My Response to PDOIS’ Edgy Reaction

Madam Ida Jallow-Sallah
Madam Ida Jallow-Sallah, Wife of PDOIS Leader Halifa Sallah/ERNWACA photo

Dear Readers

Having reviewed the information I received in relation to Madam Ida Jalllow-Sallah’s out of the odds high flying career at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education in The Gambia and having sought clarification from one of my sources on some aspects of that information, I wish to clarify that contrary to my previous statement that Madam Ida Jallow-Sallah was a permanent secretary at the Ministry, It is in fact, her appointment as Executive Secretary to ERNWACA that was inadvertently confused or misconstrued to be that of permanent secretary at the Ministry.

I apologised unreservedly for this error which was due to miscommunication. My source, who has now left the ministry,  however made it absolutely clear that it was only a matter of time before Madam Sallah was appointed Permanent Secretary if she hadn’t left the Ministry. This suggests that something was already in the pipeline and that Madam Sallah’s fast train at the MINISTRY was only halted by her appointment to the multi-lateral research body, ERNWACA.

Notwithstanding the above, the gist of my statement remains UNSHAKABLE and solidly rooted in facts that are already verified from authoritative sources and staffers (former and current) at the Ministry which is that; Madam Ida Jallow- Sallah, the wife of Halifa Sallah, was able to pursue a high flying career in one of Jammeh’s governmental ministries despite the well known prevailing culture of political persecution in Gambia’s civil/public service of people who are known or perceived to be opposition supporters or with family or close social ties with opposition figures in the country. This is none contentious as it is an incontrovertible fact well known to all.

Those who wish to claim that Madam Sallah only defied the odds because she is highly qualified are disingenuous in their failure to acknowledge that Dr Burro Suso whose case was in the media not long ago, is also a highly qualified person and that academic qualification does not make anybody less susceptible to the culture of political persecution at work place in The Gambia.

Furthermore, those who wish to engage in cheap point scoring and are hell-bent on attempting to create confusion or doubts over cases of political persecution at work place that I have cited as examples are only throwing insults to the sufferings and unjust ordeals of the victims of political persecution at work place in The Gambia as a whole. PDOIS need to advise those people to desist from such practice just like how they were asked to stop picking on my mandinka identity or throwing slurs at it.

An Outline of Madam Jallow’s Career at  MOBSE

Based of my information, I state Madam Sallah’s career at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education as thus;

1. As a Senior Education Officer, Madam Sallah was responsible for the monitoring and supervision for over a decade as an officer attached to Standards and Quality Assurance Directorate (SQAD) at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education.

2. As Principal Education Officer, (Landing Jallow Sonko’s wife lost a similar post at the same ministry), Mrs JALLOW-SALLAH served as a SQAD Regional Team Leader and then headed at the national level, the Monitoring and Supervision Section at SQAD.

3. Prior to her recruitment by ERNWACA, she was serving as the Coordinator of the French Programme responsible for mobilizing and managing material and human resources, producing learning materials, serving as a liaison between the Ministry and the French donors and providing the leadership that is necessary to make French a core subject in Gambian schools.

4. She also participated in policy review, drawing and evaluation of programmes, plans and curriculum at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MOBSE) and has a close relationship with the Honourable Minister Fatou Bai Lamin Faye.

I will ask the question again; given what obtains in Gambia under this present regime, who in his right mind would believe that the wife of an opposition leader in today’s Gambia can pursue such a high flying career in a governmental ministry without any conditions or strings attached?

PDOIS’ Mischaracterisation

ERNWACA is a multi- lateral institution involving  governments of West and Central Africa. Although appointments to such institutions are based on merit, it is normally a requirement that application to certain top positions are endorsed by the country of the applicant and this is a general practice in most multi-lateral institutions in the World over.

