A Rotten Soldier’s Betrayal In Grand Scale

Colonel Betrayer Sam Sarr

A former lazy celebrity soldier who walked the streets of Serrekunda, Banjul and Yumdum with nothing in mind but pump, bluff and showmanship has once again shown his true colours. Arrogant to the core, Sam Sarr betrayed himself, his family and military colleagues after bowing down to the vulture like dictator of Kanilai.

An expose by Gainako News that Sam Sarr bowed down to President Jammeh at his New York hotel few days ago, asking for pardon to return back to the Gambia is not only disturbing but sickening. This kind of behaviour is what has held dictator Jammeh to cling onto power, knowing fully that no matter what there will always be the likes of Sam Sarr crawling for his stolen loot and mercy he has denied majority of Gambians from enjoying. President will in turn use these shameless and moral bankrupt Gambians as political tools to further hoodwink ignorant Gambians that “while enemies of our motherland are shouting, good ones are slowly seeing the light.

Those who know Sam Sarr will even blame us for piecing together this editorial. For them, he does not matter at all. We beg to differ with them because we owe it to Gambians to expose those “green snakes” within our midst. This signals that anyone who walks through this lane will not be spared or forgiven in the name of “he/she does matter.

It is the same Sam Sarr who in 2008 started to destroy the very social fabric of our society when he wrote a damning article against Mandinkas and some former PPP bigwigs. While conscious Gambians who cherish our society’s build up condemned and disgraced Mr. Sarr, some backward thinkers and tribal champions jumped to his defence. But no matter how long it takes, the truth surely stands firm even if nobody wants to defend it. In the end, the so-called military author swallowed his pride and wrote back seeking forgiveness for “flaring tempers.” How long do we have to offend each other deliberately and end up writing “al-sabari” [be persevere]?

The fact of the matter is that Mr. Sarr had nailed the coffin for himself long since. He has reduced himself to a disgraced and pathetic figure when he showed his hidden tribal baggage by singling out Mandinka military officers, lying and caricaturing them in his bogus book. Unfortunately, that book belongs in trash can.

His lies against Mandinka military officers in the bogus book, Coup de’ta, and his use of pen ‘Ebou Colley’ catalogue lies and fabrications against decent Gambian soldiers.

The man who wish to live the good life of Serrekunda cannot accept a normal ordinary life in U.S. Sam Sarr never entered the struggle against dictator Jammeh and will certainly never be missed. The sad part is, our brother Pa Nderry Mbai recently brought him out, giving him a platform to ventilate. Sam Sarr should be left to rot, more so, decompose with dictator Jammeh.

Below is a accurate comment of activist Pata Saidykhan.


There aren’t any surprises here. the Colonel, Sam Ebou Colley Sarr to Sam that is dating the devil and confused it with an Epiphany are all disingenuous.

While Sam Sarr has the right to Political beliefs and belonging, we also reserve the right to not respect or accept his political prostitution and adventurism. But is there anything in this that would remotely resemble any form of gains for Jammeh and his camp? ZERO! The Sam, just like me, has neither political clout nor military usefulness that could make impact on any meaningful arena. If anything, his dumb and unwise decision to ‘mend fences’ with Jammeh goes to show how these two are in serious denial and out of touch with the wind of change that has been slowly but surely blowing, numbering their days as National epidemic. While close aides are jumping sheep, rattling Jammeh’s cage, this unimportant silliness is what interests him. SMH”

Below is the Gainako story:

Former Gambian Army Commander Colonel Samsudeen Sarr has been granted pardon by Gambian President Yahya Jammeh. Mr. Sarr’s pardon took place during a dinner organized for President Jammeh at his Ritz Carlton Hotel in New York where he is lodged for the United Nations 69th General Assembly. Sources with firsthand information about the event confirmed to Gainako that Mr. Sarr did indeed attend an emotional formal ceremony where he apologized profusely to President Jammeh for all his wrongs and in turn President Jammeh swore to the Quran and said he has forgiven Sam for whatever wrongs he has done to him. The two reportedly hugged and embraced each other and Jammeh invited Sam Sarr and his family to feel free and return to the Gambia anytime they want.  Mr. Sam reportedly expressed his gratitude to President Jammeh and promise never to go against him again.

Colonel Sarr’s meeting with President Jammeh did not come as a surprise to many Gambians. Mr. Sarr’s recent appearance on freedom radio expressing regret for all his false allegations against President Jammeh was seen as a sign of his willingness to bow down to his former boss who has subjected him to so much humiliation.  In fact gainako can reliably further report that Sam’s reconciliation gesture to President Jammeh has been in the works for a very long time.  Sam Sarr reportedly has deeper ties with President Jammeh’s family as Jammeh’s brother Ansumana Jammeh’s wife is related to Sam Seedy Sarr’s wife. Samsudeen was reportedly convinced by Gambia’s current Ambassador the lackey Omar Faye along with other close APRC big wigs to take this rather embarrassing move.

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  1. To be fair, Sam Sarr is old and tired and wanted to go and spend his final years at home before the proverbial bell that tolls for all of us tolls for him. Resistance, war and revolution are for the young. The tragedy would be if Sam met with the returnee Lang Conteh’s fate – but then if President Jammeh swore in public on the Quran then I think he will keep his promise to Sam and let him live in peace. I remember IGP Badgie asking me in Dakar, in May 2009, to return home. I gave him my number in Dakar and said: “Only if President Jammeh personally calls and says it is OK”! President Jammeh never called to say “Its OK” and the following year IGP Badgie disappeared to the 7-Star Hotel where he still resides!

