UDP Shuns Gun And Bullet

darboe-200x300_20141210074305947The Gambia’s main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) has shunned any forceful takeover of government. The party does not believe in using the gun and the bullet to dislodge the Jammeh government from power.

This is a direct response to fatal armed attack on State in Banjul by some Gambia dissidents last year.

“The United Democratic Party believes that the gun and the bullet are not the acceptable substitute for the ballot and the ballot token,” the party wrote in a statement.  

The 30th December 2014 incident however described runs contrary to our constitutional arrangement for changing government. Gambians of all political persuasion should repose their confidence in the ballot box as a means of effecting a regime change. Let us all embrace the electoral process.”

The party wants the country’s electoral process to become “attractive” so it can “encourage and allow free participation by all in the political life of the country within the limits permitted by the 1997 Constitution and other laws. For this, a comprehensive electoral reform that ensures free fair election and credible elections and the right of the citizens to freely express their views on matters affecting them are among key issues that need to be addressed.”



  1. Here we have it in BLACK and WHITE…The UDP believes in constitutional means to effect change of government…All who believe otherwise and view Yaya Jammeh’s nonsensical statement (that no constitutional means can remove him) as a fact, should disassociate themselves from the UDP or the other parties…Period..

  2. Jammeh is a true son of the Gambia for real… It was jammeh who invited Gambians to use the BULLET to remove him, and we are just starting now all the oppositions are against it.It is OK.. We got your message.We and oppositions are like science and religion. Find God through different ways..We will breakthrough very soon

  3. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Well said Lawyer Darboe. A military conflagration in The Gambia would be a disaster for the country. On a point of order, why did the US-based “freedom fighters” think that their entitlement to rule as “Interim President”, “Chief of Defence Staff”, etc, etc was greater than that of the Gambia-based Opposition? Because they provided the dollars for the coup against Jammeh? And what would have prevented such a Self-Imposed Interim President from turning himself into a Forever President?

  4. My-in-law, I would have loved to reproduce your entire comment to affirm and reaffirm the points you raised…But the quotation below is sufficient. ..:

    “And what would have prevented such a Self-Imposed Interim President from turning himself into a Forever President?”

    That is the multi million Dollar question but a glance into history will reveal that such leaders demand and expect allegiance and obedience because often, they see themselves as the rescuers/saviours before whom all must crawl…

    The fallout from this unfortunate, ill advised and ill conceived incident within the US diaspora community has already begun and the revelations (whether true or not) are startling…Many are watching with keen interest. .

  5. The opposition parties have the right to say whatever they want including not supporting the idea of removing Yaya Jammeh from power using other means but we all know that Yaya Jammeh will never allow free and fair elections in the Gambia. He has suppressed the oppositions by suffocating the entire electoral system and winning every elections since then. What I found out is that the Gambian oppositions are very timid, selfish and too patience when the average Gambians are denied their base rights every day without them doing or saying a damn thing about it. How long will we accept that? Yaya Jammeh will not change the electoral process anytime soon because he knows that he can lose the elections through that. How many Gambians are arrested unlawfully without due process of the law and imprisoned? How many Gambians are exiled out of their country without doing anything just because they don’t support his government? How many Gambians are fired from their civilian jobs wrongly?

    I don’t believe in having one prescription for removing a dictator from power. We should encourage all options so that he can feel the pressure that Gambians are sick of his bullshit and we are not ready to take it any more. If these freedom fighters were successful in removing Yaya Jammeh by now we would have heard a different story from the oppositions. They would have been asking for a national unity government until elections are held and even supporting the coup but since they failed in their endeavor everybody is condemning their efforts instead of praising or keeping quiet.

    Bax, I am not married to any political party even though my support is for UDP but I am married to the Gambia. The Gambia needs to be free from the abuses of Yaya Jammeh. Dida, If the people of Burkina Faso did not get up and demonstrate against Blaise Campaore, he will never leave power peacefully. Elections alone cannot remove and the people knew it.

  6. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Get the electoral system fair and attractive. That is the call. Well done UDP for this clear and concise statement. You made the point without having to write a book.

    Darboe Jula Sankaranka. Boro Boro mingna nine kartong mingna.


      What “point”? Same “point” with NRP reported in The Point Newspaper?

      “NRP condemns ‘attempted coup’

      Tuesday, January 06, 2015

      Hamat Bah, leader of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP), has said that the 30th December attempted coup, which was bravely foiled, is “undemocratic and unconstitutional” in any country.
      “Whatever or however you may describe it, we believe that it is an attempted coup,” the NRP leader told journalists at a press conference he convened on Monday at the NRP Bureau along Kairaba Avenue.