If the member country objects to an application of its citizen,  in most cases the application does not go further. This was what happened to Dr Sedat Jobe when he was considered for an appointment at the AU and the government of the Gambia (according to Dr Jobe himself on Freedom radio) objected.  Therefore, PDOIS’s Suwaibou Touray does not know what he ws talking about when he stated that Madam Sallah’s appointment to ERNWACA’s top post was based entirely on her personal merit. It is not possible for Madam Sallah to be successfully appointed to this post without the explicit or implied endorsement of the government of the Gambia. If the application was resisted by the Gambia government just like in the case of Dr Sedat JoBE with the AU, clearl,  Madam Sallah’s application would not have been successful. This is the truth.

Contrary to PDOIS, I did not say Madam Sallah was recommended to the post by the government neither did I (Until now) requested Madam Sallah’S CV. Those are just Suwaibou Touray’s usually exaggerations which readers must familiarise themselves with if they are continuing to follow PDOIS’s write-ups on issues of public interest or concern.

Let the CV come out with an explanation on how Madam Sallah  was able to defy the odds as far as political persecution at work place is concern.


Lafia Touray La Manju



  1. Good response Lafia. There is a sad twist to this debate. Figure it. I will be back.

  2. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Lafia asks: ” … who in his right mind would believe that the wife of an opposition leader in today’s Gambia can pursue such a high flying career in a governmental ministry … ?”

    The state machinery in The Gambia has continued to operate for the last 20 years because President Jammeh has let professionals be (mainly so in low profile ministries such as health & education) as long as they don’t take part in politics and are not openly pro-Opposition. So really Lafia, it is entirely conceivable for a clearly very professional woman like Madam Halifa Sallah-Jallow to progress in her profession. The Honourable Minister Fatou Bai Lamin Faye, whom I have met on many occasions, is also such a low-profile and humble professional – and I think she is the longest serving minister.

    As for your attack on what you see as a secret PDOIS/APRC Alliance, that is a debate well above my humble station! (Though I could add that they both share a Socialist Revolutionary Ideology! – no snide comments please PKL).

    Have a good day, Mandingo Warrior!

    • Luntango/sunu Gann (my-in-law)

      Point of correction. ..The young, disadvantaged Lieutenants may have held some kind of “socialist ideology”, but that has disappeared ever since they had their hands in the pie..There is definitely nothing socialist about the APRC. …

  3. Lafia….

    Thank you for some.of this…..What an admirable and magnificent contribution to the education sector. .? Evidently, a highly qualified, competent and professional individual who definitely keeps away from politics and ( it would.seem) keeps her political views (if any) from her work….

    The laws of the Gambia do guarantee protection against political persecution at work, but Civil Service codes of conduct prohibit the manifestation of political support/allegiance at work, whether it be for the ruling party or an opposition party…

    This has been largely ignored in The Gambia since independence, but only opposition sympathisers get the book thrown at them, even in the PPP era, though it affected mostly high/top position jobs then..Low skilled/unskilled workers were mostly ignored by the PPP, unlike the APRC Administration, unless they hold positions in opposition parties at the local levels… ..

    No doubt today, the APRC Administration has taken political (job related) persecution to a different level, but there are probably hundreds or thousands of government workers who don’t belong to/support the APRC and may even be unofficial opposition “members” or sympathisers,but DO NOT manifest this at work…It would be a fallacy to think that every employee of government, in lower, middle or higher levels, is an APRC supporter….It will even be foolish to conclude, without Proof, that every sacking is politically motivated..

    You have continued to mention Dr Boro Suso as a highly qualified individual who wasn’t spared the sack because of his association with the UDP. ..What you haven’t done, is to provide irrefutable proof that his “sacking” was solely for his association with the UDP and nothing else…I have also noted that Dr Suso has since become a UDP activist who speaks on political platforms at UDP rallies…Whether such an individual could have kept his political views from his job is not entirely unquestionable, and unless you provide proof to your claims, they should be seen as mere speculation…

    You have claimed that the APRC Administration refused to support the candidature of Dr Sedat Jobe to a position at the AU…If it is the one and only Dr Sedat Jobe we all know,then you must be out of your mind to believe that the APRC Administration should support him…Which government would support the appointment of an individual, who has clearly and openly shown his opposition to it, to an international position, where he/she can influence policies against it.?That will be incompetence of the highest order…I hate the style of governance of the APRC, but I think that is a most unfair criticism..

