Gambia Jahaanka Community In London Organises Gamo


The Gambia Jahaanka Community in London is inviting the Muslim Ummah to the celebration of birth of Prophet Muhammmad [Peace be upon Him]. For more details about the program, please double click the advertorial image below.



  1. A very good community action. Not forgetting our traditions even in the heart of London. It is the kind activity that brings communities together. Congrats to the organisers.

  2. Good course and we should all seek knowledge and feed our families through our sweat. These are the kind of gathering where such norms are inculcated into the mind of the audience. It’s quite important for one to live by example

  3. The birth of noble Prophet Muhammad PBH has brought about many positive changes to this world “surely it’s worth to celebrate”. And, there is no other way than celebrating together with the community, that will surly strengthen our community spirits. “ Well done Jakah community”

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