Christmas Day Radio Show: Dissecting Reconciliation

PhotoGrid_1419517484516Host: Musa Saidykhan

Panelists: Yaya Dampha, Burama Sanneh and Pata PJ.

Languages: English and Mandinka

Kairo Radio show today is intellectual, intelligent and politically timely.

Our panelists handle the question of whether we (Gambian activists) have anything to reconcile with a man who has ruled our country with iron fist, murdered us in cold-blood, make us disappear and even deny us our bonafide economic and political rights. Is there anything to reconcile with President Yahya Jammeh and his regime when the doors to negotiation remain close? Can a unilateral reconciliation take place without a neutral country, such as Senegal, Nigeria etc? What will the offers be, because you cannot reconcile with a dictator in power moreso if his preoccupation is to entrench himself in power using everything under the hot sun?

What should be some of the terms should Jammeh allow to exile himself to a neutral country? Will there be a transition devoid of Jammeh and all those who are associated with his killing and oppressive machine?  All the brothers argued their points very well and with logic.

The panel dug into the South African model of reconciliation and defended why it had proven to be the best in the world. However, the difference of atrocities and ways violence took place was elaborated upon. The burning question for Gambians to ask is whether President Jammeh is under any threat/pressure to consider using the reconciliation. If he is not pressured, what then is the motive of Momodou Njai who is working hard to hand over vulnerable activists to the dangerous and unforgiving Crocodile, calling his action a major breakthrough.


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