    In the truest sense, a real opposition (party) to the governing party, is the one that has an alternative political, social and economic governance programmes and presents these to the people by criticising government policies, acts and actions (at every given point) as well as,giving it’s alternatives…The PDOIS, as all honest people know, has always done this…

    During the EU 17 points controversy, Halifa de-constructed the APRC’s fictional propaganda to present a clear picture and the basis of the EU 17 points demands…I.ask you to read Halifa’s non politicised speech to the UTG students (on the issue) and.see what he has said about the APRC. Leadership. ..

    Once again, these questions….

    (1)…What is.the UDP ( your party) doing to oppose the APRC that PDOIS is not doing..?

    (2)…Since Mrs Darboe held a government position under Jammeh, agree that Ousainou Darboe was.not a “real” opposition whilst his wife held.the job..?

    Truth will.prevail eventually….

  4. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Dida, have you not been already advised by PDOIS to stop picking on my Mandingo identity?? Lol!!

    By the way, there is a nexus between Madam Sallah and Gambian politics. She is a wife to an opposition leader. Minister Faye is overtly APRC.

    Have noticed that PDOIS has elevated my status. I am now too important to be ignored by the party’s admin secretary.


  5. My humble plea to Suwaibo is to leave Lafia to wallow in his petty tirades. The PDOIS party administrator should not dignify any of his mischievous and blatant provocation with any more response. We should not give him the pleasure of satiating in his deluded sense of importance that he cannot be ignored.

    What is of importance to note is that Lafia’s idea of an “opposition” and whatever views he represents is fundamentally different from our idea of an “opposition” and the views that we represent. Our political objectives and goals are not the same.

    That is the reason why he regards any semblance of a family member of an opposition political party involve in the state machinery of governance as treacherous.

    On the contrary, we make a distinction between opposition family members who are involve in the state machinery of governance, and the role and function of a political party leader which has nothing to do with the capacity of such sovereign Gambian citizens serving within the state machinery of governance.

    More so when such a service has a remarkable national import and has no identifiable political ramifications. These people are civil servants and work for the interest and betterment of the country as a whole.

    The debate that Lafia should be raising is our contention that our “opposition” political views are different from his, and we do not share the same vision as far as our political goals and objectives for the country are concerned.

    This is the reason why he sees any semblance of a “nexus” to the state machinery of governance as treacherous, whereas we see the state machinery of governance as a function in which civil servants play a predominant role to keep and maintain the crucial aspects of public service. And we want to keep the politics out of their service.

    Once again, I implore Lafia to debate us on the issues.

  6. Lafia your manifestly deviating tactics on salient questions is a clear testimony of your inability to engage in a constructive debate.

  7. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Dr Suso speaking at a UDP rally?? Come on bax, when will you stop fabricating stuff in your head. I have never seen or read that anywhere.

    In any case, Dr Suso was sacked from his job more than 2yrs ago. That means he can now speak at UDP rallies if he wants but he is not doing anything like that. That’s for sure.

    Dr Suso’s relations with the UDP leader was already a common knowledge in The Gambia at the time of his appointment. It was only when the top guy in govt realised what was going on that Dr Suso’s job became threatened and finally he was sacked.

    If you know any other reason why Dr Suso was sacked from his job other than his relationship with the UDP leader, you need to tell us rather than keep asking me. I have already said what I know about the matter and as a matter of fact. Not even the court was willing to hear his case. What else can be a reason for that other than politics.

    What the law says and what actually happens in The Gambia are in most cases completely different things and everybody knows that.

