‘We Endure Maximum Brutality’

UDP women“A person sitting under the sun should remain there with steadfastness because the shade will find him/her there. I will encourage the UDP supporters to keep fighting.” Aji Sukaina Kah

President of United Democratic Party (UDP) women’s wing has delivered a very moving speech at the party’s 18th anniversary rally held at Serekunda on September 25th.

“The UDP was founded at a time when human right was gone, democracy was gone,” Aji Sukaina Kah somberly stated. “After a ban on politics was lifted, the UDP went to work. Our party was established to fight injustice, bring back democracy, the rule of law and human rights. UDP members endured the worst form of brutality an oppression. They started fighting us from day one,” she said, recalling the extraordinary efforts of formidable women such as Kunda Kamara, Jarrai Fatty and Sarjo Kunjang Sanneh. “All these women fought until their death. Women are no minor players in UDP politics. We carry a great responsibility in liberating this country.”

Mrs. Kah also reminded her audience about the daily hardship women go through. “We work everywhere: gardens, farms, kitchens, sell at the market and raise children. Unfortunately, the ruling APRC refused to address women’s plights,” she said, expressing optimism that a UDP government will provide women ministers committed to empowering women. “These women ministers will not be mere window dressing,” said a woman seen as the Mother of UDP.

Aji Sukaina reaffirmed her unshakable commitment to the UDP. “I am a cement which can only be watered, mixed and remained what it is,” she said, describing politics as a continuous struggle. “We must keep on fighting until we attain success. A person sitting under the sun should remain there with steadfastness because the shade will find them there. I will encourage UDP supporters to keep fighting.” 

“In this country, we are all equal in terms of suffering. I encourage you all to standby whoever is our leader and be loyal to the party. We have solidarity and let us thank the elders like Dembo Karang Nyima, who are elders but they still came here.”

Aji Kah had earlier coined a song in Wollof saying, “whoever is looking for me, here I am!

Also firing up the anniversary rally was Aji Yama Secka who congratulate prominent UDP women for refusing to trade in their honour and dignity with money and glory. “These prominent women refused to accept money and trips to perform pilgrimage.”

Mrs Secka thanked the party’s leadership, especially Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, for empowering and respecting women.



  1. Lafia Touray la Manju

    God bless the UDP women. I am informed that Aji Sukaina Kah and Aji Jambanding Drammeh have now advanced in age. May Allah give them good health and long life so that they can continue to lead by wisdom and experience. AMEEN.

  2. Hey hey Lafia NYANTUMANG JARRI

  3. God bless them…

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