‘Foreign Powers Back Coupists’

jammehGambian President has blamed unnamed foreign powers for backing dissidents who launched attack on the seat of government in the capital Banjul.

President Yahya Jammeh arrived home from a foreign trip on Wednesday. His loyal forces at State House on Tuesday killed some Gambians in a purported coup attempt.

“It was an attack by terrorist groups backed by some foreign powers which I will not name now,” Mr. Jammeh told national television upon arrival in the country. He said the Gambia had been attacked by dissidents based in the United States, Germany and Britain.

While Germany and Britain are yet to react to President Jammeh’s allegations, the United States had earlier condemned the coup and denied playing any role in the putsch.

“The U.S. government had absolutely no role in the events that took place in Banjul,” an official of the US told Reuters, saying “Banjul is currently calm and we have no reports of violence.”

President Jammeh said his government is expected to make public details of the attack, including the weapons being used by the coupists. Most of the coup plotters, except one, formerly served in the Gambia National Army. They were led by Lt. Col. Lamin S. Sanneh, a former Commander of State Guards until he had fallen apart with President Jammeh.

Gambians who speak to Kairo News blame the government for downplaying what they called “serious and scary development.” They are silently looking for answers from a government that merely asks them to go on their normal business without questioning.



  1. The same hypocritical lies spew….. Yaya jammeh knows the ONLY consequences for him & his mercenary elements is the bitter end….. He will always look for one or other to blame for him committing injustices in Gambia….??? He will sacrifice anyone & the whole of Gambian populace to maintain his evil illegitimate scavenging of our meagre state resources…. It may take us a while but the true selfless Gambians will successfully reclaim the motherland from decadence, there’s NO doubt about that & NOTHING stopping us…. We will see who trove in the end, selfish tyranny against greater legitimate Gambia… God bless Gambia; Ameen.

  2. happy new year to everyone may we see changes this year.

  3. Jammeh, set our people free. Many youths have left the country because of lack of freedom and employment.

  4. jammeh set our people free many youths have leave the country bcause of freedom and unemployment