    I waits Suwaibou after he is being coached by Halifa. You are writing trash to deviate attention. PDOIS brought this on themselves, my friend.

    What you are doing is an insult to victims of political persecution at work place in The Gambia .


    • Lafia…..

      I refer you to the 16th December 2013 issue of Kibaaro News’ Report of the ” opposition unity rallies “, at the Buffer Zone,where Dr Boro Suso is quoted as saying…..

      ” We want unity…Every Gambian matters…This is the beginning of the end of Yaya Jammeh…”

      Not only was his presence at that rally acknowledged, he also spoke on a political platform, most probably on the UDP side..

      I’m sorry to say this, but you are so glaringly dumb, that you sometimes argue against yourself and de-construct your own arguments. Look at this….

      Quote Lafia…

      “Dr Suso’s relations with the UDP leader was already a common knowledge in The Gambia at the time of his appointment…..

      “It was only when the top guy in govt realised what was going on that Dr Suso’s job became threatened and finally he was sacked.”

      (1)…If his relationship to Lawyer Darboe, which is supposed to be the reason for his sacking was.known at the time of.his appointment, why was he appointed in the first place..?

      (2)…Do you really think.that what was “common knowledge” would not have been known to Yaya Jammeh, through.the NIA. .? You can’t be that ignorant….

      (3)…So.what was “going on” that the “top guy in govt” suddenly became aware of..? Could it be that the Dr was manifesting his political leanings at work…?

      (4)…Using your argument, If Jammeh was really hounding position holders from.their jobs for their association to Darboe, why would a high profile job, like a UTG Lecturer, go to a known relation of Darboe, almost a decade after a low profile job holder, like principal,was hounded and “sacked” for the same reason…? Makes sense to anyone..? I suppose it will if you have a “twisted” and “bitter” mind like Lafia’s. ..

      Talking about distractions, you are the “master” of that game…You have been challenged by Kamalo, on several occasions, to a debate on the issues that would show which is the real opposition, but you chose to dedicate yourself to issues that have no bearing on/relevance to, what constitutes an opposition party, never mind a real one….

      Quotes from.Lafia…

      (1)…”What you are doing is an insult to victims of political persecution at work place in The Gambia…. .”

      Comment….I can’t believe that a you, who has spared no effort to attempt to tarnish the image, personality and credibility, as well as, belittle the incredible personal achievements of a private citizen,is “crying” for victims of political persecution. …This must be the “crocodile tears” of the century. …

      (2)…”Have noticed that PDOIS has elevated my status. I am now too important to be ignored by the party’s admin secretary.”

      (3)…”I waits Suwaibou after he is being coached by Halifa….”

      Comment….I watch Crime Investigation Channels quite a lot and have seen mentally challenged individuals commit a crime and, in their false sense of self importance and invincibility, as well as, the sheer gratification they get from their actions, then goad the Police by leaving signs, sending notes or even making phone calls to investigating officers…Without being disrespectful, I can make comparisons and see similarities here…

      Perhaps, I should heed wise advice and leave you alone to enjoy your deluded self….

  8. Lafia Touray la Manju

    On Mrs Darboe, she was a principal even before Jammeh came to power and after her husband entered politics and challenged Jammeh, she got hounded out or sacked. Why was Madam Sallah different?? I thought her husband too is an opposition leader?? There must be a Quid Pro Quo between Jammeh and Halifa, my friend.


  9. Anonymous Lafia Touray la Manju To Whom It May Concern and Be undercover!

    If you are MAN ENOUGH please unmask and disclose your true ID; ready to defend your abuse, malicious lies, slander, defamation and character assassination of a private person (citizen), professional lady and housewife?


  10. This UNKNOWN COWARD has already admitted lying blatantly (in this publication) but not shameful!

    Thank you Suwaibou Touray, Bax, Kamalo, Alhajie Jobe & Bamba Lai among others for job well done. Truth is prevailing already! Leave these disingenuous so-called petty politicians among other arrogant pseudo intellectuals (including many UDP elites & militants).


