The Hypocrisy Of Jammeh And Double Standard Justice

kah and jammeh

By An Insider

Citing the University of The Gambia (UTG) example, the deliberate lack of action by Jammeh on corrupt Vice Chancellor Mohammadou Kah, whose mismanagement has reached horrendous heights, is a clear unfairness to the Gambian people.

As the adage goes, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”. In the past some Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Department have been arrested and dismissed for institutional irregularities. These would include the likes of Dr Badara Loum, late Mr Suruwa Jaiteh and Kurbally of the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr Momodou Ceesay of Nari, Cherno Gaye of the Government Printing Department etc. Just recently, news is around (Kibaaro News 10th Oct. 2014) that Messrs Omar Jammeh of Fast Dept. Project and Babanding Fatajo of ADB Project, both of the Department of Agriculture, have been arrested and detained following Audit Report on their Department.

The fact is, if Yahya can hound, arrest, detain and prosecute these Gambians accused of wrong doing, Jalloy nJallosame be done to the fake Professor Kah of UTG whose voluminous indictments are uncountable. Unless he is the only untouchable baby of Jammeh and the sacred cow in today’s Gambia, Jammeh must be accountable to explain his double standard justice. Without any doubt, Kah’s rampant destruction of UTG and gross abuse of its resources has gone unabated and is unimaginable. Here are only some of the officials Reports that have found Kah culpable but still nothing has been done to him:

• Augustus Prom Audit Report of UTG of 2009/2010
• NDEA University investigative Report on university irregularities 2011
• NIA Report on UTG 2011 adversely deplored its management.
• Deloit and Touch Audit Report on UTG 2011/2012
• Ministry of Higher Education Report on University irregularities 2012
• UTG Court case judgment by Banjul Principal Magistrate ordering investigation on UTG and its Vice Chancellor, October 2012
• National Assembly (Public Accounts Committee) decision on appalling UTG accounts January 2013
• National Assembly (Public Accounts Committee) indictment of UTG financial irregularities February 2014.
• Government of the Gambia Auditor General gruesome Report on the University and its findings of poor financial mismanagement, February2014.

Premise on the above evidences, Jammeh and his government has no moral and legal authority to prosecute any government officer and/or citizen for economic crime and wrong doing for creating precedence by failing to deal with fake Prof. Kah. Going by the corruption cases and financial misappropriations currently happening in the country,  the Jammeh government created the enabling environment for it. He (the Pesident) should be held accountable as he failed to adhere to the constitution and rule of law, taking the country and it resources as his personal belongings/property and not answerable to anybody for punishment. Gambians will recall that when AFPRC first came into power on 22nd July Revolution, their so called slogan was Transparency, Accountability and Probity none of which have been applied.

By any measure, the UTG example is obnoxious but in a country where the rule of law is flouted and every decision rests on a one –man show, true justice is unattainable. Notwithstanding, both Jammeh and Kah must know that the post Jammeh era awaits them where both will be accountable to the Gambian people.



  1. Why would any gambian continue to support this so-called president is almost impossible to rationalise……
    The so-called professor Kah will have his day in court one day.
    He is just another Ebou Jallow/Sam Sarr type gambian with a zero conscience.

  2. This is unbelievable! How can such a scenario at UTG be condoned by Jammeh? Honestly, this is not fair to Gambians. He cannot prosecute others and leave Kah the untouchable,bluffing all over and yet of a fake professorship as we all have read. With all these adverse reports on mismanagement of UTG, even by the National Assembly and still nothing done to KAH, it is obvious there is something between Kah and Jammeh. It is even said that Kah’s 5 Year term has since expired but he still runs the university and in fact lobbying for another 5 more years. Well, who will blame him for such lucrative position where no accountability is there for him.

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