Activists Form Gambia Democracy Challenge

We all love the Gambia, but some love their personal agenda a bit more

On Thursday September 11, 2014, an initiative called The Gambia Democracy Challenge was launched. Its purpose is to serve as the primary vehicle for mobilizing resources from all Gambians who recognize the fierce urgency we face as a nation. As is the case throughout history, nations that aspire to free themselves from the clutches of tyranny must draw from the goodwill and participation of their citizens to muster the required resources to see their struggle through.

This is why a solemn appeal is being made to every one of our citizens aggrieved at what is happening to our nation and its people to donate at least ten dollars to a general fund to be managed transparently by a small team of custodians who are responsible only to the donors. With funds in hand, both the pace and direction of our struggle would be enhanced because of the inherent leverage that comes with having money in the bank.

To succeed, participation in the challenge has to be broad in scope, sustained over time, and project numerical strength. With the help of technology, nearly every Gambian with some access to the internet will be aware of this national call within a short period of time. Let us make history together by having money in the bank to help successfully wage a liberation struggle.

Here is how you can do your part by going to:
For those who prefer bank deposits:
Bank name: Wells Fargo Account number: 1560287235
Routing number: 053000219
Contact information:
Admin Contacts:
Alhagie Sowe (Canada) – 206-259-6721
Karamaba Touray (Florida) 863-837-7874
Babou Sallah Njie (England) – 447411669749
Momodou Krubally (California) – 206-850-1988
Demba Njie (Sweden) – 0046765550327
Coach Pa Samba Jow (Maryland) – , 301-547-9573
Lamin Tunkara (North Carolina) –  919-757-9469
Juka Ceesay (California) – 9175205249
Pata Saidykhan (Nebraska) – 402-321-0012



  1. will love my Gambia ever

    Yes I will donate and will pass it on friends. We need that my soldier pa samba the Gambian malcom x.

  2. Dida Halake

    UK & USA equate “Liberation Struggles” with TERRORISM!! Remember Mandela & Mugabe were labelled “Terrorists”.

    “Let us make history together by having money in the bank to help successfully wage a liberation struggle”

    Could be charged with funding “terrorism activity” under UK & USA law!!

  3. Janjanbureh

    Halake, please give us a break. We all know where you stand in the Gambian struggle. Have a good day.

  4. Bamba Colley

    So for those in Spain who is our representative?

  5. Mo halakey ringo is at it again.

    Jammeh used and and abused you he will never recycle you again so quit it.

    We don’t want what happened to you to continue to Gambians

  6. Whoever think this way to open this account you did best job, I just saw it just right now in internet . I will put mind money there soon in this days. May god bless all Gambians, “accept” detector yaha jammeh and his junkuls. He is cool blood killer but one day he will pay the price. Now were, Sadamu Hussein, Kaddafi, Chase Tylor and mabutu
    Detector Yahay, billahi wallahi talahi you will pay the price one day soon Ensalahu, even you died before then, I will dig your died body out from grave, you pay the price and i will put you back into grave again. Do you know how many good families in the Gambia you killed them and you still doing it? You think that, there is no prove, nobody can judge you? Now you are in power yes nothing will happen to you but Waite after power. Now look what happen to Kenya president.
    Detector, sit down and think, peoples whom been around you yesterday all of them are running away from you 1 by 1, you should know something is wrong with the system. I was with you in state house in Banjul, I was looking at all your movement, i was with you again in the same flight to USA again before yesterday, I was with you again in kanalai so many time without knowing and you will never know me who I am until the day I put your hand behind you or I kill you like chicken. Even now again I am with you the same flight from Gambia to New York for UN meeting and we are staying in the same hotel now. We are working to get you on 24/7. Detector Jammeh, peoples around you, you should know that, they are fooling you and your days are counting down. You killed my mother, sisters, brothers, and keeping rapping my sister 24/7 you think I will let that go like this “hell no”. I have visited mill 2 prison and i saw what is going inside there and i also visited Janjabureh prison the same thing happen in there. One to tell you something believes or not you and all your families, whom are killing innocent Gambian for you, will end up in mill2 prison. Detector jammeh, are you so your brain is working well? Can you see what you did this Gambia young man Mr., M. Sabally, this man did not do anything wrong to you or any gambian. This man is always fighting for you; I was with Mr. Sabally in New York last time when you came to New York. This man was fighting gambian non gambian for you detector jammeh. But you detector jammeh, you do not want to see any Gambians who is educated, or smart and or famous or even women said to they love him. Peoples around you, they just laughing at you every one of them have evidence to against you tomorrow after power. I came from very sound place in the gambia and am with you all the times with my goal. You should know that, every Gambians in/out are waiting for explosion

  7. I am up for it, I’m up for anything that can bring this tyrant and his thugs down.

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