    Aluta continua!

  11. Lafia Touray has become so intoxicated with UDP agenda that he is losing all his credibility as some one Gambia can count on. He needs to see The Gambia and not only UDP.


    Only the truth will last,no plastic smile,or little face smile can stop this change.

  13. Lafia touray la Manju is the same as Suntu Touray.

    • Seedy Jarju, you are very wrong in your speculation. I am not Lafia La Manju. By God who created me and you, the night and day, I am not Lafia La manju. What is important is that, you deal with issues raised by commentators. As to who is behind a pen name is a wild goose chase. The same way, we don’t know who you are, likewise all the individuals making their democratic and free expression. Lafia La Manju is a better writer than my humble self. You may not be the only one having such assumptions. All that I wrote against Halifa Sallah, PDOIS, their politics, against Sedia Jatta and my brother Suwaibou are in the public domain, with my name. visit, search pdois on the search bar. You will find my views with my name. I appreciate all the educative comments. I don’t care who’s behind what name. be it Momodou, dawda, Bax, Seedy etc. We have to be thick skin and deal with national issues without recourse to anger and speculations, this is what made the west great. free expression of ideas. I wouldn’t have responded, but since you gave me the opportunity, why not. By Allah in whose hand my soul is, I am not Lafia La Manju. Hope that helps you. There are many hundreds of Touray manjus.

  14. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Abdou, I didn’t know that gambia is looking up to me for salvation. I will have to prepare myself now then just to make sure we are liberated. I would need your support though.

    Halifa Sallah needs to leave opposition politics and join APRC. People cannot be deceived all the time. He is not a real opposition,


  15. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Kamalo have said it all. He said pdois’ political objectives and goals are different from the rest. Well I know that part of the political objective of the other opposition parties is to unseat Jammeh and PDOIS does not share that objective.

    Well said Kamalo. And by the way, I am enjoying my newly found status; an anti-PDOIS celebrity.


  16. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Kamalo have said it all. He said pdois’s political objectives and goals are different from the rest. Well I know that part of the political objectives of the other opposition parties is to unseat Jammeh and PDOIS does not share that objective.

    Well said Kamalo. And by the way, I am enjoying my newly found status; an anti-PDOIS celebrity.


  17. Lafia Touray

    Bax, In 2013, Dr Boro Suso was already sacked from her post some years ago and that means he was free to speak at any political rally without having to worry about any conflict of interest.

    Anyway, do you also want to say that;

    1. Mrs Sanneh, Amadou Sanneh’s wife, also addresses political rallies??
    2. Mrs Sonko, Landing Jallow Sonko’s wife, also addresses political rallies??
    3. Mrs Darboe, Lawyer Darboe’s wife, also addresses political rallies ??
    4. Ebrima Pesseh Njie’s sister also address political rallies ??

    You are merely insensitive to the plight of the victims politically persecuted persons at work place as a whole.

    Dr Borro Suso don’t address UDP rallies as far as I know, and even if he did in 2013, there is no issue about that as he was already sacked from his job years ago.

    You need to adjust yourself to reality and stop manufacturing stuffs in your head.


  18. Useless debate

  19. “Kamalo have said it all. He said pdois’ political objectives and goals are different from the rest. Well I know that part of the political objective of the other opposition parties is to unseat Jammeh and PDOIS does not share that objective.”

    Lafia, you are a very deceitful person and it shows in the way in which you argue and debate with others.

    This is also one of the characteristic traits in your debating tactics that makes you visible even though you are trying to be invisible; to make yourself anonymous.

    This is what you do: you will pick a statement made by a debating opponent that you think can convey a conflicting message. You will twist the statement to suit your own purpose for an argument, and then used the twisted statement as a response to the original statement.

    In essence you are not saying anything but merely using your opponents twisted statement to argue against itself.

