Burkina Alarms Early Warning To Dictators


Action pour les Droits Humains et l’Amitie (ADHA), human rights defenders through friendship Organization based in Senegal, West Africa, is deeply concerned, sadden, and torched by the situations in the Republic of Burkina Faso, the human rights violations, the death toll, injuries and the amount of destructions that had happened to their public and properties.

Adding to the fact that in a very few moments Burkinabés may join in the list of already high numbered African refugees and Internally Displaced Perssons scattered all over Africa and many other parts of the World, mainly caused by this nature of changing governments, widely practiced in Africa caused by some Dictators who would seized power and plan to overstay by manipulating frequently the constitutions in their favor. Until this trend is stopped in Africa, these kinds of commotions cannot be eradicated.

Burkina became independent from France in 1960 under the leadership of Maurice Yaméogo as first President, whose government was toppled in 1966 by a Military Coups d’etat, then followed another Military Coups in 1980, then another one in 1982, and 1983 Cpt.Thomas Sankara was brought to power by another Military coup d’etate, unfortunately in 1987 Mr. Sankara was also toppled in the same way leading to his assassination by his colleague and long time close friend in the name of Bless Compaore. Since then for twenty seven years Mr. Compaore and his regime managed on manipulating the Constitution of Burkina to cling on power, in numerous occasions the Burkinabés, Security, public and oppositions managed to organized themselves and call up for demonstrations, but always being crushed by their security forces resulting to couple of them being tortured, detained, sustained serious injuries, or even killed, the last was in 2011. Such strategy always used by African Militaries only works for a short period of time, but the end bit is always detrimental and regretful.

What happened is the replacement of one Military Dictator by another. Africa does not need Military Dictators coming through undemocratic or unelected because they are the main cause of chaotic situations in most times. Genuine Democracy can only be achieved through the ballot box in a free and fair system, every democratic constitution should clearly fix two terms limit, each term of five years and African constitutions too need to be harder to change, the ineffective African Union (A.U), needs to put more effectiveness in the Union representing the African people, not the shameful leaders only.

The AU should carry out a consultation process with all African societies inclusive, meant to draft and adopt one common constitution for the whole of Africa, backed by one strong force put together on standby to make sure that, Coup de Etates are band and term limits are respected and abided by all states, any nonsense group of people cannot just emerged in any state depose the government and change their constitution just like that, this can only be the way forward in ending all these chaotic situations on changing one government to another. ADHA strongly called upon the Military Junta in Burkina Faso to immediately conduct free and fair general elections, then step down to a democratically elected regime as soon as possible, the longer they stay in power more trouble they will deep themselves into, ECOWAS, AU, UN, and all other societies are being urged not to recognized or do anything with this government for democracy sake, they did not represent the masses, they only fixed themselves because they are armed, Burkinabés do not need another Military Dictator.

Sighting this recent case of Compaore, and that of in the past Mamour Gaddafi, Ben Ali, Mubarack, Gbagbo, and Charles Taylor. ADHA is seriously worried about the same thing happening in Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Uganda, Cameroon and of course the Gambia in the very near feature, issued this early warning alert to both heads of State of these Countries including Yahya Jammeh.

Dakar 06-11-2014
By: Prof. Katim Touray
(Veteran Gambian Journalist/Broadcaster)


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  1. Our shameless cowardly kanilai murderer will now shelf his so-called kingship ambition or face the shove quick…. Being in temporary control of arms of state, entrusted, meant to be used to protect all in state, shouldn’t make pomposity crept into anybody’s head to the point of hypocrisy, shameless theft of meagre state resources & other private properties, not to mention kidnappings, enforced disappearances & blatant murdering of Gambians & other nationals as in yaya jammeh’s case. Like ALL others before him, yaya jammeh too can’t be greater than history itself which teaches ungodly hypocrites bitter lessons.

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