TUVAA Celebrates Africa Cultural Day

 The United Voice of African Associations (TUVAA) is inviting the general public to its first ever African cultural day celebration in Southampton in the United Kingdom on November 29th, 2014.

TUVAA, an umbrella organisation of African groups within the Hampshire County Council, aims to foster strong linkages between various African organisations, help set up new ones and strengthen the existing ones.

“One of our objectives is to share cultures enhancing tolerance and social integrations,” writes Dr. Abdoulie Sanneh, the Chairman of TUVAA. “We are holding this event as part of our plans to implement our social integration agenda.”



  1. Very Happy to be invited to play kora and sing for my people Abaraka

  2. noble thing to do. keep it up…..

  3. I have to send the report. Jali, the drummers and the dancers have done their part. I am really proud of you all. I am also proud of all our ladies, children and guys. It was a mind blowing event. The best we have had in Southampton by a mile. Thank goes to the newspaper for their role in advertising. JARAMA.