    This exposes you as a very lazy person who cannot think for himself but rely on the distorted statements of a debating opponent to try and make a point. Even then the statement is not factual. Consider this:

    “Kamalo have said it all.” What did I say?

    “He said pdois’s political objectives and goals are different from the “rest.”

    Look at how you twisted my original statement to suit your own purpose for an argument and then try to use it as an argument against the statement itself.

    Who are the rest? Did I ever use that word “rest” or even make any kind of that implication in my statement?

    Consider again this statement:

    “Well I know that part of the political objectives of the “other” opposition parties is to unseat Jammeh and PDOIS does not share that objectives.”

    Did I talk about other opposition parties? Did I talked about the political objectives that PDOIS share with “other’” opposition parties?

    You cleverly try to move the argument away from you and the political party that you represent, which is the basis and point of my contention, and bring in “other” opposition parties that are not part of what I am talking about.

    Since my statements are not clear to you, I will be back to make it categorically clear that I am referring to you and the political party that you represent.

    • Lafia’s style is unmistakable. ..and easily identifiable, like the finger prints of a criminal. ..

      At least, he used two other aliases….”gambian” (with a small “g”) and “nyarikangbano”…It’s the same guy, though he shamelessly denies it and may to do the same….

      The deceitful “twisting” of others’ points of arguments to suit his narrative and then relying on that to make a false statement, and the vitriolic attack on Halifa and his family (his dad accused of hating Mandinkas) is a characteristic trend of the three (in one) aliases..

      Unlike the Papa.Kumba Loums, who concentrate on.the PDOIS Party and not the individuals, this guy’s obsession is only with Mr Sallah. ..He’s like a mentally disturbed serial stalker and in his deluded notion of self importance, even clarifications from PDOIS, signed by Suwaibou, must be “coached” by Halifa…thus believing that he is dealing directly with Halifa himself…A symptom of mental “instability”…

      I think this guy needs help and I.may leave him . alone to enjoy his delusional self importance…

  20. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Kamalo IS Halifa Jallow-Sallah! I have followed and analysed his postings. Finally, in response to Luntango’s use of Halifa’s sacred word “sovereign” Halifa responded to Lafia with the words “sovereign Gambian”. So, considering all the evidence, I conclude that Kamalo IS Halifa Jallow-Sallah. Luntango is of course Dida Jallow-Halake. And Lafia? Certainly a determined Mandingo Warrior now, but appears to have been a onetime comrade of Halifa Jallow-Sallah. I think both Kamalo and Lafia know each other, hence their bitter divorce-like fight here. I Agree with Mbackeh that the debate is now “useless”.

  21. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Kamalo is worried about offending Halifa Sallah’s sensitivities. They are your words bro, not mine. I only reproduce them and rightly referenced you in as an acknowledgement.


  22. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Kamalo does not understand that there is something in English called para-phrasing. It enables you to repeat somebody’s statement without having to use all of his/her exact words and yet you will all be saying the same thing. Another reason why people cannot count on PDOIS’s indoctrination model of education. Indoctrination only breeds fanaticism and fundamentalism which only makes you insulate and less progressive.


  23. Even Master socrates don’t do it like that.

  24. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Bax has given up lol! That’s what happens in the end when you make yourself to believe that you can defend the indefensible. It just doesn’t work. You only end up exposing your own folly.


  25. Chei Gambia.

  26. “What is of importance to note is that Lafia’s idea of an “opposition” and whatever views he represents is fundamentally different from our idea of an “opposition” and the views that we represent. Our political objectives and goals are not the same.”

    “The debate that Lafia should be raising is our contention that our “opposition” political views are different from his, and we do not share the same vision as far as our political goals and objectives for the country are concerned.”

    The above quotations are what I wrote. How then can this be misconstrued, distorted and “paraphrased” in Lafia’s concocted paraphrasing and attributed to the statements that I made above?

