'EU Aid Not Tied To Homosexuality'

ballaEuropean Union officials have reportedly dismissed the Gambia government’s accusations linking the regional bloc’s aid to homosexuality.

“We are aware of the statement by the Gambia Foreign Minister’s intention to end dialogue with the EU,” a source close to the EU told Kairo News. “The EU does not link its aid to acceptance of homosexuality in the Gambia.”

Last week, Gambia Foreign Affairs Minister Bala Garba Jahumpa came out with a televised address blaming the EU of trying to ‘impose acceptance of homosexuals as pre-condition for aid’. He said the Gambia will ‘never accept that conditionality no matter how much aid is involved.’

Mr. Jahumpa’s comments followed the Gambia’s enactment on October 9 of a new legislation that imposes life sentence for “aggravated homosexuality.” This resulted in several arrests of gays and lesbians as part of an ongoing crackdown.

EU officials have expressed deep concern over criminalizing “aggravated homosexuality” by President Yahya Jammeh.

Despite the Gambia’s arrogant nature, EU officials said the bloc will still pump aid to the Gambia. They won’t say whether there will be cuts.

“The political dialogue provided for in Article 8 of the Cotonou Agreement, to which both the EU and The Gambia are committed, is an integral part of our partnership,” EU official said.



  1. Now that EU has cleared theirs throat on the issue of tying aid to homosexuality ….? As alleged by the deceptive kanilai bandit…..?? Mr Foreign minister jahumpa what do you respond to this…?

  2. Homosexuality is not something Gambians should be debating or talking about,because it is something that is not even speak-able. The problem of the Gambia is the lack of respect for Human Right by that repressive regime. This is worse than Homosexuality.Gambian should tell the regime should stop distracting them from the praising issues that everyone is faced with.