Cameroon Pays Boko Haram $400,000

Sahara Reporters has learned that the Cameroonian authorities paid Boko Haram insurgents at least $400,000 in ransom in order to secure the release of Francoise Agnes Moukouri, wife of Vice Prime Minister Amadou Ali.

Boko Haram insurgents had abducted Mrs. Ali in July from the town of Kolofata. The insurgents also seized the town’s district head. The deal to secure their release was struck three days ago, as SaharaReporters exclusively reported.

Our source, who was part of the negotiation that led to the release of Mrs. Ali and several other hostages, disclosed that the terms of the settlement included the payment of an undisclosed sum of money from the Chinese government. Boko Haram subsequently released 10 Chinese construction workers who had been held hostage since their abduction in May.

In addition, the Cameroonian government agreed to release four commanders of the Islamist group who had been in Cameroonian jails. The most disturbing part of the deal is that Boko Haram militants demanded and received a significant supply of arms and ammunition, including a guarantee by Cameroon that the weapons would have safe passage to insurgent fighters.

Our source disclosed that President Idris Derby of Chad was instrumental in the negotiations because of his closeness to some Boko Haram commanders.

SaharaReporters had exclusively reported three days ago that the Cameroonian and Chinese hostages had been released.

Cameroonian Minister of Information, Issa Bakary, initially denied the report. However, the office of the Cameroonian President, Paul Biya, today declared that 27 hostages, including Mrs. Ali, 10 Chinese construction workers, and the district head of Kolofata had been released.

The Islamist group has wreaked havoc in Nigeria’s northeast zone and has made occasional forays into neighboring Cameroon.

Culled from Sahara Reporters


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  1. Doesn’t this constitute funding terrorism. .?

    Is it true that Idriss Deby is connected to Boko Haram. ..?

    Are the lives of the freed hostages more valued than the Nigerians, who will be slaughtered by these weapons.?

    How should Nigeria react to such provocative acts and betrayal of trust by neighbouring governments.?

    Though often dismissed as conspiracy theories, the view that terrorism is propagated, funded and coordinated by certain state players is reasonable, and this clumsy, supposedly clandestine operation lends credit to it….Such operations are carried out far more discretely and efficiently by the more advanced and sophisticated players around the world…

    For whatever reasons, it seems that certain individuals in very high places, in certain governments and political/financial establishments, have decided that “Terrorism” must be part of the “political” factors of the Global politics of division, exploitation, manipulation and control…

    Being a Super Power in the region, Nigeria must do whatever it takes to defeat Boko Haram and it’s backers, even if it requires the use of force to effect regime change in these countries that back these criminals..