Bensouda Finally Sees Sense!

Jammeh-Fatou-Uhuru-RutoFatou Bensouda 5th December 2014:

“The evidence has not improved to such an extent that Mr Kenyatta’s alleged criminal responsibility can be proven”

Dida Halake:

Yes indeed, Mrs. Bensouda, I told you so in explicit terms twenty-one months ago. But the key point, and one that must define your legacy is this: prosecutors worth their salt do not charge until they think that they have enough evidence to secure a conviction. You charged as a “fishing expedition” – in the hope that the defence will provide you with evidence to convict themselves! And now you end up with egg all over your face! No sympathy whatsoever.


“Chasing Uhuru Kenyatta is a waste of time!” – By Dida Halake

Daily News, Banjul, 12th March 2013:

It is therefore shocking that the West and their tool the ICC have the audacity to attempt to put Uhuru Kenyatta in the dock on flimsy grounds that have today seen the ICC drop similar charges against one of Kenyatta’s co-accused – charges dropped for lack of evidence! I do not like at all your insinuations about “witness being killed”. I suggest you would do better to try and find out why senior British Government Scientist Dr Kelly was killed (sorry, “committed suicide”!) when the Inquiry into Tony Blair’s Iraq War began here in UK. The question that Africa will always ask the ICC is this: why have Tony Blair and George Bush never been indicted by the ICC?

It is with great pleasure I note that exactly 50 years after Kenya’s Independence, Kenyan electors have given a slap in the face to the ICC and Western Double-Standards. I assure you that many voters who sympathised with Raila Odinga and would have wished him to have a go at the Presidency at the age of 68 only voted for Uhuru Kenyatta in defiance of the ICC and Western diplomats who had “warned” of the “difficulties” a Kenyatta presidency would bring. One of Kenya’s practicing leading lawyers, a former chairman of the Law Society of Kenya made exactly the same point as I am making here in Nairobi’s Daily Nation newspaper – as did the US Time Magazine (now Time Inc.).

Fatou, you have no answer – because the West funds you and pulls the strings. That being so, my advise to you is to stop wasting your time chasing Uhuru Kenyatta. Sitting here at my computer in London, I can absolutely guarantee you that Uhuru Kenyatta will never see the inside of the ICC Court at the Hague. Guaranteed. Your statements to the contrary, are, as our judges here sometimes put it, just “ventilation”.

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