Sheriff Joins Jammeh’s Cabinet

sheriffPresident Yahya Jammeh has appointed a prominent Gambian media chief as the country’s Minister of Information, Communication and Technology, Kairo News was tipped.

Sheriff Bojang snr. replaces Nana Grey-Johnson who was fired from the post in November 2013.

No reasons were advanced for the removal of Nana, a seasoned journalist who joined cabinet on March 12th, 2013.

Nana Grey-Johnson, a seasoned journalist, joined cabinet on 12th March 2013. He was also Secretary General No. 2, a post added to his portfolio on 10th June 2013.

Sheriff Bojang snr.,whose appointment takes with immediate effect, owned and edited The Standard newspaper. Mr. Bojang had earlier served as the Editor of Hansard at the National Assembly in mid-2000.

Sheriff Bojang, a university graduate, is well known for his many essays. He started his journalism career at the Daily Observer under the tutelage of Kenneth Best, the company’s founding father who later sold it out to Amadou Samba. Bojang, the author of ‘The Mighty Sanna [Sanna Sabally, former Vice President of the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council] Had Fallen’ in January 1995, hailed from Brikama town.

In another development, the cabinet reshuffle saw the appointment of Nenneh Mcduall-Gaye and Balla Garba Jahumpa as Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Works, respectively.



  1. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Fascinating! I had great admiration for my Daily Observer Chairman Madam Neneh and once even wrote that she should be the VP. My Uncle Sheriff is a brilliant writer – but surely “Minister” is just not him! Anyway, let us pray for both very nice people.

  2. You can reshuffle a million times and a million times we will attempt to remove you from power. Learn from a wounded lion. There will civil war, no one is afraid to die ANYMORE.
    Get ready JK, we will get you by means necessary and next time your life will not spared as in this past 30th December 2014. Just keep bragging, we are a million gambians ready to take our country back from your dirty hands. We will Inshallah.

  3. Hi Luntago I didn’t know Mr Bojang, but you are a hater..There IS what is known as subordination hello!!!!! One thing I know for certain is that Jammeh is systematically bringing down all the educated people from all the tribes.Mr Bojang too will have his 15 seconds of fame, and there is nothing wrong with that.This struggle is centered on Jammeh and Jammeh only, because he is the snake and we all know what happens when you cut off the snake’s head.We are snakes too to him and just to remind you of what he just did to us last year.We looking at history repeating itself less than 10 yrs.WE WILL KEEP COMING AND WE HAVE THE MEANS TOO.WE DONT CARE ABOUT ANYBODY.OUR PEOPLES ARE SUFFERING.WE ARE GONNA SUPPORT OUR COMRADES IN THE USA HERE.WE RESPECT THE US LAW BECAUSE UT IS FAIR.The justice department knows what they doing.WE ARE ARMED AGAIN AND WE ARE COMING..THIS IS NOT A THREAT yahya jammmeh, THIS IS A PROMISE.America went to war with itself less than 200 yrs ago.They went to war because there was no justice so we Gambians too are waging a war , and there is nothing anybody, any country can do about it.The only thing that will prevent us from attacking the Gambia government is that of jammeh to STEP DOWN.

    • Scarlet Pimpernel

      Thanks Kemo for speaking for me. If Yaya thinks this is over then he must be dreaming. Yaya wants a civil war to break out in the country since he’s no longer part of the equation and we will bring it to his doorstep by the grace of Allah. I’m appealing to those comrades laying low in The Gambia to wait for the opportunity because he can’t stay in kanilai or Banjul forever. We will smoke him out as George W Bush said to Saddam.

  4. Dida, Sherrif always loves the limelight and cosying up to powerful people. This is a serious dent on his image and legacy. Seriously, we remembered the good folks who became tainted with the Jammeh-effect. Terribly disappointing, but nonetheless, he will be used and discarded, and then he will be part of the statistics…

  5. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Suntou, knowing Sheriff as well as I do, I respectfully beg to differ. I think Sheriff sees what I see: a real possibility of peaceful change. Neneh’s return is another sign – now what will happen to the powerful conspirators against Neneh? If the conspirators depart, then real change is possible – and we may avoid Kemo’s expected bloodshed.

  6. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Kemo, hotheadness and revolutionary success don’t go together. Cold calm calculation is what is needed. Better luck next time – and shot direct, not into the air: a revolution is not a school sports day!

  7. This is a rotten regime. I understand that there are citizens in The Gambia who love to serve their country. But how many people been hired and fired in this dictatorial regime?

    I think Gambians deserve respect no matter what the circumstances are. But if you are a dictator,, you are a dictator period.

    Let Jammeh know that The Gambians are ready to liberate their homeland now more than before,, they are wounded lions now. It is not a joke, it’s serious.

    We will take this journey through subatomic cosmos.

  8. Please folks look at the demeanor of President Jammeh at inauguration ceremony of sheriff at Jolloff news. It’s one that augur sinister and mistrust.
    It will a matter of time when sheriff will fall on an axe. Mark my word inshallah. No Gambian with foresight will accept high level appointment in this government.

  9. LUNTANGO, go on and go ahead, Jammeh is getting your feelers. Am sure you could be the next one to be recalled for one of his plum positions. It is an addictive place. Despite the abuse grown up they get from Jammeh, they never seem to have enough of it. See where it has landed Joseph Wowo. Try your chance and we will be writing here about your inevitable misery.

  10. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    @ Modou: ” … we will be writing here about your inevitable misery”.

    Ha,Ha,Ha! Very funny Modou, but DREAM ON! I will NOT be able to make it to The Gambia for the next SEVEN YEARS – even if I wanted to. Something FAR more important keeps me in London.

    • Ha, Ha, Ha, you are the one dreaming about reconciliation with the Sheikh Professor . Despite the proclaimed seven year commitment, am sure a way can be found if Jammeh beckons. All I am saying is you are doing everything right that one needs to do to get Jammeh;s attention, and unless he is pre-occupied with weightier matters, he will not fail to notice your presence.

    • Say that again Dida. You are scare to die after what you went through. Please try it again one more time.

  11. Thank you so much Luntango.That’s an awesome warning. We will take it into consideration s next time.

  12. I know Sherrif but I was not expecting this. I believe he thinks he can make a difference but I have my doubts. Am really concerned.

  13. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Gentlemen, have faith. Everyone has the capacity to change, even Jammeh. Anyway, my Uncle is smart enough to “bodje” if need be. But I don’t it will be necessary. Sheriff will succeed and become the longest serving information minister ever. If I did have a 7-yr commitment here in London I would apply to Sheriff for a job as Editor-in-Chief of the Standard.

  14. Well Mr bojang
    Remember it is a poisoned chalice. Just make sure that when the idiot dictator is done with you you cry quietly. No one cares much. The Gambian mentality of so called boss in the limelight etc etc.
    If I were you I would turn down this appointment and stick to the standard news paper.

    • It is only in The Gambia that an ex-convict of a felonious offence can ascend to such a position and you know what? He pleaded guilty to the offence making false document which aided the fugitive Nanama Keita now based in the US.

      • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

        Sheriff was being a Good Samaritan, Adama. It just shows what a nice guy he is. Surely no one can hold the help he extended to Nanama against him?

  15. Scarlet Pimpernel

    I hope he will have the balls to ask his boss to launch an investigation into the disappearance of his colleague Chief Ebrima Manneh or to locate the killers of Deyda.