Author: Suntou Touray


No Theocracy in Islam

By: Dr Alhagi Manta Drammeh The extensive interest in Islam recently in the world, has occasionally caused confusion as a result of ignorance and misinformation. Distortions of the teachings of Islam  through myopic lenses  have resulted from negative passions. Therefore, the task of understanding Islam as lived and viewed traditionally […]


Letter to Yahya Jammeh, No. 3

  By Foday Samateh In the wake of the mesmerizing heroics of Lawyer Darboe and his fellow freedom fighters, you couldn’t leave us alone. Like a mad fool terrified of being relegated to a mere afterthought, albeit an appalling one, you had to stomp upon the scene to distract our spellbinding […]


U.K Immigration Law Made Simple

By Lamin Darboe (Gambian legal Expert Explain) UDERSTANDING OUR RIGHTS AND DUTIES UNDER UK IMMIGRATION LAWS (The speech was delivered at the Gambia Association Coventry annual Independent celebration Lecture) The Immigration Act 2014   The Immigration Act has a profound impact on the lives of undocumented migrants. A person renting […]


Happy 51 Gambian Independence

  Music and Musicians were curial in uplifting Gambians and generating a sense of national pride Loving your country is part of solid faith! Why are Gambians not passionately Gambian? It is true our country is small It is true we don’t have natural resources like other African countries to […]