      Hamat Bah told journalists that as democrats, they condemn any attempt to take over power by force, which is against the constitution, international protocols, the AU, as well as the UN.

      “Therefore, we do not support it, and we believe that people should not resolve their differences by violent means. We condemn it totally,” he told journalists.

      “We also believe that as Gambians, we should be able to resolve our differences through the ballot box instead of using force,” he added…..

      ……There are rights and responsibilities given to the official opposition members by the constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, he stated.

      He said: “If you happen to be in power it is only fair that you respect the rights of those opposition parties.

      Give them their due by making sure that the constitutional provision that we should enjoy are respected so that under any other law that give us the privileges or the rights and responsibilities to do our jobs.”

      • PPP under O.J QUOTED; “PPP calls on Gov’t to set up independent commission to investigate Dec 30 incident“

        The PPP wishes to re-affirm and reiterate its unflinching support and stance for peaceful democratic change in The Gambia,” he said.

        “The PPP is against any form of violence in achieving political power. The PPP has a long history of peaceful change in The Gambia, and has always found a way to unite the country in difficult times.”

        “He added: “We are calling on the government of President Jammeh to set up an independent commission to investigate the events of December 30.

        “The government needs to go back to the drawing board and introduce reforms particularly on human rights, rule of law, the establishment and operation of the independent electoral commission.” ”


        The 1997 Constitution mentioned (or quoted under this statement by UDP; “and allow free participation by all in the political life of the country within the limits permitted by the 1997 Constitution and other laws”); in fact is outrageous because it debarred UDP Secretary General contesting any elections but he is still clinging and hoping on. A PATHETIC SITUATION FOR UDP!

  7. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    @Janjanbureh: “Dida the people of Burkina …”

    Precisely Dida’s point JJB! It was “the people of Burkina” who led Da People’s Revolution – not a bunch of armed Texan cowboys. If Burkina scenario happens, the whole world (except “Je Suis Charlie” hypocritical France) would back the people. As it is, the whole world (except Sankara coupists France) condemns the Texan cowboy would-be Gambian coupists.

    PS: Viva La France! I love that Bismark guy (1870 took France in 3 weeks), that Schifflen Plan guy (1914 took France in 2 weeks) and that Moustachioed guy (1940 took France in 1 week). Even Senegal is bigger than Gambia only because we Brits felt sorry for the trampled French Super-Ego and gave the rest of the Sahara to them!

    • How ironical….. Gambians are truly peace loving until a demonic Satan raised from kanilai resorted to violence & usurped power forcefully from the people by overthrowing a democratic government & since then, embarked upon embezzling & squandering our meagre resources, murderously oppressing, kidnapping, forcefully disappearing, maiming & butchering everyone he perceives opponents, & ANY who muttered word & concern about issues of our affairs of state which is equally of concern to ALL citizens as a birthright…. Gambians now have to resort to sacrifice our lives to reclaim the motherland from the clutches of the kanilai predatory murderer, amongst others, until successful… We have seen our opposition leaders repeatedly at each others throats despite our numerous collective efforts to unite them to salvage Gambia bloodlessly…. Why can’t our noble opposition leadership sacrifice their individualistic egos, instead of the gallant lives being being sacrificed & lost to rescue us all….??? The Gambia is bigger & greater than individualistic endeavours for selfish gains… Until then their condemnations & mere political statements of other means to salvage are rhetorically unhelpful in my opinion… Our opposition leadership needed to put their house in order to unite to rescue us sooner if they are to gain our collective trust & unflinching support of allegiance…. God help & bless Gambia; Ameen.

  8. What is the difference? in fact only one guy came from Texas the rest are from difference States, Europe and Senegal. Dida, you have a serious problem with that. You said in Burkina Faso the people revolution removed Blaise Compaore that is true. But in Burkina, there were youth groups, labor groups, civil societies groups existing in the country with the political oppositions working together. In the case of the Gambia, Yaya Jammeh infiltrated all those groups dismantled them and formed rival groups in their place like the student unions. Therefore, it is going to be extremely difficult for the Gambian people to have the people revolution in the country when all the pillars of democratic institutions are all paralyzed and some none existence. The opposition parties are also suffocated, and some are existing only by name because they cannot operate in the country freely. Please tell me what other options are available for the people to vent their frustrations or anger at some of the injustices going on in the country?

    In simply terms, the dictatorship in the Gambia is worst than the dictatorship in Burkina Faso and it is increasing everyday. Gambians are ready for a change either the opposition working together or people will fetch for other alternatives just like many countries who fought for their freedom and liberty. Like Patrick Henry said during the American Revolution ” give me liberty or give me dead”. We Gambians want our liberty and freedom back from Yaya Jammeh and we will not compromise about it.

