issued a statement detailing the public about what it called “attack by dissident Gambian terrorists”. The report was received with sigh of relief, especially from a government that has effectively been sitting on vital information throughout.

Some people however remain skeptical about the content of the entire report. Their argument was based on several factors such as why does such a report issued after the appointment of Neneh Mcduall-Gaye and Sheriff Bojang. President Yahya Jammeh made his intention clear for hiring these two prominent journalists when he asked them to portray a better image of the Gambia, a country mired in negative international media limelight mainly because of its poor human rights credentials and disrespect for democracy.

The propaganda report as some people called it left plenty of room for doubt and speculation to flourish or thrive. For instance, it is hard to see any logic in the government’s statement that the alleged coup suspects planned to bomb Gamtel or Central Bank of the Gambia.

We at Kairo News have since been trying to connect the dots in our effort to bring truth to light. And gauging by the information we are receiving, it is crystally clear that the Jammeh government is on a publicity stunt. “The government’s coup report was a trash of junk, we in State House laughed off when it was issued,” one State House confided in us.



  1. Yaya Jammeh thrives on pathological lies…. It’s all what his pathetic life is ALL about… Gambians are determined to reclaim the motherland from a murderous tyrannical liar… NOTHING else EXCEPT success will stop us… God bless Gambia; Ameen.

  2. It looks like the real truth is yet to be stated. All what is going on is speculations and government propaganda. The media need to dig deep and inform Gambians better.

  3. The righteous shall always prevail……..May Allah continue to protect this noble institution and its staff