Bissau Media Confirms Arrest Of Gambian Insurgents


Guinea Bissau media has confirmed our story earlier that the captured insurgents could also be Gambian soldier on the run. Kairo News is keenly following the plight of the insurgents in Bissau.

Below is the story by Odemocrata.

“Gambian military officers who fled from Banjul, capital of Gambia, were arrested by Guinea-Bissau authorities, following an alleged failed attempt coup, government sources told Lusa today.

The low-ranking military officers were arrested on Wednesday in the Guinean town of Ingore, 75 kilometers north of Bissau and near the border with Senegal, where the soldiers Gambian would have entered.

The destination of the military officers was Bissau, but were captured when the authorities of Migration services and Guinean border searched their belongings and discovered Gambian army identity cards with them.

“The procedure is to detain and transfer the men for questioning in view of the situation in the Gambia,” said a source at the ministry of Internal Affairs, referring to theconsideredattempt to overthrow President Yaya Jammeh, allegedly by a faction of the Gambian army.

Guinean Migration Services sources told Lusa that the men passed the first position of the border between Guinea-Bissau and Senegal in the towns of Mpack and Djeguê without being held because they reportedly showed only your identity card, told Lusa sources of Guinean Migration services.

In Ingore, however, their belongings were searched as with all passengers passed by there. It was here that military cards were found with them leading to their immediate arrest and transfer to Bissau.

The attempted failed coup occurred Tuesday night to Wednesday. President Yahya Jammeh, who was visiting abroad, blamed some western powers for supporting the coup.

Source: LUSA

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