We Are The Struggle

Abdul SavageI am the “struggle”. You are the “struggle”. We are the “struggle”.

If I or you give any reason why you or I are in the “”struggle”, we create two units, that is, “you” over there and the “struggle” over there.

When you are in a “fight” or “struggle” you become one with that “fight” or “struggle”.

We must not misplace our priorities. This recent online media craze challenge phenomenon is noble, but no matter how small the funds raised, or large, transparency and accountability will be elusive, especially when, according to statements, the funds will be used to support diasporan entities or activities of diasporan entities. In prioritizing these diasporan entities or activities of these diasporan entities, which ones will be at the top, middle or bottom of this priority list?

Rather, we should be making challenges to these diasporand entities to come together in Unity to fight a shared and common predicament in any and every way possible.

A United Front would raise more funds than these individualistic challenges, and the funds raised by a United Front will be used for a goal we all have a common and shared stake in.

I submit that as much as this new trend is noble, it is been hijacked by some quarters, and sooner than later, it will die a slow death, without ever coming close to realizing its objective.

Yes, true, the intent of this current phenomenon is noble, and geared towards a tactical gain. But review many of the so-called reasons or tapes and you will be amazed at the sneaking, low-down self-promulgating interests disguised in the name of “why I join the struggle”.

It is a matter of few more weeks, or even days for this phenomenon to subside, or flat out die a slow death. How many phenomena have we been through over the last few months alone, not to mention years? Sporadic and infrequent efforts here and there, now and then, are not going to do the trick. We need a prolong, concerted, united effort to deal with the predicament we face back home.

The above is just my infamous two-cent.


By Abdul Savage

Retired, US Army

Member, Military Order of the Purple Heart

Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars.



  1. Mr savage I think sometimes one has to swallow your pride (ego) and follow the initiative of others, rather attacking every adventure people take.know that u r thoughts are mental perspective to the truth at least not wholly. You are the first destroyer of the unity u so cling to as dear life, one thing u have to understand u and I have certain dysfunction that makes us unity an elusive goal, it like that since the beginning and it always be so . But certain initiative should be given a chance until proven otherwise . There are some honest people around who are frustrated what is going on in the gambia, and they will give everything to change that the likes of Pa samba . Don’t doubt every one.I salute for u rendeavours to Enlightened t mass.

  2. Great advise Mr Savage. Some people just want the sun to shine around their backside. The struggle is bigger than individuals. This is why, some of us just stay away, because individuals want to be the be and end of.