Papa Faal, Cherno Njie Charged With Attempted Coup

PhotoGrid_1420480184608US charges over Gambia ‘coup plot’ against Yahya Jammeh

Two men have been charged in the US with attempting to overthrow The Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh, the justice department has said.

The men, who are of Gambian origin, will appear in court on accusations of conspiring against a friendly nation and conspiring to possess firearms, it added.

Gambian authorities said they had thwarted an invasion on 30 December.

Mr Jammeh seized power in the tiny West African nation in 1994.

He is accused of not tolerating any opposition.

Mr Jammeh was abroad when heavy gunfire broke out near the presidential palace in the capital, Banjul, on 30 December.

He later returned home and accused dissidents based in the US, UK and Germany of being behind the attack.

US-Gambian dual national Papa Faal, 46, and US resident Cherno Njie, 46, were arrested in the US after they returned from The Gambia, where they had helped launch the attack against the government, the justice department said in a statement, AFP news agency reports.



  1. Deyda Haidara

    Unfortunate but no big deal, US is nation of laws.
    Jammeh should also produce Alhaji Ceesay and Ebou Jobe two US nationals dissapeared in the Gambia failing which these people will be freed.

  2. The struggle will cost us, we are in no doubt but to the advantage of our greater Gambia which worth the salt for…. US are acting for sake of protocol…… The comrades can serve any sentences, if found guilty….. & get released with our subsequent request we shall make to US officially on their behalf when the kanilai murderer is apprehended soon….. If US is indeed friendly to people of Gambian & not pleasing the kanilai tyranny these gallant heroes rather participated on behalf of majority interests of greater Gambia to salvage the motherland from decadence which will not be left unchecked by Gambians as long as evil yaya Jammeh stays…. We will continue to unturn all & any stones, to rid Gambia of tyranny come rain or shines…… US can be prepared to arrest more & all Gambians, to the last person of the population for the majority Gambians morally stand shoulders to our gallant comrades that you have arrested…. Gambians will continue to find solutions & get rid of the embezzling kanilai tyranny plaguing Gambia…. US, UN, EU, China, Russia, AU, ECOWAS all knew about the murderous kanilai devil but they not supporting the general populace directly, rather playing protocol into the hands, err, I mean, which isn’t the jaws of kanilai alligator tony Dafataba…. Are the international community waiting for strife in Gambia to start to act….. Which would be late with repercussions……??? I think US should act to avert denegation of the poor governance & murdering into total chaos & violence, which is evident in yaya jammeh tyranny….. Gambians & friends, acting against murderous tyrannical yaya Jammeh & his evil illegitimate establishment, also equally built on illegality, unconstitutional coup he staged on a democratically elected government, is legitimate in our majority Gambian eyes, hence our indulgence, & therefore CAN’T, & DOESN’T equate to acting against the general Gambian state who are your true friends, instead of demonic king kanilai….yaya jammeh is evil for real, worst than the government he overthrown… The TRUE Gambians say release our comrades immediately….. Peaceful Gambia DOESN’T deserve the evil kanilai murderer…… God help Gambia; Ameen.

  3. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    “Foolish men. Don’t they know only the US has the right to overthrow foreign governments!!!! – this was the cynical but very accurate comment I saw somewhere. USA is setting up camp in Turkey according to today’s news – to train rebels to overthrow Syria’s Government!

    The US might even lean on Senegal to extradite Sedia Bayo to the USA – since Sedia’s TIMELY videos calling for the coup were released in the USA by Pa Nderry Mbai’s FREEDOMNEWSPAPER (They may even arrest Pa Mbai as an accessory too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

    I wonder how Sedia came to release that video just a week before the coup attempt? Was he in on the coup plan and therefore pitching for the “Interim President” role too??

    Cherno Njie APPARENTLY arrived in The Gambia with his guns and soldiers – to takeover as Interim President!!

    Too many people knew about this coup for it to succeed. President Jammeh’s one in 1994 was known by only 3 or 4 people. I am sure that President Jammeh knew of this “coup” well in advance – and asked his key officers like Savage to go along with the Coup plotters. With hindsight, the assignment of 100% trusted Major Martin (LAGOS) to Kanilai – and the promotion of “Coup-plotter” Savage as State House Commander made perfect sense.

    While LAGOS in Kanilai guaranteed water-tight security for the Jammeh regime, the State House Guards under Savage were able to lure the “Foreign Fighters” into The Gambia in the believe that there was support for the Coup plan amongst the State House Guards.

    It was all very shambolic – apparently the “Interim President” had not been to The Gambia for 23 years (and the other “Interim President” Sedia Bayo might have never been to The Gambia at all in his life!)

  4. I read the criminal complaint and affidavit from court documents. Faal just spill all the beans and implicated everyone involved. This is a public document for all to see and learn from . Document also contain how he exchange clothes with Mad Man who got shot. No need to spin but it was unfortunate how this dude open his mouth and said it all. Maybe he is shocked how everything went .

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