Jammeh’s Forces 100% In Control?

Col. Lamin S. Sanneh being decorated by Jammeh Vice President/State House photo
Col. Lamin S. Sanneh being decorated by Jammeh Vice President/State House photo

Forces loyal to President Yahya Jammeh claimed to be 100% certainty in full control of the situation in Banjul where a reported coup was purported to have been repelled.

Senior military officials also confirmed that former Col. Lamin S. Sanneh and three attackers are feared dead. One of the attackers was captured but is at the moment being treated at the RVH in Banjul. Soldiers are still looking for three or more alleged attackers, our sources alleged.

Our sources also said that General Saul Badjie is not dead as reported earlier.

Jammeh’s forces also said that there was no causality on the side of The Gambia government. This adds to the already growing suspicion filling the air that the attackers were lured into the trap.
Our sources alleged that the attackers came with no heavy arms, and that the heavy firing was a revenge attack to makeup the situation that the country was under attack.
“If there was a real attack on State House, how come no single Gambian soldier died in the reported shootout?” our sources alleged.
Our sources also revealed that President Yahya Jammeh is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, instead of in France.
More details on the purported coup attempt will follow.


  1. Please be careful with your reportings. How comes if the goverment is in total control why is there a new black out from the goverment? No senior goverment officials went into the air to claim control of the situation. Senegal RFF is reporting that the coup is success. Jammeh loyalist might be doing some propaganda. May Allah bess our once a peaceful nation.

  2. Just like what first came to my mind when I heard this news…… It looks like the kanilai devilish murderer is at it again…. Luring suspected, perceived & assumed opponents into his mercenaries traps only to murder them in cold blood in his evil satanic games of eliminations…??? We have been in such situations before…. Certainly the kanilai devil & his murderous syndicate’s day WILL reckon…. When they too will have taste of their own evil medicines….. Sooner; Insha Allah.

  3. The hero sees values beyond what’s possible. That’s the nature of a hero. It kills him, of course, ultimately. But it makes the whole struggle of humanity worthwhile. Of Lamin Sanneh is comfirm death then he will always be in the Good books of our country. He is our hero

  4. Issa Icon Kargbo

    I hope and pray that the Gambian people will b nationalistic in their decision.
    May Allah protect the Gambians and the rest of Africa.