    Since I started having these exchanges with Lafia it was mainly about his fraud propaganda of a UDP led coalition agenda, and the equally deceptive promise of forming a coalition government if elected to power.

    Thus when I stated that our idea of an “opposition” is fundamentally different from his idea of an “opposition” I mean just that.

    Lafia’s idea of an “opposition” which has necessitated the birth of the UDP to take back the power that was lost from the PPP, is the same idea of an ‘opposition” that adamantly insist that all other opposition political parties should rally behind the UDP in their now discredited party-led coalition agenda. They want all the other opposition political parties to help them come to power.

    Our idea of an ‘opposition’ is for all the opposition political parties to come together and create a consensus. A consensus in which they can determine the manner and scope of challenging the status quo, and seek to gain power not for the sake of power itself but as the vehicle though which change can be orchestrated.

    It is also no secret that PDOIS’s political objectives and goals are radically different from that of the UDP. At least we know that the UDP’s main goal is to come to power.

    PDOIS’s political objectives and goals have been variously manifested in the many political blueprints that firmly establish the party’s goals, objectives, programs, principles and development agenda. And yes, our political views are different from Lafia’s and the political party that he represents, the UDP, and we do not share the same vision.

    It is shameful for Lafia to still insist that he was “paraphrasing” what I wrote above, when he has clearly distorted, twisted and dishonestly arrogated to me some of his fraudulent claims. Wonders shall never cease with this man.

    Bax you are right, Lafia’s style both in his writings and thought processes are unmistakable. That is why I mentioned somewhere that it is like genetic fingerprinting and can also be associated with one and only one person
    I wish Luntango could have been as definitive as who is Lafia than being so sure that I am Halifa.

    If you don’t believe me follow the trail of writings of this fellow. His DNA is all over the place. Ninety percent of all what he talks and writes about are PDOIS and Halifa Sallah. Go to the archives of the Bantaba you will have an earful.

    Luntango I wish I was Halifa; I would have shattered Lafia’s arguments to pieces. I am one of those “indoctrinated”.

  27. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Thank you Kamalo. If you say that you are an “indoctrinated” clone carrying Halifa Jallow-Sallah’s DNA then Luntango will settle for that – because it is on the very same evidence that I concluded you are he.

    • Dida, as a respected opinion leader in the media, I will encourage you to focus on the issues. We don’t know the people behind any of the pen names and it is not our policy to speculate. We don’t know who Dawda is, We don’t know who Bax is, we don’t know who Kamalo is, likewise Lafia La Manju and all. Hence, attempting to second guess is like the pot call the kettle black, not on your part but those who are hidden and are attempting to be focusing on the pen name rather than the issues raised. If Kalamo is hidden, Dawda is hidden, why should they want another to tell them who he/she is? Let the debate continue in civility and on issues, not the messengers. We live in an era of open discussions, no one can scare people not to discuss issues, so long as it remain civil. Thank you

  28. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Bull’s Eye Suntou. Issues, issues, issues. Let the hidden remain hidden!

  29. Yama Njie

    Lafia, did you know that Halifa is married to the Gambia not just Ida. The only sad fact is they have not been blessed with a child. We are all Halifa’s children. I am surprised you managed to get under the skin of pdois militants. Calm down. We in pdois should avoid getting upset with materials seen as unfriendly. Hamat Bah and Lawyer Darboe hardly get drawn in media debates. Don’t let Lafia, Papa Koumba, Dida give you back blood.
    I will blame our leaders for responding officially to Lafia. Let it go.

    • Sister Yama Njie We (on behalf of those mentioned) understand you are trying to downplay this style of petty politics, lies, deception, malicious vile slanders, false allegations, defamation and character assassination but we have already set the records straight and nipped it from the bud.

      The bad blood and hatred against PDOIS; especially our humble dynamic leader Halifa Sallah is ingrain in author of these slanderous articles and comments; across Gambia online media/fora!

      Thanks for trying to mediate.

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