Jammeh: "I'll Teach You A Lesson"

Jammeh with guards
Jammeh: “I’ll teach Gambian dissidents good lesson!”

President Yahya Jammeh promised to teach Gambian dissidents and their foreign backers an unforgettable lesson next they launch attack on his government.

President Jammeh had earlier said none of the Gambian military officers was involved in what he called “terror attack.” He said attack on State House on December 30th last year could not be described as a “coup” which normally happens from within.

“I challenge you to touch the Gambia Armed Forces again and I will teach you a lesson,” Gambian leader told a parading security officers in the capital Banjul on Friday.

“For the members of the Armed Forces, don’t think that we have a small Armed Forces. We have the greatest Armed Forces in the world because we are backed by the Almighty Allah and we are not afraid of any country no matter how many arms you have,” he thanking security officers for defending their country from attacks.

President Jammeh used the occasion to renew his redundant bashing of the west. He said the Gambia will never be colonized and misled twice by the West. Jammeh said no foreign aid is worth exchanging Renewing his criticisms of the west, Mr. Jammeh said the Gambia will not agree to exchange its values for foreign aid.

“We are not going to accept what Allah says is haram (forbidden). We are not going to sacrifice the love of Allah for foreign aid. We are not a pagan nation and we will rather eat mud than become homosexuals and offend the Almighty Allah. We will not be colonised and misled twice,” Jammeh said, vowing that Gambians will rule themselves based on their religion and believe in Quran and Bible.



  1. Janjanbureh

    He is complete idiot and full of shit. Next you will not be around to talk. If the West was involved you would have smoked by now. Just keep on talking you fool.

    • Halifa Jagleh

      Empty barrels make more noise. Yahya Jammeh is a clueless tinpot despot whose day is fast approaching, Like Janjanbureh said, if the West was involved, he would have been totally smoked by now. Let him keep yapping “we will not be colonized twice” until the day his big mouth is fixed by the unfailing hand of fate. So tragic that we have such a clown as our “head of state.”

  2. Hi janjanbereh I beg to differ he us not a fool, and I can give you a thousand reasons why he is not. Hit me back up if you interested..Ciao

  3. Janjanbureh

    I am waiting Kemo. Please let me know.

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