Jammeh Kidnaps GPA Crane

gpa craneInstead of fixing the congestion and fears caused by break down of cranes at the Gambia’s seaport, President Yahya Jammeh has added salt to injury when he kidnapped the only functioning crane.

The President’s Office last Monday sent security forces to the port to escort the only operational crane to State House. The crane and its operators were in corridors of power in Banjul for three hours to offload President Jammeh’s 80 containers.

The content of the contauners were not clear, with our sources differing. While some said they contain food stuff, others said they suspect they are meant for President Jammeh’s Kanilai Farms.

Unlike his predecessor, President Jammeh has deified the 1997 Constitution and engaged in business. This has allowed Mr Jammeh to not only compete with the private sector which is considered the engine of economic growth but also abuse his powers.

The Gambia government is also reported to be revising port tariffs, even though they are not available to businesspeople online. The revise will most likely result to increase on port tariffs.

Businesspeople, who spoke to Kairo News on condition of strict anonymity, wondered what the Gambia government is doing with handling charges. “What are they doing with these collected money if they cannot fix crane problems? This is so disturbing,” a source said.

Most people blame the looming problems at the Banjul port on Momodou Lamin Gibba who is accused of messing up Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation. “If the government cannot manage the port effectively, I will advise they give it to Maerskline, which has been effectively managing other African ports,” one businessman suggested.


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  1. The constitution was amended to allow the president to engage in business activity. The amendment bill was tabled before deputies by then Attorney General Sheikh Tijan Hydara. I agree with with Sarjo Bayang in one of his write-ups which he states the Gambian constitution criminalizes the presidency. Gambians should always take note of that very article because all he states there are facts not frictions.