  9. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    @Janjanbureh: “Dida … You said in Burkina Faso the people revolution removed Blaise Compaore that is true.”

    For me there are only 3 acceptable ways to remove Jammeh:-
    1. The Opposition unite and win the election and Jammeh resigns;
    2. Jammeh is persuaded to set up a Government of National Unity (GNU) and then transfer power for a peaceful exit;
    3. A People’s Uprising like Burkina takes place and power is transferred as in Burkina Faso.

    For me any coup or armed uprising is completely unacceptable because it is almost certain that those who come to power in those circumstances will bring war and bloodshed to The Gambia.

    I think we will have to agree to disagree Janjanburreh!

  10. Looking at those pictures of the dead bodies posted on freedomnewspaper, one wonders if even the Alpha team have had a chance to fire their weapons. These people are tied up and executed.. The location seems familiar..These people are recognizable to even an untrained eyes.

  11. @Janjanbureh… ” What is the difference? in fact only one guy came from Texas the rest are from difference States, Europe and Senegal. 

    Comment….Trouble with you is that you don’t seem to get it…It doesn’t matter whether they all came from Texas or Europe…It was an attempt to get into government by unconstitutional means…And it’s wrong…Period..And there is is no guarantee that this method will bring Democracy because, often, their agenda is not known by anyone, except the group members. .. The fact that Jammeh did the same thing doesn’t make it right for anyone.

    @janjanbureh …..” In the case of the Gambia, Yaya Jammeh infiltrated all those groups dismantled them and formed rival groups in their place like the student unions. Therefore, it is going to be extremely difficult for the Gambian people to have the people revolution in the country when all the pillars of democratic institutions are all paralyzed and some none existence.

    Comment…This is exactly the type of mindset Jammeh’s regime want to prevail in the country and you and your likes are doing a damn good job for him…But that’s not the point…

    You obviously haven’t heard of the “Berlin Wall”, (or more precisely, how it collapsed) erected by one of the most repressive regimes in modern history, with its massive and well equipped secret Police and network of informants…or the brutal Romanian dictator, Ceausecus, whose brutality made Stalin look moderate, or the parasitic Marcos dictatorship of the Philippines, which ruled by Martial law for much of its life span and probably “invented” “crony capitalism” , where state resources are used to create a private sector dominated by family, friends and officials of the regime..

    The point I’m making is that when a people are READY FOR CHARGE, no gun, no bullet, no infiltration, no Police Force, no Army, and no power on earth (save as decreed by Allah (swt ) ) can stop them..

    You stated that the “Gambians are ready for change…..” I am not being “philosophical with you”, but I think you are confusing “wanting change”, with, “ready for change”..No doubt, many Gambians want change but not enough Gambians are ready for change…

    Trust me bro, the day that enough Gambians are READY FOR CHARGE will be the day that Yaya Jammeh will be history..

  12. Bax tell that to Yaya Jammeh. How did Yaya Jammeh come to power? Please give me a break. Comparing Berlin Wall scenario with the Gambia is like comparing apples and oranges. The West was supporting the underground movements in East Germany and other Eastern European countries until they fell. In the case of the Gambia, nobody is helping us other than ourselves. The doubts that you have about our patriotic freedom fighters are unfounded. All options need to be open when dealing with an extreme dictatorship we have in the Gambia.


    Jammeh who usurp power by overthrowing a democratically elected government (through coup) and in his own words “NO ELECTIONS OR COUP WILL BRING HIM DOWN AND IS READY TO DIE FOR COUNTRY & AFRICA”, challenging ALL CITIZENS and when there are elections, he threatens, persecute, terrorises and rig elections, so what is wrong in trying to GET RID OF HIM THROUGH ANY MEANS NECESSARY (FOR HE IS A BLOODY MONSTER)???

  14. “The coup that never was” D A Jawo is right.

  15. amatnjie@yahoo.com

    Guys why do you waste your time trying to make sense out of what Luntang Sunu Gangi (Dida Haleke) is saying? He is one of those confused so called pan-africanist who live in the past. The only difference between him an Jammeh is that he has a more advanceed form of Western Education. Please note that Dida Haleke would have still been supporting Yahya Jammeh had he not been shunned by Jammeh.The likes of Haleke will support any African dictator so long as they abuse the West, support radical Islam and give them a job. To them any serious and progressive African leader will be a Western stooge to them.
    Just try and decipher the writings of Dida Haleke. He is so patronizing to Gambians and has an exaggerated sense of his intellect and or importance. If we have any weakness as Gambians, it is that we allow and entertain non entities especially foreigners to involve in our affairs and even take the helm in or country. Just look at the likes of Joseph Wowo, Emmanuel Agim et al