Befitting Tribute To Fallen Heroes

PhotoGrid_1420057796577A cross section of the Gambian community in the diaspora has mourned the death of what it called “the sad loss in action of comrades in the struggle to liberate our motherland from the shackles of one of the worst dictatorships the African continent has known.”

In a press release, the community praised the men for their action on Tuesday, December 29, 2014. “On the night of Tuesday, 29th December 2014, truly courageous and patriotic sons of The Gambia, sacrificed property, job, welfare, and family, and journeyed across the oceans from the Americas and Europe. All these geared towards rescuing the Gambia from the bondage of a despotic regime whose oppression knows no bounds.”

The community was “saddened that this magnanimous mission has met such tragic consequence.”

“Today, the entire Diaspora is in sombre mood but remain defiant and indefatigable, our courage ignited by the wisdom and selfless dedication of these fallen freedom fighters whose general wish for a democratic and peaceful Gambia is unabated and shall be upheld,” the community writes, saying death is the final end of all mortals but the purpose that which we die that matters.

“For these sons who lost their valuable lives, nothing can be more honourable than dying for the love of your country. We salute them for their gallantry. Their glory and honour shall be with us till eternity and their memory shall be truly documented in the annals of Gambian history for posterity.

“Some of the heroes have made the ultimate sacrifice; they gave their lives; some are in the hands of the enemy; and some fortunate few have survived with psychological wounds. These heroes have done their part but they paid a heavy price for it. Those that survive and family members of those we’ve lost need our support. The GAMBIA DEMOCRACY FUND is leading a fund raising drive; proceeds of which will go to the survivors and families of the deceased.”

While wishing the souls of the heroes to rest in eternal peace, the community urges people to donate using this GoFundMe Link or use the dedicated Bank of America account # 237030054103. For International Donors you can use the following Bank SWIFT CODES; BOFAUS3DAU2, BOFAUS3DAUS, BOFAUS3DCCD. Thank you for your generosity.



  1. Absolutely brilliant!!! Bravo to these heros. They have proven to all that Gambians have the will power to engage tyranny! This is the beginning of the end of Jammeh and a return to true Gambian normalcy!

  2. We will support their families financially..we will rally behind them.They got betrayed but let those who betrayed them know that karma is a bitch…what gives around comes around. We are not done with Yahya Jammeh, intact the more you kill us the more we are gonna be coming…..God revealed the secret behind death to us so we are not scared… We will come because our faith in crossing over to the other side will be much more stronger..