A Lunatic That Becomes President

Lamin Saddam SanyangBy Lamin Saddam Sanyany in The Netherlands 

When a lunatic becomes a President always contradicts himself; always acts before thinking; always blind to see the truth and reality; always thinks he is fooling everybody whiles not realising that he is fooling himself and enjoy telling lies everyday and everywhere!

President Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh became a president of the Republic of The Gambia after forcefully overthrowing a democratic elected government.

President Jammeh is a president who portrays himself as a devout Muslim with miraculous powers, such as the power to cure people of Aids and infertility, and now he claimed that he can also cure Ebola.

Few days after he took over power, it was announced that the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council has been set up and that president Alhagie Sir Dawda Kairba Jawara was deposed. Including the reasons of overthrowing were: that he Jawara allowed so much corruption with mismanagement of public funds and the soldiers promised to clean up the mess and that they should be trusted as they were really “Soldiers with a Difference.” But now a days the corruption that is going in The Gambia per year is ten times worst than the thirty years of President Jawara’s ruling. Instead of cleaning the mess as they claimed, they make more mess than it was and can ever be.

After he took oath to be the President of the country, he totally lost his way as a President and became the biggest businessman and the biggest drug dealer of the country. Mr. President by getting control of all businesses of the country, forcefully taking properties of the poor innocent citizens and involving yourself in drug dealing and arms struggling. Is that what you mean by cleaning the mess of President Jawara? Mr. President, you are nothing but a pathological liar who represents nothing but only selfishness and betrayal of the oath.

Reports claimed that the young military officers who formed Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council (A.F.P.R.C.) said their intervention was triggered by extensive and widespread corruption that overwhelmed the government of President Jawara. Transparency, acountability and back to the barracks was the first slogan of the military government.

· By importing arms and ammunition from Iran to support rebels in the region.

· That your wife Zeinab Suma Jammeh travelling like a continental prostitute from one nation to another. Is that what you mean by triggered by extensive and widespread corruption that overhelmed the government of President Jawara?

· Now 20 years has now gone and still in the office. When are you going back to the barracks as you promised?

· Mr. President, since 1996, you were very active in politics up to date, while in 1994 you said that you don’t want to be part of politicians because they are dirty and evil. Brothers and sisters can’t you see how Mr. President is contradicting himself?

In 1994 during your first press conference as a chairman, you’ve said that you will never become a dictator.

· You and your bandit have been involved in mass killings yet nobody is allowed to investigate them.

Your crimes also include the following:
· Press suppression
· Journalist interrogation and deportation
· Brutal torturing.
· Unlawful arrests of oppositions and detaintions.
· Seizures the properties from the poor tax payers and use it as your personal things without questioning.
· Ignoring the constitution and puting the law in your own pocket.
· Stealing the history of Juffureh and taking it to Kaninlai.
· Forcing ministers, permanent secretaries, and other high ranking civil servants to go and work at your farm.
· Using the power of your office to give an order to the soldiers to go and look after your cattle and that is not what they are paid for by the poor tax payers.

Mr. President, by thinking of the few points that I mentioned above, are you a dictator or not? I hope and pray that you have the guts to answer this question for me.

Another reasons of overthrowing that you mentioned in yours first press conference were: The amount of injustices, the amount corruption that have been going in the country which only benefited by a few members of the Gambian community at the detriment of the masses of the people of The Gambia and knowing that this so-called democratic system that was in progress was not a favour of the masses of the people.

· Mr. President am now asking you, how the hell is the tiny Kanilai totally electrified 24/7 whiles more than 90% of the Gambian population are not having electricity for 24/7?

· Driving all kind of expensive and fancy car.

· Embezzling public money like you want without any accountability and transparency, whiles Gambians are dying from starving and dying due to medical shortages.

· You Mr. President, Amadou Samba and other bunch of criminals like you, and the one enjoying the wealth of the country whiles more than 90% of the population are crying of poverty and poor living condition.

· Buying a compound in the USA for 3.5 million US Dollars whiles the average Gambians are depending less than 2 US Dollars a day.

Mr. President, is this is what you mean by saying the amount of injustices, the amount of corruption that have been going in the country which only benefited by a few members of the Gambian community at the detriment of the masses of the people of the Gambia and knowing that this so-called democratic system that was in progress was not a favour of the masses of the people?

After the past foiled coup, you shamelessly came to the Gambia Radio and television services and addressing the Nation. You said to the whole world that none of the Gambian Army Forces and other security officers of the Gambia took part in the foiled coup. Why are you arresting those army and other security officers accusing them of being part of the foiled coup? Mr. President you are not only contradicting yourself but you are also a pathological LIAR!

You hid like a coward when you heard that the Kabunka warriors were coming. Were you not the one with big mouth saying that whenever we step our feet on the Gambian soil, we will regret why we were born? Where were you then when this men stood their feet on the Gambian soil?

May the endless blessing of Allah (SWT) showered upon the gentle souls of the people who passed away while trying to rescue their country. Ameen.


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