  2. Ndeysaan! Soldier Samsudeen Sarr reminds me of Politician Waa Juwara.

    It reminds me of General Lang Tombong Tamba wanting to show his undivided loyalty to his GOD mansa, crushed Col Ndure Cham coup d’état, and stayed on until he was caged, severely tortured and jailed for life without MERCY from his GOD. Lang Tombong never spoke or wrote anything bad about his GOD mansa and here he is regretting everything he has done to protect his GOD against a coup.

    As for Samsudden Sarr the frisky soldier who has nothing other in substance other than his double tongue gun to defend himself will certainly rot in jail never to breed freedom again until we the freedom fighters free him from Mile 2.

    As for Batara Mansa Jammeh who never FORGETS or FORGIVES anything or anybody, gladly will he wait for the right opportunity to STRIKE his venom?
    Imagine someone who’s fighting spirit extend to DEAD corpses, will he spare a living being?? Samsudeen has the answer.
    In Samsudeen Sarr we see a stupid fool risking the rest of his life dancing with the devil and mortgaging the future wellbeing of his young family.
    In you the Bullshit Batara Mansa we only see a BETRAYER who never honor his oaths.

    Our message to both of you is that we are very close to taking back our country. Inshallah.

  3. Dida, you have a way of casting fun in difficult conversations. 7 star hotel, hmmm, I wonder where that is?

  4. “Faal
    September 26, 2014 at 8:44 PM
    Dida, you have a way of casting fun in difficult conversations.”

    FAAL, is that good or bad? The month Bob Marley died, I had him at full blast and driving like CRAZY down a Scottish Motorway. BANG! I wrote off a bus, and four parked cars and myself – thank God no one else was hurt. My LAST WORDS before I passed out? “Oh, F–K!” … I am sure I said it with a smile and it would NOT have been noted by anyone if the hospital had not brought me back to life! The Scottish judge fined me a mere £50 – I wrote a nice letter to the Court pleading 100% guilty and blaming the mystical power of Marley’s lyrics!

    Anyway, if Sam Sarr’s calculation goes wrong, the joke will be on him – for he might end up residing at the famous 7-Star Hotel!

    Finally Faal, some philosopher whose name I now forget, quipped that “God was having fun when he made man” – HE worked more seriously on man’s Spare Rib! Listen to Etta James’s rendition of WOMAN and her mention of Spare Rib (and Muhammad Ali).

    PS: It is midnight and I will be driving to Exeter in 7 hours – but trust me, I will be very careful and saying my “Bismillah” whenever I put the key in the ignition – I will have my Gambian Prince and Princess in the car with me. Have a nice day and we will continue the conversation when we return (INSHALLAH).


  5. Samsudeen Sarr doesn’t even look like an Army officer, he looks more likely a Tax driver on the picture..

  6. Anyway mr sarr is a man of his own will We welcomed his support for jammeh.The struggle must go on.I am sure he has a very minimal intel. For jammeh.Let Sam please go enjoy.Good luck to him and may God be with hin

  7. Lafia Touray la Manju

    I have no doubt that Sam would regret why he was born in the first place if he steps foot on gambian soil under the watchful eyes of Jammeh. Absolutely no doubt about that.


  8. Lafia Touray la Manju

    The only thing Sam and Jammeh have in common is hatred for the Mandinkas and they both publicly manifested this in an open space.

  9. Great article Suntou !

    I vividly remember your back and forth exchanges with him some years ago and how he was attacking you and the Mandingo people, I remember him attacking you further even after you gave a great example of the cohesion among Gambians regardless of tribe. Here is an excerpt from one of your articles/rejoinders:

    I was recently presiding over a naming ceremony in U.K and the father of the Baby is Mandinka but cannot speak Mandinka but majority of those congregated at the ceremony are indeed Mandinka speakers including myself. What is the solution to this problem? We decided to do the rites in Wollof because all the Mandinkas there can speak a fairly good Wollof and the Wollof audience including the baby’s mother (a Wollof) cannot understand Mandinka.

    I now believe that even his staunch defenders during his tribal tirade against the mandingos years back will now come to their senses. I have traveled quite a bit within Africa and I have seen how tribal tensions have stifled the socio-economic development of some of the countries. The ignoramus failed to understand that the level of peaceful co-existence among Gambian tribes is unrivaled and enviable. All they need to do is travel Africa a bit more and see this for themselves.

    Sam Sarr is a mess and all we need to do is leave him to himself and let him self-destruct.

  10. Sarr is not a seasoned soldier,,,,,Remember that those of us are going to attack.The time is coming. Gambia must be liberated and cannot be liberated only by the pen…Like I said before ” the pen, the pen is not always mightier than the sword”Operation 21 is coming. You all know what that means,,,,Yahya jammeh will not rule the Gambia more than 21years.


  12. Papa Kumba Loum

    Please give us some excerpts / quotations/ citations from Samsudeen Sarr’s Book. We really want to read and know the things he has said about Yahay Jammeh in that book. Please serialize portions of his book especially the things he said about Jammeh. I heard this man being interviewed by Pa Nderry Mbai the other day and he said a lot of rubbish and also showered praises on Yahya Jammeh. For the benefit of those of us in The Gambia who cannot buy his book and those who have not read the book, do us a favour and publish parts of this book. Also Please allocate time to Mohamed Lamin Sillah in his authoritative voice to read out portions of the book on audio. I can’t wait to read from Colonel Samsudeen Sarr.