‘Coup Is A Wake-up Call For Gambians’

OJThe opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has described the December 30th incident as a wake-up call for all Gambians, particularly the present government.

“The government needs to go back to the drawing board and introduce reforms particularly on human rights, rule of law, the establishment and operation of the independent electoral commission,” the PPP wrote in a statement, denouncing the failed coup.

“Any elections from the beginning of the process from registration to voting, canvassing and counting of votes should be seen by all to be free fair and very transparent. Only this can guarantee a sustainable and viable democratic dispensation in any country.”

The PPP re-affirmed its unflinching support for peaceful democratic change in the Gambia. “The PPP is against any form of violence in achieving political power,” the party said, boasting of its long history of peaceful change in the Gambia.

The ousted party calls on the government to set up an independent commission to investigate the events of December 30, 2014. “We are calling for due process for people who are arrested, and for the government to follow the laws of the land. The PPP abhors violent political change because it was a victim of an illegal military takeover in 1994.”

The party said the Gambia needs a better government and leadership to bring about the desired democratic system that majority currently yearn for.

“As much as the Gambia presently has one of the worst human rights in Africa with the systematic and continuous violation of the citizens’ rights, violation of the rule of law, bad governance and a very hostile environment against the independent press but we in the PPP still believe strongly that we can effect change through the peaceful democratic process..”

The party is convinced that majority of men and women in uniform and other security services are good, hardworking, committed and descent Gambians, although there few bad elements among them.

The PPP calls on the international community to ensure that Gambia government follow the laws of the land, and to respect the human rights of the Gambian people. The party equally calls on the Jammeh government to ease the security stranglehold on the Gambian people which is stifling the free movement of people and goods, thus, further increasing economic hardship on the people.

The former ruling party expect an opposition coalition to win the 2016 general elections in a level playing field devoid of electoral fraud. The party extends its heartfelt condolences to all the families who lost their lives in the December 30th 2014 incident.


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