Lessons Jammeh Should Learn From Banjul Failed Coup

AbdouBy Abdul Badjie

I do not subscribe to a violent and unconstitutional change of a government. Most often than not, it is women, children, the sick and old who bear the brunt of armed insurgences. Properties and lives will equally be lost beyond comprehension. In as much as I detest President Jammeh’s abysmal and autocratic rule, I vehemently condemned the failed Banjul coup. Leadership entails compassion, vision and consideration. A leader should not be vindictive for hatred mars objectivity thus leading to inappropriate judgement.

Primarily, as Allah fearing people, it is incumbent upon us to honour the dead even if they are our enemies. Lives had been lost during the 30th December 2014 attempted coup. The lost is national. Therefore treating them with contempt and disrespect will only ferment more dissent. An angry people often use force to settle their scores. Suffice it to say violence will reduce our beloved little deprived Gambia to rumbles. Common sense teaches that the continuous oppression of people boils into a potential volcanic hatred which when erupts causes devastating mayhem. To obstruct such an unwarranted saga, President Jammeh needs to learn a few home truths and act decisively.

Firstly, Jammeh need to appreciate the fact that not all Gambians agree to his policies and leadership. Consequently, he should be tolerant and accommodative particularly dissent views. He needs to see his critics as people who want to better him. Moreover, the random and unnecessary dismissals of civil servants, unlawful arrests and detention of both security personnel and civilians must cease immediately in the name of peace and reconciliation. The civil service is not a personal property of the President.

Furthermore, exercise and encourage freedom of expression. Let the media do its job without intimidation and callous state policing. Opposition parties must also enjoy same privileges and rights as the incumbent government such as equal air time on the state owned media, permits to hold political rallies and access to personal safety. Finally, you must put in place apparatus and structures that will provide equal opportunity to personal development, fair and non-biased access to national services regardless of political affiliation, religion and tribe.  President Jammeh do not run the Gambia like your personal property by deciding who should be arrested, detained and jailed. Call for a referendum which will change the presidential mandate to a maximum of two term limits. You previously accused Jawara of overstaying his welcome by 30 years rule. You are now into a 30 year rule so read the writings on the wall.



  1. Deyda Haidara

    A deaf talking to a dumb.
    No futher comments

  2. Yaya Jammeh knows what awaits him outside incumbency, so any meaningful words don’t appeal to him… Yaya Jammeh & WHOSOEVER abetted during his time of illegitimate murderous tyrannical stint at the helm WILL all account for their deeds in one way or the other. Insha Allah; Ameen.

  3. The truth of what transpired on 30th December 2014, may come out during the court case … slated for the US.

    What appears to be known so far is that the “insurgents” were of previous good charecter and of good standing within there private and social lives.

    That there appears to have been a misscalculation as to what the response would be from the soldiers protecting the State House.

    That it was possible for a group of soldiers to enter Gambia, unchallenged, to travel to the seat of power, with enough leathal force and equipment to inflict considerable firepower.

    The Required ingredients…namely, the FINANCE { probably less than $100,000}

    The MANPOWER and the ARMS

    were probably only defeated by there choice of target.

    I would suggest the “lessons to be learned” fall equally on both sides of this unfortunate argument.

    The question remains…..???

    Who will learn the most ?

    For I do not see how this becomes the end of this esclating and destabaliseing situation.The reaction from both sides only consolidates the pre-existing polarised positions.

    The United Nations should conduct a far reaching and searching report…as to the motives and the country conditions..leading to this regrettable and ill concieved and desparate missadventure.

    May I offer my condolancies to the families of the departed.

    The “myth” perpetrated that Gambian’s lack bravery and daring…has been comprehensively defeated.


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