When The Going Gets Tough, Tough Also Gets Going!

jammehBy Lamin Saddam Sanyang, The Netherlands

To give up is acknowledging self-defeat. Furthermore, a maxim has it that a person who tries and fails is far more progressive than the one who would not try for fear of failure. Therefore, folks, I call on you to remain steadfast and never give up the struggle/resistance against the dictatorship and tyranny we are combating. There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel; besides, we are already on a winning side. The days of President Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh are numbered; let no one fool you about it. He knows that we all know that he knows his days are just for a matter of time. Precisely, why he is now doing and saying things without giving them a second thought. He has lost it, period.

He keeps embarrassing himself and Gambians anytime he opens his crocodile mouth and gaffe about his ability to cure all ailments on national television and other public gatherings. To add insult to injury. He asked Dr Zakir Naik whether it is Islamic to marry a dis-virgined girlthan he had sense, the scholar’s response punctuates him as an idiotic leader and Muslim who does not know much about Islam. Equally embarrassing is his constant bashing of the British for not doing this or that for 400 years in the Gambia. Two fundamental things stand out prominently in his lashing out at the British: his lack of knowledge about global history and complete hatred for the British. Mr President, in case you do not know, the British had their own parliament house in England and their parliamentarians were all living in England at the time of colonialism. Consequently, for whom were they going to build a parliament house? Certainly not for the people they colonised, that makes no sense Mr. President. Perhaps your argument would have been valid if you said instead of building a parliament house for a country you are colonising, give them their independent and they will develop themselves. Similarly, if you have not lost your senses Mr. President, you will not meddle your blood soiled hands in religious matters by forcing people to worship or pray whenever you want.

President Jammeh is losing his popularity very rapidly. Let me give you some classical examples why I am saying that his days are numbered:

(1) During his 20th celebration of 22nd July anniversary 2014, the stadium was almost empty. More than half of the people who normally attend it were not there. Gambians loses their hope on him that is why they decided to spent their time on something else important rather than go to the stadium to look at his ugly face.

(2) Everywhere in the world he went, Gambian are running after him and shaming him and his delegation, insulting him and his delegation.

(3) His victims who are normally terrified to the extent that they would not dare talk to their family, relatives and friend about their experiences with Mr. President are now daring the devil washing all his dirty linens in public through the online Medias in the diaspora.

(4) The people he once trusted with his life as his right hand people are also feeding the online media houses with very detailed information about the Dictator’s dirty and shady deals.

(5) The Jungulars who take direct orders from nobody else but Mr. President for all their brutal killings, torturing, robberies and etc are also talking and revealing his chilling atrocities.

(6) Mr President is now aware he has no secret anymore, because anything he plans or discusses in the morning reaches us here in the afternoon. These are the things that is driving him crazy and of cause the crazy stuffs he is using.

Brothers and sisters all the hair-splitting threats he is dishing out should not move you anywhere. He is scared and desperate which explains why he is acting like that. I will finally conclude with a Mandinka maxim, “ning baa dewunta aka kindirolekeh” meaning the goat bites when it is cornered.


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  1. True Mr Sanyang. Evil Jammeh and his gang will drown themselves in their own evil and the time is getting nearer by the day.