Pay Day For Dictator Jammeh

Lamin Saddam SanyangBy Lamin Saddam Sanyang, The Netherlands

In shaa Allah we are almost at the end of the barbaric, cruel and brutal reigning of President Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh. Like employees get their wages and salaries at the end of each pay-period, so is President Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh and his bunch of criminals to pay cheques for their deeds here and hereafter as enshrined in the Glorious Quran chapter 99 verse 7: “So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it” and verse 8 further reiterates: “And whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it”.  As a consequence Mr. President, be informed you and your nefarious enablers’ time is running out swiftly. On that reckoning day, when you are shackled and dragged by the forelock into a court of law you will appreciate revenge is best served cold.

Leaders are expected to be merciful Mr. President. Allah (SWT) admonished prophet Muhammed (SAW) in the Glorious Quran (surah Al Anbiya) chapter 21 verse 107. It stressed “And we have not sent you (O Muhammed) except as a mercy to the whole mankind”. If you are the Allah fearing and believer of the teachings of the prophet, then be compassionate. Perhaps your new State House Imam will interpret the teachings of the Holy Quran for you since Imam Abdoulie Fatty failed to do so for you.  Imam Fatty are you scared that you will once again be pushed down on your knees to beg for forgiveness from your lord master Dictator Jammeh if you  dare preach justice, uprightness and compassion to him? I am just wondering what is going on in your mind now as you occupied Imam Baba Leigh and Ba Kawsu Fofana in the NIA. Please let us know how cosy it was when you survive the red carpet welcome.

The mercy which the verse teaches loathes murdering, banishing, oppressing and incarcerating of the poor, weak and vulnerable. Mr. President, you have ordered the severe torture, killings, arrest and detention of many believing men and believing women whose crimes are only acknowledging righteousness and denouncing injustice. Mr President that is, certainly, not Allah fearing in my religious book.  Many of your victims are nursing lifelong wounds. For some, their pride and confidence are raptured permanently, whereas others are socially, physically, emotionally and mentally damaged for the rest of their life. Torture is so hateful that Allah specifically spoke about it in Surah Al Buruj chapter 85 of The Glorious Quran verse 10.  Please ask Imam Touray to translate it for you. Perhaps like his predecessor, he will not have the guts to do so but I will help you here and tell you what it says and means.  It warns, “Indeed those who have tortured the believing men and believing women and then have not repented will have the punishment of hell, and punishment of the burning fire”. Take a leaf from Gaddafi and Campaore before it becomes late for you to repent. Fir’Awna tried repenting when he realised he was drowning but Allah does not accept last minute repentance from dying sinners.

Mr. President repent and ask for your victims’ forgiveness. Mr. President, do you ever contemplate the day of Resurrection? All your underworld activities are well enumerated in a register securely preserved. When it is given to you when you are arraigned before a court of law then you will understand you have no secrets. On that day, you will know you are neither might nor can all the NIA, Police, GNA, Immigration, Prison and Fire Services put together will be of any benefit to you. They will not only disown but also testify against you. What would you say on that day? Crying and screaming like Amadou Samba in the hands of his assailants will not safe your sorry backside, Mr President as re-echoed in the Glorious Quran in Surah At-Tariq, chapter 86 verse 9,  “The day when secrets will be put on trial” and verse 10 concludes “Then he (i.e. man) will have no power on any helper”.

The Singhateh brothers. Yes, the Singhateh brothers. They will also face the full wrath of the law and justice for killing and burning brother Ousman Koro Ceesay here and hereafter. Gambians are no longer gullible. You still have a window of opportunity opened for you to leave honourably before it closes on you.



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  1. Kobe na toumana…. the signs are getting clearer for all to see. If we gambians come together with the sole intention of rebuilding our beloved nation for the benefit of all gambians, we can do it. We can surprise the world if only we come together allah.